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24 Romantic Story "Cabin Fever"

posted 10/26/2007 4:30:20 PM |
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24 “Cabin Fever” Part 1 of 2

The morning starts out like any other in the city. The noise from the commuters would even wake up a bear in deep hibernation. I sit here and try to write my latest story with constant interruptions. It’s either the noise from the streets far below or the planes flying in and out high above in the sky. Yes, I’m in a high rise in one of the numerous skyscrapers dotted along this great country of ours. Lucky for me I’ve decided to take a trip out of town for a much needed break. I pile my things into a sleek sports car and head for the mountains. Lucky for me the drive from down town Atlanta to the mountains is only a few hours. I certainly will miss my lush apartment atop the noise, but I think the quietness will far out weight the minimal surroundings in the cabin.
While traveling along I take in the changes in the surroundings. I go from miles upon miles of buildings to miles upon miles of greenery. I wide my way along the roads until I can actually look down into the valleys of numerous types of trees. The scenery is wonderful since it is late summer and the trees have started to turn a variety of colors. My mind starts to forget about the stress of the city. I start to picture in my mind numerous ideas that might work out good in my latest story. Yes, I’m a free lance writer that enjoys warming the minds of my readers. I’ve just started writing my latest story about a young couple in love. I’ve written a few chapters and actually kept losing my train of thought. So I decided this weekend get away is just what I need to finish it.
I now must pull over to this road side family grocery store to get some items to enjoy this weekend. I step out of the small coupe and head for the front door. I notice a few people enjoying a picnic in the small park next to the store. Yes the store is located up in the mountains and is usually for the locals. The atmosphere is very laid back and time seems to stand still.
Upon entering the store I’m greeted by a very nice elderly lady. She offers me a tote to put my items in. she also comments on how wonderful my brown eyes glisten in the sun as it is reflected off them. I smile towards her and say thank you. She then compliments me on my smile. I’m started to feel very warm under the collar now. I may not be the smartest guy around, but I do know when I’m being flirted with. She smiles back at me again and turns to greet the next customer entering the store. I wonder around and buy a few items. I see her in one of the 5 isles and ask her where I can find the graham crackers. Yes I like my grahams with milk. We exchange a few words before she leads me too them. She also asks me what I’m having for lunch. I tell her that probably a ham sandwich made up with some of the meat I’ll be purchasing. She realizes that I’m along for the weekend and smiles from ear to ear. I start to get hot under the collar again. The next thing I know she has invited me to eat lunch with her. She smiles and jokingly says my husband will be joining us also. I tell her that I still have to make my way to the cabin before dark. She re-assures me that it’s only 10 more miles up the road. How can I say no to a nice old lady? I agree to eat lunch with them before making my way to the cabin. I sit down at their modest solid wood table and admire the scenery of 20 plus years of love. The entire room is filled with items from the past and present. I wait for her and the husband to sit down before reaching for the wonderful plate full of recently smoked ham. She stops me and says not everyone is here yet. I look around and wonder who else is planning to eat also. I turn to look at the old lady with a puzzled look on my face. She is smiling from ear to ear again. I start to wonder just before I hear the back door open to the house. I turn around to notice a beautiful lady walk in with a stressed look on her face. She is dressed in a crisp suit and has a briefcase tucked under one of her arms and a laptop computer case in the other hand. My eyes are wide open taking in all the beauty at once. I turn to look at the old lady and she smiles even bigger. She tells me that you live in the city also. I finally figure out that I’ve been set up. I exchange a few words as you walk right through the room. I sit in my chair not knowing what to say next. I think someone is looking to be a match maker. Just as I’m about to say something you walk back into the room. Hugs and kisses go back and forth before you finally look towards me. All you can see is a guy that has a dumbfounded look on his face. My brown eyes are wide open. I suppose you’re used to being stared at by guys that are left speechless. You glance up and down me in a few seconds to take in my lean figure sitting at the table. I finally catch my breath and say hi my name is Alex. I watch as you sit down start talking to the lady. I find out shortly that you’re also staying for the weekend in a cabin. I also learn that multiple cabins are for rent from the elder lady. The best part that I soon realize is the home cooked meals come with a stay at one of their cabins. I know where I’ll be staying next time around. I certainly enjoy a home cooked meal. I enjoy the conversation while we eat. I learn that you also like to get away from the busy city every chance you can. I’m actually sad when the meal ends and I no longer have a reason to share your company. I graciously thank the nice couple for their hospitality and make my way to the car.
I start to put my seat belt on before starting the engine. I hear a finger nail tap on the driver window. I notice you standing at the door with a smile on your face. I lower the window and smile from ear to ear. I wonder what you want to say to me before a plate is literally bouncing off my nose. You tell me that the old lady really likes you and wants you to have some cut ham to eat on this weekend. I smile and take the plate. You tell me she wants her plate back and you better not disappoint her. I hope you have more to say to me, but you turn around before I’ve a chance to speak anymore to you. I watch as your slim figure fades back into the store. I start the car and head to the cabin. I finally find it tucked up into the mountain side about an hour before sun set. I un-load my things and make my way inside. The cabin is only a one bedroom loft style. A large wood burning fire place is located in the corner. I’m very happy to at least have running water from a temporary pump attached to a portable tank system. I suppose the extreme cold in the winter prevents a permanent system. I actually am happy it is only late fall.
I wrap up in front of the fire place and make notes for my writing tomorrow.

“Cabin Fever” Part 2 of 2

The next morning I wake to the birds whistling and the mountain breeze blowing the wind chimes on the front porch. I wash my face and brush my teeth before digging through the bags for something to nibble on for breakfast.

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24 Romantic Story "Cabin Fever"