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33 Erotic Story "Please Pleasure ME"

posted 10/26/2007 4:33:28 PM |
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33 Please Pleasure Me

You spend another late night alone looking at the computer monitor. The safety of the room allows you to think thoughts that seem a bit taboo in reality. Venturing into a web site that allows a variety of thoughts to occur is stimulating. Tonight while venturing around a new name appears in the viewing screen. The guy has named his profile the dominating one. The safety of the internet allows you to peer into his profile without being detected. Some of the information starts to make you feel un-comfortable. The urge to run away grips you, but for some reason the lingering continues. I bet you have fantasies about being tied up and teased until waves of pleasure pulsate deep inside. Each word mentioned in the profile starts to make the blood circulate faster and faster. Even the multitude of pictures depicting a tied up female having her nipples caressed while she is wearing a blind fold draws you in more. I bet you want to be the one with the blind fold on having your nipples teased. Only after 10 minutes are you able to pull yourself away from the extremely erotic profile.
Finally after getting extremely turned on you decide to venture to another profile. This guy also has pictures and words that turn you on. The slight ripple of abdominal muscles under a thin shirt makes your mouth water. The only thing missing is the bold comments the dominating one used. I bet you venture back for a second glance before moving to another profile. This time you can’t resist added a comment to one of the pictures that has a female on her back. She has her wrists bound with soft handcuffs tied to bed posts. Her knees are bent and a smile is present from ear to ear on her as she looks at the camera. A vibrator is present just below her saturated sheets. You can tell she was just teased until waves of fluids sprayed out of her body. I wonder what the comment was you secretly typed. I bet some comments about how hard her nipples were or how wet the sheets would get if you had been teased.
Each word typed about the picture draws more and more pleasure from deep inside. Bye the time the comment is typed I bet moisture would be forming on your now tingling lips.
Soon after the comment is posted a new message is received in your inbox. I bet you can guess who it’s from. The dominating one had sent you a message responding to your comments. I wonder if you can handle opening the message even in the safety of the internet. Soon you discover that actually the message was sent by a female. She introduces herself as Ashley. She says that Felix has allowed her to use his account to find additional females that might also like to be teased. Ashley tells you that Felix is very good at teasing and making females reach multiple orgasms. You exchange messages with Ashley on the site and you become more interested in Felix. Soon you’re emailing with Ashley and even talk to her on the phone.
One night you talk to Ashley on the phone and she says to open your instant messenger account so that a live viewing can take place. I wonder if you want to see Ashley with Felix. The urge gets the best of you and soon you’re watching Ashley on the other end of the internet. She sits in the chair wearing a nice white blouse. Her brown hair is pulled back and pretty brown eyes look into the camera. She looks to be about 25 and very fit. I bet you’re wondering why she would allow Felix to post naked pictures of her on his profile. The streaming continues and finally you point blank ask Ashley why she would allow Felix to post pictures of her on his profile. Ashley says that actually the female in the pictures is not her. It’s her twin sister that also used to date Felix. Now I bet you really are wondering why Ashley would be using a profile with another female posted. Ashley tells you that she has not earned the right to pose on his profile yet. A few minutes more go by and you see no signs of Felix. I wonder if you’re actually disappointed to not see the man that has lured so many females into his web of desires.
The silence is interrupted when you hear Ashley say hi over the speakers. The quite little haven has erupted with sound. I wonder if you can handle a mixture of video and sounds.
A new sound is heard over the speakers after another 10 minutes of exchanging messages with Ashley. The sound of a door opening and closing catches your attention.
The next thing you hear is a voice of a man just out of camera range. Ashley turns towards the voice and says yes master. I bet you try to burn a hole in the monitor with your eyes attempting to see more of her world. You hear her say my friend is on the internet. You can hear the change in her voice as he talks to her very intensely. She turns back to the camera and smiles. The voice tells her to slowly start to undo her buttons on her blouse. I wonder if you can hardly take your eyes off the stream now. Slowly Ashley removes her blouse. Next she removes her bra to reveal hard nipples resting on top of young perky breasts.
I wonder if you actually get a secret turn on from watching another female touch herself.
The show continues as you watch Ashley stand up as ordered to remove her skirt and panties. The trimmed patch between her legs catches your eye as she sits back down.
Felix then tells her to rub her nipples and play with the small vibrator placed on the desk. You watch in amazement as she does as ordered. The moaning increases as you watch Ashley climax all over the vibrator. With your eyes wide open you see another figure appear at the edge of the stream. The tanned leg of a man appears as you get closer to the monitor. His cock is very erect and extremely thick and long. The video is crisp enough to capture the veins that run along a trimmed cock head. You watch as he places his hand on her head. Ashley smiles and lowers her mouth to his cock. You watch as her tongue darts all over the tip. She then takes his shaft into her mouth and deep throats part of his long shaft. Soon you see thick globs of cum shot from his cock as she tries to devour all of it. The small show has you wanting to touch yourself I bet. The scene changes in the stream just as Felix explodes all over her. You hear Felix tell Ashley to lean back in the chair. She does as ordered. You watch as her hands are bound behind her back. You now can see Felix as he secures her hand with soft material. You can tell he is not hurting her. Ashley sits in front of the camera naked and at his mercy. You watch as Felix places her legs up on the table so that the stream is taking in a perfect picture of her body from knees to her face. Numerous wet droplets of cum run down her breasts after Felix sprays warm cum all over her. A vibrator soon appears at the edge of the camera. This time you watch in shock as Felix starts to run the vibrating tip along her bare clit. You can see the hair on her abdomen as he teases each lip enough to cause her to flinch. I bet the u

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33 Erotic Story "Please Pleasure ME"