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21 Erotic Story "The long Rainy Night"

posted 10/26/2007 4:28:02 PM |
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21 The long Rainy Night Part 1 of 2

You watch the rain hit the window panes all day long as you stare out them at the gloomy day. You’re happy that you actually had to work today and was not at home bored and stuck inside. The work day finally comes to an end and you proceed to make your way to your safe haven.
You decide to stop by and get yourself a movie rental since it is Friday night. You scan up and down the isles looking for something that will hold your attention.
I notice you walk in to the video store while I scan movies also. Your hair is damp from the rain and your clothes are a bit disarrayed also from the high winds. I watch as you try to adjust your hair away from your beautiful face. You’re un-aware that I’m watching you just two isles away.
I can see a very sexy lady that certainly takes very good care of herself. I can tell you like to dress sexy and tease the guys that happen to wonder into your little world. You start looking at titles and strolling along towards me. I make sure to act like I’m busy reading a cover.
You turn the corner and notice a nice dressed guy standing close to the middle of one row. He has on a crimson button up dress shirt with his top buttons undone. He also has on tan trousers with dark loafers. You take in his short brown hair and tall stature. You decide to stop and read a cover only a few feet from me. I turn and smile without saying any words. My deep, intense brown eyes seem to pierce you as I glance over your lean curves briefly. You smile back while taking in my shinny white smile that seems to melt you instantly. You close your eyes briefly and take in a deep breathe of my cologne that makes your body shiver. I just happened to be returning from the gym where I just took a nice, warm shower. The freshly applied facial lotion is Obsession for men you just smelled.
My entire body tingles when I finally get a chance to take in your complete beauty. The quick glance and smile towards you allowed me to create an image of complete euphoria. I noticed the subtle way your eyes twinkled and your mouth opened as you also admired me. I caught the light movement of your tongue licking the inside of your lip as you pictured me in one of your fantasies. I could see the hair on your neck come alive with intense energy as your mind alerted your body to the extra energy it was creating for the moment. I traced your lips as they opened slightly when you exhaled slowly with great pleasure. I watched as your breasts slowly moved upwards when you breathed my scent into your mind.
I turn my gaze back towards the cover when I notice another man looking towards you. I figure that he probably is your companion coming to rescue you from my mind. He does come up to you and smile before speaking to you. I’m very sad when you turn and acknowledge him. I close my eyes again and savor the thoughts I just enjoyed with the brief contact between us. I pretend to read while he talks to you and you both start to laugh. My eyes open to take in your wonderful smile when you laugh at loud. I try not to ease drop, but my mind is hunger for you. You seem to have lured me into your brief web of desire. I can’t seem to get enough of your magnetism that draws me closer to your every move.
I listen with great intensity as you talk about work. I soon realize that this guy must actually work with you. I lick my lips when I hear another female voice say to him come on honey. I realize that he is with another female and not with you.
I look around briefly while you two say your good byes. He tells you to enjoy the next two days off. You tell him the rest will be greatly appreciated after a long week at work. He asks if you have any plans and you say none at this time. He asks you to come over and eat with his family tomorrow night. I start to wonder if you’re actually are alone these days. When I stop day dreaming you have already moved to another isle to view more covers. I’m tempted to just come out and ask you, but feel a bit shy and decide to be more conservative. I do notice your guy friend standing in front of an isle alone looking at action movie covers. I walk up acting like I’m also looking at covers. We exchange a few comments about the movies. We both seem to like the same types of movies. Finally, I just come out and ask him if you’re single. He tells me that you’re seeing a guy, but that he is away fro the weekend on a business trip. I lower my head and moan. He looks at me and laughs. He tells me that you have only been seeing the guy for a little while. I smile and he tells me your first name. I thank him for the information and turn to look for you.
I only get a glance of your back as you walk out of the store headed to your car. My heart stops when I realize that you probably have slipped out of my life forever. I finally do find me an action movie and check out.
I make my way to my truck with the rain pouring down all around me. The thunder and lightening have also started off in the distance. I realize that I certainly need to get to my safe haven soon. I pull out of the parking lot and proceed along the road towards safety. The rain is coming down very hard now as I notice a car pulled over in the median. I slow down with the rest of the cars as I pass slowly. I turn to notice you out of the corner of my eye. You look very distressed with a look of terror in your eyes. As I pass your car I also notice that you have a flat tire from running over something that floated into the road. Yes the rain is coming down that much. You’re probably wondering why both of us idiots are out and about during this mess. I don’t think us and the rest of the idiots realized this much rain was in the forecast. I decide to turn around and see if I can help you.
You watch as all the other cars and trucks slow down to pass you, but none ever stop to help. You look in your purse to get your cell phone.
You dial your friend from works cell number hoping he is still in the road and can help you. No answer
You call another girlfriend and she fails to answer either. You try to call another number and your cell phone low battery illuminates. You moan again when you realize that you left your car charger in your boyfriends’ car last time you rode with him. You lower your head to the steering wheel close to crying. The light in your rear view mirror alerts you when I pull up behind you in my truck. Your heart stops when you realize you’re completely vulnerable on the side of the road. You can’t even call 911 for help with your cell phone. You look around and can see only buildings with lights close to a ¼ mile away. You realize that you may have to trust this stranger that just pulled up behind you. You close your eyes and say
a small prayer that god watch over you. A noise catches your attention as I tap light on your window.
You can only see what seems to be a man standing close to your window with a jacket covering his head. You decide to

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Aug 9 @ 8:33AM  
I want the rest of the story... Please!

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21 Erotic Story "The long Rainy Night"