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20 Erotic Story "Seductive Notes in Class"

posted 10/26/2007 4:27:11 PM |
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20 Seductive Notes in Class Part 1 of 2

You dread having to show up to a mandatory training class this morning.
The training material will probably be very boring as usual. You shower and dress in a casual outfit so that it does not bind on you. Sitting in the chair taking notes all day already has you moaning. I bet you will be moaning a different tune when you see the instructor.
You walk into the class room type environment and look around for a chair. You soon discover that the only chairs left are in the far corners in the back of the room. You actually prefer them over the front chairs. You certainly had no plans to actually listen to a majority of the crap anyways.
You find a chair against the wall next to a nice girl that looks to be in her early 20’s. The both of you have never seen each other and quickly exchange a few words like hello and how are you. You notice that she actually is dressed up for the class. She has on a nice sun dress that shows her bare shoulders that she has covered up with a simple pull on top. You glance down and see her long tanned legs peering out from under the knee length material. She catches you looking and turns to you. She asked if you like the new dress she just bought. She opens the cover up top to let you see the color and patterns on the materials. She has no idea that you actually were admiring her nice, pert breasts that seem to be about 34b in size. Her long blond hair is pulled back in a holder. She looks into your eyes and says you have beautiful eyes. You smile back and start to comment when you hear the instructor start to speak.
I stand in front of the class introducing myself. You see a sharply dressed guy roughly 37 with short brown hair. My crisp light coffee colored shirt is finished off with a darker coffee colored tie. I’ve on tan trousers and leather loafers. You can see that I’ve wide shoulders and stand roughly 6 feet tall. You watch as I explain the class rules and what will be taught.
I wonder if you even heard a word I said to you and the class?
I bet you were already dreaming of what I looked like naked.
This is your lucky day. You lead me through a brief session of self fantasy.
You lead me through a brief strip tease in your mind. I slowly walk up to your desk and move around to face you. I look you in the eyes and smile as you see my brown eyes take in all your curves. I slowly un-button my shirt and slide it off my shoulders. You can now see my firm chest and broad shoulders. My skin is very dark from numerous hours playing in the sun. I slowly lean down and un-button my trousers. I open one button at a time until my silk boxers are visible from the small opening. You watch as I slide off my loafers and allow my trousers to slide to the floor. You trace my shoulders down to my abdomen. You quickly glance at my boxers to take in the slight bulge you see just under the silk material. You watch as I tease you by running my finger along the waist band. I even pull the material tight so that you can see the nice outline of my long cock just out of site. I step closer to you and allow you to trace my strong arms and the slight hair that seems to disappear into my boxers like a love trail waiting to be explored. I slowly lower my boxers to allow you to see my long, thick cock that’s just beginning to come alive. You trace the broad tip of my tanned cock as you take in how big it’s in length. You start to wonder how it would feel buried deep in your hot pussy. I kneel down between your legs and start to touch your leg gently. You have your eyes closed and moaning as you realize that your leg is actually being touched.
You open your eyes to discover the pretty blond next to you trying to get your attention. She touched your leg since you had your eyes closed and was moaning. She wanted to warn you that the instructor was standing next to her introducing himself. You actually turn and see me standing at the corner of the table looking very intense with my deep brown eyes. I say hello and tell you my name is Alex. I’ve been informed that I was going to teach this class.
I wonder what you plan to say to me? I bet you just smile and try to get out of a very embarrassing moment. I walk to the head of the class and start talking again. Sara leans over and asks if you’re ok. She was worried you might have been asleep. You just smile and say everything is ok.
You watch as I spend an hour talking about very boring stuff. You even close your eyes again and start dreaming again. This time Sara is not here to save you. The class was given a break and you were not listening.
I sit down next to you and enjoy watching you smile and make funny faces. I even get a chance to hear you moan some more. I watch as your sexy blouse rises and falls as your breasts move about. I trace your sexy lips with my mind. My eyes take in all the wonderful curves until another student comes back in the room. He notices you must be sleeping and laughs. I wink at him and hold my finger to my lips. I certainly don’t want you to stop moaning. We both watch as you continue to fantasize about something. Another student comes in and I get up and walk to the front of the room. Sara comes in and sits down again. She turns and asks if you’re going to take a break. You smile and can feel the wetness your fantasy has just created. You do decide to get up to fix yourself and get a drink. Your mouth is so dry from sucking on my long, thick cock I bet.
I take a few seconds to write you a nice little note while you’re at the water faucet. My note says that I’m your secret admirer and that enjoyed your moaning. You discover the note when you get back to the desk. Sara was visiting at the next desk when I slipped it into your papers. You get instantly wet when you discover someone must have been watching you while you had the fantasy of sucking the instructors cock. You listen and look around trying to figure out who wrote the note. I only smile at you and try not too get caught admiring your curves even more. You soon get bored again and close your eyes to fantasize again. You can’t help from sliding your hand under your top to tease your nipples. You figure no one else will see since you’re in the back corner. You open your eyes and see Sara taking notes. She has no ideal you’re teasing your nipples while looking at her and the sexy instructor. You even slide your hand down to your dripping wet pussy to check how wet it’s. You’re happy you decided to wear loose fitting slacks. You can actually play with yourself and not get caught. You slide a finger along your clit as you watch Sara take notes. She even lets her hair loose out of the banding. You watch as her long blond hair falls on her shoulders. You wish she would take off her small top covering her small breasts.
You smile when you realize that the room temperature controller is next to you on the wall. You make sure everyone is busy listening and you slide the control to

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20 Erotic Story "Seductive Notes in Class"