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23 Erotic Story "The Morning After"

posted 10/26/2007 4:29:31 PM |
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23 “The Morning After” Part 1 of 2
My senses come alive as my mind comes out of a blissful trance from last nights’ evening of pure pleasure. I lay with my head on a soft white cotton pillow case. The warm sheets feel good brushing up against my nude body just barely covered. My abdomen can feel the heat your body is generating just inches away. My nose breathes in your wonderful scent floating along in the air. I keep my eyes closed and enjoy the different smell of your hair, the lavender scented petals on the night stand, and the crisp, clean sheets just inches away from my face.
I decide to open my eyes slightly to take in the wonderful scenery surrounding me. The sun filters into the room through the wood blinds located close to the large sleigh bed we’re now occupying. My eyes strain to fully open as the sun floods into them. The brown in my eyes glisten as the light illuminates them.
I focus away from the light as I slowly turn my head. I can see you still fast asleep with your face turned towards me. I trace with my eyes your ruby red lips that are slightly parted to allow oxygen to fill your lungs. I enjoy defining your long eyelashes resting gently on your face. You look very peaceful as you continue to rest from the long night of passion we shared. I decide to slowly slide off the edge of the bed as to not wake you up.
I make my way to the large bathroom and close the double doors to help keep the light and noise from waking you up. I look into the mirror and smile after having a nice thought of you last night. I grab a toothbrush and proceed to brush my teeth and day dream. My eyes look very tired after only getting a few hours of sleep. I certainly am not complaining this morning. I can see that a good morning shave is certainly at hand. I turn my head and try to block out the fact that my hair is starting to show its age. The dark brown is slowly starting to show signs of lightening. I refuse to allow my mind to even think about the word gray.
Sadly I turn to make my way to the shower after realizing the gray is probably not going to stay away for ever.
The warm and then hot water feels good as it rushes to coat my tired shoulders. I allow the water to saturate my hair just before I apply a generous amount of shampoo. I smile briefly as I realize the bottle of shampoo I grabbed was yours. I really let out a small chuckle when I notice that the bottle has writing that said specially formulated for colored hair. I suppose feeling pity on my graying hair is no longer an issue when most ladies color their hair anyways.
I run the shampoo through my hair with my fingers. I can feel the shampoo run down my neck and between my shoulder blades. The shampoo slowly stops at my small butt just before it locates a path leading down to my legs. I rinse my face while leaving the shampoo in my hair. I smile again thinking that my gray might actually have a different tint after I rinse it out. I reach for a facial soap and apply some to my palm before rubbing it along my firm cheek bones and around my tired eyes. I can feel the tingling as it helps to release the sleep from my face. I put my head under the shower head and allow the water to rinse my hair and face. I reach to secure and wash cloth and start to spread soap along my abdomen and rub it around with the wash cloth. I run the cloth along my neck and collar bones. Slowly I wash my back and chest before rinsing off again. My hands rub the soap between them and I start to rinse my pubic hair and then I touch my cock. I’ve another nice memory as I think of my hand actually being your soft hand teasing me. I close my eyes and enjoy the gentle touches along the shaft and the wide tip. The soap fills good as I make my way down towards my balls. The soap runs along them as I rinse slowly. I secure the wash cloth again and proceed to wash my legs and squeeze the cloth to generate soap to wash between my toes. I turn the water to super hot and allow the hot water to hit me in the back between my shoulder blades. The hot water has caused my back to become beat red from the blood rushing to the surface. I turn off the water and step out to secure a towel. My hair and face are dried off as I stand dripping on the rug placed in front of the shower and on top of the ceramic tiled floor. I dry my chest and body just before placing the towel on the drying bar. I decide to make my way back into the bedroom to see if I woke you up. The tiled floor fills cold to my feet as I open the doors slightly and pear out to look at you. I notice that you were awakened by my showering. I can see you propped up on a few pillows actually looking up over my head as I step out of the bathroom. I turn to look at the flat screen television mounted above the double doors on the wall. The morning weather is on. The guy says that the morning weather is supposed to be close to freezing this morning. I turn back to notice you actually pull the covers up closer to your neck simulating that you certainly don’t plan to get cold any time soon.
I smile as you beckon me to the bed once again. I start to look for something to put on and you tell me not to bother. My eyes light up with that comment. I wonder if your plan is to seduce me again this morning. I slide into the bed and lean towards you simulating that I want to kiss you this morning. My lips are greeted by a beautiful back as you slide out the other side of the bed. I watch as your sweet butt makes its way to the bathroom. My lower lip pokes out as I watch you turn and grin briefly as the doors are closed behind you. I soon hear the water running in your sink as you brush your teeth and rinse with mouth wash. I then hear the shower being turned on as you climb in and rinse away all the fun we enjoyed last night.
I prop up on the pillows and turn the channel to ESPN. Yes, I must get my morning fix of the recent sporting events. I soon lose track of you in the bathroom and my mind focuses on the outcomes of different games. I’m actually startled when both doors are opened and you walk slowly into the room. I can’t seem to keep my mouth closed as I take in all your beauty. I trace every wonderful curve and finally manage to catch my breath after almost turning blue. You just smile and let out a small laugh. You know that I can’t keep my eyes of you. My eyes are wide open as you make your way to the side of the bed.
“The Morning After” Part 2 of 2
You disappear under the sheets as you slide back into the bed. I lean over and kiss you gently on the lips. I can feel your body heat as you make your way into my awaiting arms. Your sweet breasts make contact with my firm chest. I run my fingers through your still damp hair. My hands make their way along your back to brush gently along your butt. I roll you over on top of me as we kiss deeply and softly. I can feel your still slightly damp body shiver as my warm body warms you.
I roll over to my side and watch as you look into my eyes.

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23 Erotic Story "The Morning After"