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19 Erotic Story "Dirty Desires"

posted 10/26/2007 4:26:24 PM |
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19 Dirty Desires Part 1 of 2
I sit here wondering what direction to go on the internet this time. Should I log in under my employee name and risk getting caught wondering off the accepted path or should I hide my tracks from the start. This is one of the first thoughts that must go through my mind while I’m at work. The urge to window shop makes me lick my lips in anticipation. I decide to alternate my access by using an alternative log in code not detectable to me. I enter the bogus name and password to gain access to a treasure trove of adventures.
I log into my hidden account and see what tasty morsels have nibbled on my latest thoughts. I respond to each bite with a nibble of my own. Teasing and tracing the minds of each lucky female that I’ve stimulated.
I soon complete my short task of gathering all the daily mental images.
My mind soon decides to go window shopping to see how many sexy wrappers I can find wondering around in cyber world along with me. I log into a site and then decide what direction to travel along that will bring me back into contact with existing and new curves of females.
I enter an area and look at all the tag names giving small information about the user hiding behind them. While watching each post by random tag names, I gather more and more information about certain tags. I soon discover which tags or candy wrapper which I prefer are the teasing types. My mind watches as each comment is filed into my mind for future reference. I then decide which candy wrapper is worth opening further to see what is inside the shinny outer coating. I look to see if the lady has actually placed a picture or profile on file for me to read. I don’t automatically decide not to pursue the lady further if no picture is present. I actually read the profile word for word believe it or not.
If I find the profile interests me, then I watch her particular wrapper for further comments about issues in the room. I soon discover if she is a watcher or not interested in being bothered by a stranger. I always act like a gentleman by complimenting her to start with until she realizes that I’m not just interested in seducing her. I’ll whisper you and wait for a response. If I don’t get a response, then I leave you alone. You only get one chance to contact me. I’ve no desire to bother you if you don’t even bother to respond. Your lack of response tells me you’re not worth any further thoughts on my part.
I slowly start to seduce your mind when I do get a response from you. I play no games by giving you the truth about my intentions. You can either decide to stop communicating with me or continue. I tease you every inch of the conversation to draw you into my web of intrigue.
My only desire is to get you intrigued enough to want more of my mind. Hence, the request for your email address for sending a story. I give you the chance to see into my mind more. You have the power to stop reading more and hide from me again. Each time you request a story, I allow you to enjoy more and more of my thoughts.
You already know what’s on my mind when I see you next time in a room. No games are played and you know what I’m thinking sitting here on the other end of virtual reality.
You have a picture of me in your mind from each of the situations detailed in the stories. You know that I’ve intense brown eyes, a firm jaw, short dark brown hair, and wide shoulders. You also know that I’m 6’ 2” tall and weigh about 220. My athletic build from years of sports is still very well defined. You also know how my mind is wired. You know the erotic thoughts that are always present in my highly charged mind. All this you have learned from reading my thoughts in front of you in a story.
You don’t have to waste your time trying to probe me for information while sitting in front of your monitor. The information is already filed in your sexy mind. My sole intention is to further draw your mind into an erotic trap as I ask questions while we chat. I want to know more about what and how you feel about the desires I fueled inside you. I tease and trace your mind more and more until I find out what triggers your deepest desires. I use your desires to build more heat deep inside you. Allowing you to decide how much of your mind you’re going to give to me. When I sense your mind is stimulated to a point of no return, I try to trigger the information that you have shared with me. You watch as I type key words specifically designed to get a certain reaction from you. I push your buttons probing your reactions and gathering more details. The mental connection soon is discovered and you start to feel me getting further into your mind. Your body starts to react to your mind creating a visual image of me in front of you. You hang on every word as I start to provide you with more details of me.
I tell you that I’m wearing a dark blue pullover short sleeve shirt with a polo emblem on it. Your mind traces the edges of the shirt thinking of how it’s fitting over my wide shoulders. You define the curves of my chest just under the surface of the thin shirt. Your mind pictures small spots on the shirt that define where my nipples are and how hard they must be. I tell you that I’m wearing Old Navy blue jeans and your mind creates an image of how my tight butt fits inside them. You can close your eyes and already see the bulge starting to form along the zipper. I lean back and allow you to probe every virtual inch of my body with your mind. You trace my small ears and bright red lips. You run your finger along my lips down towards my neck. You can sense a small shiver run along my body as you tickle my neck with the tip of your finger.
While you trace me with your mind, I also am tracing you with my mind. I try to visualize your pretty smile. How your hair falls on your shoulders.
What you’re wearing also while you type words on the computer key board. We start to probe each other with words. Seeing how far each of us can go without being obvious. This is the turning point that usually occurs soon after I gain some trust of a virtual female. You can either decide to stop and ignore me or continue to be seduced.

Dirty Desires Part 2 of 2

My seducing never stops each time I get you in front of me on the monitor. I continue to build your desires by probing you more and more. I tease you and mention each bit of information that you have shared with me each time we placed words on the monitor. I build your desires until you beg for my mind to seduce you more and more. I ask you questions about how my thoughts have affected your mind. When you tell me they have made you very turned on I proceed to direct the conversation to stimulate you more and more. Creating a virtual image for your mind to enjoy as your body starts to boil. I tell you how each answer has made me more turned on and proceed to detail my reaction. You get even more turned on when you realize that the cock you pictured in your mind

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19 Erotic Story "Dirty Desires"