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22 Erotic Story "New York City Lights"

posted 10/26/2007 4:28:48 PM |
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22 New York City Lights Part 1 of 2

Getting off work late has become a normal routine these days. The city lights are already starting to flicker in anticipation of the nearing evening. Looking around as you ride down the elevator a few familiar faces great you. They also are living the life of worker ants on a thread mill that never seems to slow. The doors open a few times allowing more and more workers to enter. You notice a face in the crowd that has only graced your company a few times over the last few months.
The guy smiles at you, but doesn’t say a word. You remember each time admiring his clean cut appearance. The intense, deep brown eyes always seem to melt you every time they focus in your direction. The elevator fills to capacity the closer you get to the first floor. Guess who has moved to a standing position just behind you now. Even without turning around you can already smell the familiar Polo Sport that I placed on my neck after showering at the gym earlier. I stand only a few inches from actually touching your shoulders with my chest. Yes I’m very tall at 6’2” in height. Your shoulders would hit me roughly across my chest. I can also tell from standing behind you that my wide shoulders would practically allow you to melt into my arms if you leaned back into me.
I wonder if you would push our personal spaces by actually leaning into me.
I stand looking over your shoulder at your wonderful lips gently opening and closing as you breathe slightly in the tight compartment. I take in your wonderful sites as I scan up and down your figure with my eyes. I make sure not to draw any attention to me. I breathe in your wonderful smell and close my eyes to reflex on the previous times I also admired you. I can still picture your long legs and tight figure the last time I saw you coming into work. Yes, I’ve been admiring you for awhile now. I just never came out and said anything to you.
This time I do feel the urge to speak lightly into your ear as we find ourselves closer than normal. I lean over and place my lips about 2 inches from your ear that’s covered with your free flowing hair. My deep voice takes you by surprise as I tell you how pretty you look today. Turning your head slightly to look at me brings your lips within 3 inches of mine. I watch as your wonderful lips open to tell me thank you. I hear you speak a few words asking me my name just before the elevator stops. My lips part as I watch your small frame walk away from me.
Alex floats across the air towards your intensely listening ears. All I see is a small smile form on your face as you fade away with the crowd.
The city seems to be a glow of adventure as you walk out of the building on to the sidewalk. I notice you also as I venture out the rotating door leading to the street.
We both stand a few feet away from each other looking for a taxi to carry us away from work. I spot a cab that has stopped at the corner letting a customer out. I flag the cab down and it moves towards me. I look at you and offer the cab as a friendly gesture.
We speak to each other briefly as the cab comes to a stop in front of the building.
I soon discover that you live only a few blocks away from me in the suberbs. I tell you that I live in the same direction, but don’t ask to share a ride with you.
I wonder if you would let me share a cab with you.
I look around trying to spot another cab and see none at the moment. I watch as you look around and at the cab driver. The cab driver seems to frighten you for some reason. I wonder if your mind is trying to warn you.
I see a hand motion for me to get in to the cab with you. I wonder if you feel I actually would protect you in case the stranger tries anything funny along the 45 minute ride to our safe havens.
We start to talk and laugh while we ride. Both of us soon forget about all the hussle going on outside the cab. My eyes admire your lips as they open to speak to me. I find myself memorized with your words and reactions to mine.
I decide to lean over and tell you how sexy I think you’re. I watch as your facial expressions change from being shocked to that of desire. My heart starts pounding as I watch you slide closer to me. My lips start to quiver as you lean closer to me with your lips parted slightly awaiting my kiss. I do decide to kiss you gently on the lips while my hands move to touch your face.
I turn to look at the cab driver to see if he is watching. The heavy traffic seems to be keeping his attention at the moment. My hand slides up your side and finds your ample breasts. Slowly I caress your breasts while kissing your lips. My tongue now has darted into your mouth while we share twisting our tongues around and around.
I feel your hand slide in between the buttons on my shirt. You can feel the hair on my chest as you locate my nipples and start to rub on them. I moan slightly as you pinch my left nipple to make it very hard.
Slowly I slide my hand down to your hem line and move my hand under your dress. You can feel my fingers sliding along your inner legs as I slowly touch your cotton panties. My finger traces the edge of the lower, inside band wrapped around your right leg. I place my hand on top of your now pulsating lips that seem to be very swollen from the blood rushing through your body. I can feel your heat slowly exiting your now damp hole of pleasure. I start to rub your lips and clit through the thin fabric slowly at first. My finger tips locate the edge of your now damp panties and slide them to the side. My finger teases your clit with circular motions as I drag my other fingers along your swollen lips. My finger finds your tight hole of heat and starts to probe it until I feel you tense up to tighten your muscles around it. Further in I slide it until you beg me to put two fingers in you. My damp fingers are going in and out of you now faster and faster until I feel you start to cum all over them. I pull my hand up to my face and lick the tangy juices from my dripping wet fingers.
I watch your smile turn to pure desire as it lowers towards my now thick cock inside of my pants. Slowly you lower my zipper and slide my throbbing cock out of my pants. I watch your tongue dart along the tip just before you slide the long shaft inside your mouth. My hips flex as I raise them towards your hungry mouth.
A hand and mouth go up and down my cock until I feel myself start to spray warm cum all over your mouth and face.
We kiss some more while I feel you rubbing on my cock some more.
I wonder if you’re planning to get me hard again for some more fun.
Just before I close my eyes I notice the cab driver looking at us n the rear view mirror. I suppose he is enjoying the fun almost as much as me. I decide not to tell you of him watching us. I actually wonder if you would rather him watch you while you’re climaxing all down my cock. My cock gets very hard again and I notice you sitting up and pulling your desk to your

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22 Erotic Story "New York City Lights"