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When and what hours are your trick or treat night?

posted 10/27/2007 10:03:39 PM |
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tagged: fun, halloween, straddle

Kim and I just left Walmart and we had her son with us so he could get his Halloween outfit. Kim is really good at sewing, so she's going to make him an outfit he wants where he saw it out of a catalog there at the store. Kim and I were talking and she was surprised to learn that our hours here are only from 5:30-7pm on Halloween eve (Tuesday). She totally flipped out there and was so pissed off, because where she's from they actually have it on Halloween and there is no hours, they go all day and all night. I have never heard of that. She has thought that my hometown was bad enough, but this may have broke the straw with her since she went off about how this place is so fucked up and ass backwards. I'm not sure if she was blowing off steam, but she was so put off with this latest thing that she mentioned about wanting to move and get back into the real world. I'm really at a loss for words with her and I'm going to give her her space right now and hopefully this will all blow over. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys live in the "real world" as far as trick or treat goes?

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Oct 27 @ 10:08PM  
Wow that is totally weird that they limit it that way. Here in Tulsa it is not rationed at all. They are celebrating all day and into the night. We usually find though the kids stop knocking around 9 - 9.30pm.
I love halloween it has become my favorite holiday here. I have to agree with Kim it seems very ass backwards, unless maybe there is a high crime rate there and they are trying to protect the children.

Oct 27 @ 10:17PM  
No, where I live, and every where I have lived, we have celebrated on Halloween, and the trick or treating STARTS after dinner (around 5:30pm) and is usually done about 8:30ish, as thats when the kids need to start getting into wind down mode. I can understand being upset that it is on the wrong day, but the hours seem close to right. No need to get upset, just enjoy it, and make the absolute best of it!! Have fun and be safe!

Oct 27 @ 10:18PM  
I am not really sure here as I do not have children i do not get as involved as I should be. I usually like to go to the haunted houses and parties. But they usually dont stop till the whee hours of the morning. now I need a treat. Damn one day I am gonna find a woman.

Oct 27 @ 10:23PM  
I'm a little upset from what I saw tonight in what she said. Sure, maybe have it for three or four hours, but I think she made too much of an issue out of this.

Oct 27 @ 10:28PM  
Here the small towns will have some sort of celebration town wide on the weekend before, usually Friday. The business district will have t or t from about 4-5:30/6 and then from 6-8 around the neighborhood. Mind you, we're talking small towns. Not a whole lot of reasons to stay out later than that because you can pretty much cover the whole town (that is participating) in that time. Then, at the local high school, the night ends with a costume contest, games and indoor stuff for the whole family. Kinda nice, I think.

On The Sunday night before Halloween, the dorms at Purdue host trick or treating for the kids too. Not sure the hours on that but everyone seems to love it too...and it's all mostly indoors.

Oct 27 @ 10:55PM  
okay Kim take a deep breath. Halloween is a great holiday but I'm sorry to say it ain't safe like it use to be.I believe the hours here are 5:30 till around 8 or so since there isn't many kids in my neighborhood i'm not positive. I will give out candy till they don't knock or I run out. Now see that wasn't difficult and if your unhappy there then move, but not because of halloween. And talk to your man when you've calmed down more

Oct 27 @ 11:02PM  
I talked with her over the phone for a bit, and she's calmed down some. I don't want her to move either. She's never been too close to her family, but as for me I have been close to mine, and have a daughter here. I would hate to pull up and leave them. Maybe some time a little on I can pull up stakes here, but now is not a good time with what's going on with Tash.

Oct 27 @ 11:02PM  
I live in a ghettofabulistic town, and cuz it's not safe, they limit the T or T'n to 5:30pm to 7:30pm. I'm kinda partial to it cuz it saves the jumping up and down to answer the door and contains it to two hours. The city I moved from, it started at 5:30 and went till the kids didn't want to beg anymore... up till 10pm or later if the weather was good. How much candy does a kid need anyway?

Oct 27 @ 11:12PM  
we have 6:00 till 8:00 on halloween, although there are other activities, like a neighborhood parade, school parties, etc...i even had my dog in a puppy parade...

Oct 27 @ 11:30PM  
Well our started today with a halloween tado in town , then we went to a trunk or treat, monday they have another trunk or treat , tuesday is 5-7 pm for my lil town, wed, they are having another trunk or treat in the next town over....... so ours is a big deal this time ....

Oct 27 @ 11:36PM  
Sounds like she just lost it and said stuff she really doesn't mean...even I've done that believe it or not...anyway on a lighter note...I'm usually out collecting candy well past midnight...

Oct 28 @ 12:35AM  
When I lived in Mn they never had a curfew for trick or treating either. When I came here I thought it was strange but learned to live with it. Last year was my childs last year trick or treating. I have to work that night.

Oct 28 @ 1:31AM  
I just got back from Kim's house and she's in better spirits.

Oct 28 @ 3:59AM  
Okay, I read this blog after the other one.......duh!!
I'm going over and do trick or treat with my grand kids on that night from 6 to 8pm.
But, here we have it tomorrow, okay later today, from 2 to 4. Yeap in the middle of the day. Sucks, but it is nice for the little toddlers. They don't get so scared and they can see where they are going and what they are doing.
I've never even heard of them doing it all day and night... that's different. I spend a small fortune on candy for just 2 hours.

Oct 28 @ 4:02AM  
I spend a small fortune on candy for just 2 hours.
Depending on the weather, we usualy get about 500-600 trick or treaters.

Oct 28 @ 8:38AM  
I don't turn on my light at all....bunch of little fucking beggars!!!! j/k!!!

Where I moved from, there were no limits etc. Where I live now, they limit.... as a matter of fact the only place the kids can trick or treat is downtown businesses between 3-5 p.m! A few of the local churches have fall festivals around the days of Halloween, where the kids can trick or treat at different stations, play games etc.... but... MANY people here don't do Halloween at all. But after all..... I do live in the Bible Belt!

Oct 28 @ 8:39AM  
also forgot to add that they don't do the downtown business trick or treat on Halloween. They do it the afternoon of what we always called cabbage night!

Oct 28 @ 10:30AM  
When I was a kid T & T it was from 5 to whenever people ran out of candy!!! But that was different days then now. Now T & T is Halloween Night 6 to 8pm. Personally I think it's plenty of time since they do have to go to school the next day.

Oct 28 @ 10:52AM  
Trick or treating here usually starts as soon as its getting dark until about 8 or 8:30, which is (I think) a good thing. I definitely don't want to be opening my door at 10-10:30 to some teenage kid or adult (for all we know), times are changing, the reality is god knows who could be at your door all dressed up, and the neighbors aren't gonna think anything of it, it's just halloween, so no its a great idea that it is over earlier in the evenings!!

Damn casuallylooking that is one heck of alot of kids(must cost you a fortune!), I'm lucky if I get around 30 or 40.

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When and what hours are your trick or treat night?