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31 Erotic Story "Cruise Ship Chaos"

posted 10/26/2007 4:31:47 PM |
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31 Cruise Ship Chaos

The deep blue sky seems endless as you look up towards the large cruise ship silhouetted in front of the clear sky. The boarding of the Norwegian cruise ship has begun and you peer around admiring all the strangers. A few guys catch your attention as they stroll along just feet away from you. The funny thing is even a few females have caught your attention. You enjoy seeing what new outfits they have on. How the fabric lays across their lightly tanned bodies also.
The boarding finally is concluded and the ship starts to leave port. You gaze out into the deep blue sky and watch the land formations slowly give way to a broad ocean of even deeper blue water. The salty breeze flutters into your mind and you close your eyes to enjoy the slight feeling of relaxation. Suddenly! You’re bumped into by a man that’s passing by headed to another location on the ship. He briefly stops to tell you he is sorry for interrupting your moment of enjoyment. Your eyes take a second to re-adjust to the bright sun light before you realize his light blue eyes are focusing deeply on your eyes.
The stranger standing in front of you is roughly 6 feet tall and has broad shoulders. His short cut blond hair blows slightly into his eyes. He reaches up and brushes it to the side as he introduces himself. Samuel says that he is very sorry to bump into you, but he also says that he has been admiring you even before the ship started boarding. The young man of about 25 has caught you by surprise I bet. The direct flattering is a welcomed change from the guys you’re used to putting up with all the time. I wonder if that’s why you have decided to take this virtual cruise to ease your mind.
Sam watches as you turn slightly red in the face just before he notices a man slowly coming up behind you. You watch as Sam smiles just before turning to walk away. The man coming up behind you actually is one of your friends’ husbands. Derrick is 34 and very fit from going to the gym all the time. He is roughly 6 foot also and has very long, lean, muscular arms and legs that have been toned over many years of sports. You slightly gasp as you notice him smiling and his pearly white teeth are glaring at you. He also has a big smile on his face after noticing that Sam had made you blush. You watch as Derrick comes closer and starts to tease you about Sam.
Derrick reaches out and pinches you lightly on the arm. He then asks if you’re still here.
You laugh and say yes I’m still here. He laughs and says he thought you may be in a mental fantasy state of mind. What you really want is to have him in you. That’s a secret fantasy even his wife is not aware of. Derrick quickly changes the subject when his wife Laura comes up besides you. Laura is dressed in a semi see through blouse and white shorts. Her shoulder length brown hair and eyes seem to glisten as she stops. She could tell that Derrick was flirting as usual. She pulls him in close and gives him a very passionate kiss to tease you. The teasing works quickly when your body starts to quiver while you watch. Laura wraps her leg around Derrick to rub her hot box against his leg. You watch as Derrick returns the favor by running his hands along her sides and lightly brushing her breasts. You watch intensely as your mind tries to absorb the show. Quickly you can see Laura grind harder into his leg and her nipples become erect. Derrick and Laura start moaning lightly and decide to venture to the room as quickly as possible.
Latter on in the evening after dinner the party is just starting to gear up. The alcohol has been flowing freely for a few hours. After a few margaritas, you can feel your body tingling as the music on the dance floor is filtering deep into your mind. You dance a few songs and sit to watch the others dance also. The entire evening you secretly watch as Derrick and Laura rub up against each other. Your mind focuses on how Derricks touch would affect you each time he moves his hands over her curves.
The next song you get out on the crowded dance floor to sway to some slow music. The floor is so crowded that you bump into others. The guy you’re dancing with certainly is very handsome. He sways with you back and forth. The only problem is he has yet to allow his hands to wonder. I bet you’re certainly in the mode to be touched. The next thing you know, Derrick and Laura are dancing next to you. You can see that Laura has her eyes closed as Derrick sways her from side to side slowly. You can tell she is very content from the large smile present from ear to ear. You also notice that he has his hands resting on her breasts rubbing her rock hard nipples. Derrick also notices that you’re aware of his rubbing. He smiles at you and starts rubbing her nipples in small circles. You hear her moan as he brings great pleasure to her. The wetness between your legs builds as the end of the song arrives.
A few more song pass as you close your eyes to focus on the previous sights Derrick provided for you. You look over and notice that Laura actually has drunk why to much alcohol for the night. She is sitting in the booth with her eyes closed and taking a brief nap. Derrick catches your eye and smile again from ear to ear. Derrick asks if you would like to dance since Laura seems to be too drunk at the time. I wonder if you dare not dance with him in fear he will rub your curves also. What about the loyalty to your friend? You glance over to make sure Laura is too drunk to see what you’re about to do.
I bet the wetness is about to return as you tell Derrick yes a dance will be nice. I wonder if you will allow him to slow dance with you. The dance floor soon fills up again with warm bodies. The music starts to relax you as the strong arms hold you first at a distance.
I wonder if you make the first move by leaning closer to allow Derrick to feel your ripe breasts on his chest. The contact of your soft nipples on his firm chest sends shock waves through your body. You close your eyes hoping his hands also start to find their way along your sensual curves. Slowly you feel Derrick move his hands along your waist to your sides and down onto your tight butt. You move even closer into him and allow him to feel that your nipples have become erect. Slowly his hands slide up under your shirt and find their way inside your bra to tease the pulsating nipples. His fingers close around your nipples as he rubs slowly but forcefully on your breasts. You can now feel his throbbing cock just beneath his trousers as he pulls you even closer towards him. Slowly he slides his hand down along your belly to rest it just above your now saturated clit. His finger tip touches your clit just as you climax all down your legs. The music plays on for a few more minutes before you excuse yourself to the ladies room. While in the ladies room the stall becomes a playground. You touch your body as you let out another wave of pleasure down the insides of your legs. When

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31 Erotic Story "Cruise Ship Chaos"