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30 "Erotic Story "Dirty Dancing"

posted 10/26/2007 4:31:00 PM |
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30 Dirty Dancing

The club is alive with energy tonight as the music blares from every direction. The dance floor is full of a mixture of bodies swaying to the beat. A new song begins and the vibrations can be felt all the way into the soul. Numerous bodies touch sections of your body as you also sway back and forth. The strangers’ hands are resting on your hips as you feel him grind his crotch on your lower back. Heat from his crotch is starting to create a tingling sensation along your spine. The close grouping of people has allowed him to conceal any wondering hands as you feel one hand reach around and slide up under your shirt. The cold hand touching your bare abdomen causes you to jerk. The swaying doesn’t interrupt the slow motions of his hands caressing your left breast and your panty line. The crowded floor allows me also side in even closer to admire your curves. I watch as you allow the guy to go almost the edge of no return before you stop him. The droplets of water start to form on my forehead as I admire your curves and the hot girl that seems to be with you. I finally get close enough to get your attention as we both dance with other strangers. You watch as I also tease the girl with my swaying hips. My hands resting on her hips as we move causing you to want to see more. I try to tease you by pulling her close so that you can see her legs wrapped around mine. She dances close so that her crotch is grinding on my leg. I wonder if you would be turned on watching her climax for me.
We both continue teasing until we end up dancing together. Neither of us can keep our hands to ourselves. The crowd around us on the dance floor has no idea that we’re close to ripping our clothes off and having wild sex right in the middle of the floor. We do finally move off the floor and to the rear of the club to tease each other more. You feel my strong hands on your hips as we move through the crowd to a couch along the wall. It’s all I can do to keep from running my hands along your sides and down into your tight panties. We kiss very aggressively until we both realize that if we don’t leave soon the crowd will be seeing you mounting my thick, pounding cock.
Quickly we leave the club with you insisting that I allow another female to watch over you. I agree and say that two is always better than one. We all smile as we make our way back to the hotel room. Yes, I’m in town on business with my buddy from work. He decided to stay in for the night.
We arrive at the Hyatt and you soon discover that the room may not be big enough for all the heat that’s about to be generated.
The door is opened and you hear the television. I bet you think the buddy is laid up watching a football game. Nope
The television is on, but no one is inside. The buddy must have stepped out for a bit. I walk in and sit on the bed. I suppose you know what is on my mind. I hope you also decide to sit with me. I watch as the light in the bathroom is turned on and you disappear. I certainly hope you’re soon coming out to have some fun. Shortly, I hear the door open and I watch as two extremely hot females step out wearing only underwear. My clothes seem to melt away quickly as you see my firm chest come into view. The thick cock also seems to become extremely hard right before your eyes. My hands cup your ass as you step in between my legs and stand before me. I watch as a sexy female lays down next to me after removing her panties. My hand reaches to caress her breast as my mouth closes on your nipple. I small shutter is generated as your nipple becomes very hard under my tongue. My hand rubs on the second females’ clit as you see her arch her hips towards my probing fingers.
I feel myself be pushed back as you reach down to rub on my now pulsating cock. I watch as she places her legs along both sides of my head so that I can lick her lips and tease her clit with my tongue. I feel you take me in your mouth as you rub my balls with your hand. My tongue probes deep into her as you watch me tongue fuck her over and over.
Suddenly! I feel you slide your dripping wet pussy down over my throbbing cock. The tip of my cock can feel your inner walls as you raise and lower slowly. I can hear you moaning as I dig my tongue into her clit and nibble it until she starts to cum all over my face. You watch as she arches her breasts high as she allows streams of hot juices to run down my cheeks. I hear you moan louder as you clinch your pussy down tightly as you also cum all over my still pulsating cock.
I lay on the bed as I watch my cock being taken into both mouths until a noise at the door is heard. Laying on the bed covered in sweat we all freeze. In walks my buddy that just went out to get some food to eat.
I would like to introduce Carlos as he stands in shock looking at two awesome females laying bare on the bed. Carlos smiles and you can tell he is really turned on. Carlos is about 5-11 and has an average build. He has long hair that is pulled back into a pony tail. His arm has some sort of tattoo. You can tell he is a bit of a bad boy. I ask if it would be alright if Carlos joined the fun. I wonder if you can handle two throbbing cocks sliding deep into you.

Dirty Dancing Part 2 of 2

Carlos quickly un-dresses and you enjoy seeing his chest come into view. A large tattoo along his left chest muscle depicts a war eagle. A long scar along his right arm also tells you that he was in a knife fight at one time in his life. The urge to touch the scar is interrupted when you watch him quickly move to the bed. You watch as his mouth quickly finds a nipple and starts sucking it. You also enjoy the fact that your nipples are also being tended to by my coarse tongue. Soon you feel the thick cock sliding back into your warm hole of heat. The noise soon catches your attention as you watch Carlos slide his thick cock in from the rear. You watch as the shaft slides in and out as you also have a cock slide in and out of you.
I pull your hips up as you feel my balls slap against your ass over and over in motion. You watch as Carlos releases his load as he pulls out. The thick white fluid runs along her belly as you feel another orgasm gripping your body. I can feel your muscles gripping my shaft as you cum along my cock.
Carlos and I smile before we get up. I wonder if you can handle Carlos running his long cock up inside you. I lean over and run my tongue along her collar bone. My finger finds her clit and I start to rub it until she is on fire again. I watch as you also are being fingered and having your clit devoured. My mouth waters when I see Carlos turn you around. I watch as he spreads your ass and probes your asshole with his finger. I also probe her ass with my finger just before applying a generous amount of lube to her ass. You watch as my cock slowly spreads her tight ass open to allow my cock to slide slowly in inch by inch. Carlos and I have our cocks buried deep in your asses as we both

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30 "Erotic Story "Dirty Dancing"