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Reply to; Innocence lost

posted 10/28/2007 9:52:55 AM |
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My childhood has always been interesting. To me at least. It would be arrogant of me to think that its interesting to anyone else. But, stories aren't always entertaining because they are unique. Here is a story of how my childhood was left behind and adulthood begain. I will leave out the time in my life that this event occured. Simply because it adds no value to the events.

I rememeber my father asking me to help him that day. It wasn't really a request, it was a demand. Although, he know that he didn't need to ask me for my help. I was always asking him to take me with him. He knew that I would go, he need only mention that I could. But, on this day, he made a point of saying that he couldn't do without my help that day. I knew the work that needed to be done on that day. It was hard work. Lifting and moving heavy objects. Not the normal easy hand skills that didn't require much effort. I set it in my mind that I would do the things needed without complaint.

There is something beautiful about the mornings. The air, the sounds, the rising sun, and all the glory of a world begining again.

We were lifting a heavy object that day. Just my father and I. We were far away from the normal world. Beyond reach of sound. This is where we spent most of our time. In the middle of fields recovering items that weren't meant to be there. A mostly thankless job, but one that was needed and paid the bills. If the truth were told, the need and money were just perks. It was the work itself that made it worth doing.

My father and I, were placing this heavy object into a small trailer. I remember he asked me to lift the heaviest end and hold it in place while he moved the other into place. He returned to my end to help force it onto the trailer. This end was jagged with sharp metal. In an instant, one of these sharp edges pierced deep into my fathers wrist. Just missing the tendons, but not the veins. I rememeber the weight of that object crushing me as my father let go to tend to his wound. I held my place for what seemed like forever. Until my father returned and told me that I had to let it go. I knew at that moment, that he was not "Ok". I let go and moved back all in the same motion. It clucked to the ground safely as it were. I moved around the trailer to see my father walking toward the passengers side of the car. I ran up behind him, to see the damage. He showed me his wound and I knew that he wasn't going to be ok. As he sat in the car, I grabbed a rag to wrap his wrist with. Once I tied it off, he said we needed to get to a store and call for help.

There are times in our lives when we let go of our need to be told what to do. When we are no longer being lead through life by a mentor. When we must apply the lessons we were taught. This was that point in my life. I no longer had anyone to ask, "what do I do now?". Every decision made from this point on was going to be made by me. The consequences of which could end the life of my father.

My father sat, perhaps it was more of laying, in the passegers seat of his car. A trailer loaded with a few hundred pounds of metal, was attached to it. This trailer was not loaded in a way that it could be towed safely with us. I need to remove this trailer from the car in order to get my father to help. I unplugged the connection for the lights, removed the safety chains, and unlatched the ball. As I did, the trailer crashed to the ground with a thud. Being loaded with all the weight on the tail of it made this job easy. I returned to my fathers side and checked to see if he was ok to drive. He was passed out from loosing so much blood. I shook him and as if he was ok. He said yes, but I had to drive to get him to the store for help. I shut his door and ran around to the other side. I jumped in the drivers seat and shut the huge door. I started the car and began to drive across the rough terrain. Seeing my father fading in and out I needed to keep pressure on his wound. With my right hand I held his wrist tightly and drove to the paved road. I don't rememeber driving on the highway, I just rememeber pounding on the bathroom door of the store. I heard my father fall down. He passed out again while cleaning his wound. Not only did his pass out, he fell against the door. I forced my way into the bathroom and splashed water onto his face. This woke him up. I helped him to his feet and got him out of that room. I sat him down on a bench in front of the store. Went inside and got a soda. He drank the soda and that seemed to help him regain he faculties. The drive home from there was 35 miles and I couldn't do it alone. He took the drivers seat and I sat close, incase I had to take over. We made it home and my mother took over. She took him to the ER and he recieved 23 stiches both inside and out. It took him 4 days to recover enough to get out of bed.

I never saw life the same way after that day.

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Oct 28 @ 10:10AM  
You did what had to be done to save your Father's life. To see your Dad so close to death would change anyone. Life Matters more than Children know.

Oct 28 @ 10:22AM  
OMG no matter your age I can't imagine the fear you were going thru at that time. Did you ever think maybe someway he knew he was going to need you that day??

Oct 28 @ 10:26AM  
Your Father and Mother must be so proud of the son they raised!! If it were not for you and YOU alone your dad would not have made it! Sorry to hear that you had to go through such a live altering experience, but this story was very touching. Kudos to you nativeamr.


Oct 28 @ 10:30AM  
Of course I thought of that Lisa, and many other possiblities.

He could have felt that I was the only one reliable enough to count on.

He could have been to cheap to pay a grown man to help him.

He could have only asked because my mother insisted that I go with him.

There are countless possiblities.

The truth is that I wasn't affraid of him dying. I was affraid of how my mother would feel. His life or death has never meant anything to me. But thats another story.

Oct 28 @ 11:27AM  
Thanks for making me feel alive again. I sit here with tears streaming down my cheeks as I feel myself transported through time standing at your side.........helpless................just! I am glad that you were there and had the presence of mind to act..............kudos......

Oct 28 @ 1:38PM  
From boyhood to manhood you made the transition that day. Thanks for the best reply to my question. Innocence lost for some of makes us the people we are today again thanks for sharing. A kudo for you my friend

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Reply to; Innocence lost