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32 erotic Story "Party Favors"

posted 10/26/2007 4:32:24 PM |
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32 Party Favors Part 1 of 2

The endless line of cars parked outside the store tells you that everyone else had the same thought about buying things early this morning. You finally locate an empty space in the lot outside the store after 15 minutes of searching. The quick trip to pick up some last minute things for the party at your place this evening has already turned into a nightmare.
The sun is already baking the asphalt as you step from your vehicle. You can feel the warm air saturate your lungs as you step from the air conditioned vehicle. Instantly the early morning air feels like a mini sauna. You smile knowing that you had made the right decision to come early and beat the hottest part of the early afternoon to shop.
The crowds of people inside the large store are ants going in every direction at the same time. Some people are buying groceries. Others are buying outdoors equipment. You name it and this store is selling it.
First stop is to get the groceries. You go up and down the isles selecting items. Before you know it the buggy is half full. A stop at the wine and beer isles finds you loading up on a multitude of items. A stranger appears out of the corner of your eye as you check off items on your list. You pay little attention to him as you continue to look for the items. Next thing you realize is he has moved closer to you. He is standing about 2 feet from you when you look up. His arm is stretched out reaching for a bottle of wine close to your waist. You actually look down into his eyes as his arm moves only inches from your side.
The man is dressed in khaki shorts, button up islands shirt with coral reef patterns on it and tan slip on dock shoes. You just happen to catch a brief inhalation of his crisp cologne. The light smell of Obsession filters deep into your mind. When you open your eyes again after a brief smile the man is still only inches from your waist. He is smiling and on the verge of snickering at you for having a brief moment of pleasure.
You smile back at him and say what’s so funny. Nicholas smiles back and tells you he has also enjoyed watching your reactions to his close proximity.
You can’t help taking in the rest of his chiseled proportions. The wavy black hair cut just above his dark brown eyes. The way his thin mustache has been trimmed to line his upper lip. The fullness of his deep ruby red lips as they part to reveal pearly white teeth aligned perfectly. You trace the slight hint of a beard that is already forming only after a few hours along his square jaw. I wonder if the urge to allow your eyes to trace further has gripped you. The slight opening of his top two buttons on the shirt allows you to peer down his shirt. The dark hair running along his neck down to firm pectoral muscles sends shivers along your body. The light patch of short black hair causes you to breathe in deeper. The tingling starts to increase as your mind start to fantasize about what it would feel like to run your hands along his chest. The tingling increases while your eyes are closed again. The light touch of Nicholas running his arm along your bare abdomen causes your knees to weaken. The cold bottle of wine touching your sensitive skin creates a chain reaction. The fluids start to form deep inside you as his allows the bottle to rest on your skin. Just as your legs start to give way Nicholas reaches out and wraps his arms around you. The arms pull you in close to prevent you from falling to the floor. The wetness is now forming along your sensitive lips as you feel his leg touch between your legs. The urge to push him away gives way to the feeling of his strong arms and chest pressing against your now hard nipples. You wonder if Nicholas can feel your hard nipples just beneath your sheer bra. The answer is soon given to you when a smile forms along those ruby red lips. I wonder if you could push him away even if you were not about to saturate your satin panties. Instead of pushing Nicholas away you just allow him to hold you in his arms. Your hand does reach up and caress his firm chest as his also rests his hand along the curvature of your left breast. I bet you certainly wouldn’t stop him if a light brush of his finger tips were to touch your now pulsating nipples. Nicholas does look down into your eyes and smile again. The next thing you feel is him lightly circling your left nipple with his index finger. You feel the light touch of his other hand as it runs slowly along your right nipple. Each vibration causes more and more fluids to flow down into your satin panties to form a damp patch. I bet you want to grind your now pulsating clit along his leg to create even more fire. The feeling is soon intensified as you do feel Nicholas move his leg along your clit to case you great pleasure. Now with your eyes closed you feel his hand sliding down your abdomen towards your throbbing clit. You hope he will run his finger tip along it and in circles until you explode along his wrist. The breathing starts to intensify as you hear another voice rounding the isle. Nicholas pulls back and holds you at a distance. The voice just happened to be his buddy that was wondering where he has gotten off too. I bet you certainly wouldn’t mind now if both of them took you right in the middle of the isle. Nicholas introduces Christian as a buddy from work. Both guys smile at you and you wonder if Christian knows how close you were to an orgasm only seconds ago.
The dark tan Christian has tells you he probably is also part Latin like Nicholas. Both guys have dark hair and eyes. Christian also has a great deal of charisma like Nicholas. You can tell they enjoy teasing females. Christian is wearing a island theme shirt also.
The urge to ask why they’re wearing the shirts finally gets the best of you. Both are wearing the shirts for a theme that the fraternity is having in a few hours. Yes both guys are past graduates from the local engineering school. So now you no they’re not just figures with no minds. Both guys are very intelligent and good looking. I bet you want to invite them to your party also that’s latter on this evening. You certainly could make some of your girlfriends happy if they showed up. Well of course you would share.
Before you get a chance to say a word a few more voices come into the isle. An entire group of guys are now coming towards you. All are dressed in the similar attire of shorts and button up shirts. What you didn’t realize is the guys were actually admiring your reactions while Nicholas was seducing you. They had a birds eye views from the other isle. Even Nicholas was not aware they were actually tuned into what his was doing.
Standing in the middle of the group of guys is a bit overwhelming for you now. Each guy is roughly 30 and very clean cut. I wonder if you would resist them if an attempt to remove your clothes was made. All the smiles around you is a true indication that they no your panties are saturated and ju

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32 erotic Story "Party Favors"