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18 Erotic Story "Get on your knees"

posted 10/26/2007 4:25:45 PM |
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18 “Get on your Knees” Part 1 of 2

The days of your life seem to be slipping away as you go back and forth doing menial tasks. You wonder if each encounter and reaction to the encounter is worth the effort you put forth. Today you met your girlfriend for lunch. As usual, she tells you how her life is in high gear. You also give her a bit of gossip about your life so that she doesn’t feel you’re boring. The conversation soon turns to the amount of quality sex each of you ladies are getting these days. You try to boost up your quality hours by talking about the long sensual kissing that you have all the time. She always seems to get the best of you though.
She has just started dating this handsome guy from Spain. She says Felix has shown her the best sex she has ever known over the last month. You soon find yourself hanging on her every word. She mentions that he gives her deep messages that last up to 30 minutes. She goes on and on about the different ways that he pleasures her. You start to feel envious and beg her to stop talking about it. You know that your sex life is no where near hers. She starts to mention another thing he does that really turns her on and you place your finger to her lips. You have heard enough.
The next few days go by and you find yourself at lunch with her again.
She is dressed in attire that you have never seen her in before. Her hair has been cut shorter and she has on tight clothes. You notice that all the guys are watching her every move. You wonder what has gotten in to her.
Finally you just come out and ask her. She tells you that she was told to wear these clothes by her new boyfriend. Felix had bought them for her while they were out shopping. The clothes are very expensive and actually classy, but still they leave a bit too much un-covered. You can see her lacy bra under a thin blouse. The skirt is cut all the way up the side to her panty line. You gasp as you notice she actually is only wearing a thong. No wonder the guys are staring at her. She smiles and sits down across from you. You ask her, what in the world has gotten into you.
She says that Felix has made her a changed lady. She starts to tell you how he does this and that before you tell her to stop. You can’t be pleasured by him and don’t want to be teased by her.
A few more days go by and you get a phone call from her. She asked you to pick her up from the auto repair shop. She says her car has to have new brakes put on and she can’t get a hold of anyone else to drive her home.
You meet her and drive her home. She also asked if you would not mind taking her to her boyfriends’ apartment a few miles away. You agree and wait for her to change. She comes out dressed in an outfit that certainly catches your attention. Her t-shirt is very snug across her bare breasts. She has decided to not wear a bra. You look at her in shock. She says that Felix likes to see her firm nipples. You also notice that when she sits down she is not wearing any panties at all under her short skirt. Your eyes get really big now. Just a few months ago she would wear modest clothes and always wore panties and a bra while in public. You can’t believe a man has pleasured her enough to change her morals.
You arrive at the apartment and she thanks you for driving her. She also asks you very nicely if you can take her to work in the morning before she gets out. You agree to meet her here in the morning. She says her car should be fixed by the end of the work day. She turns and thanks you and you hear a voice a few feet away from her. You turn to see a man about 35 coming towards her. He is roughly 6 ft. tall and weight about 210 pounds.
His hair is long and wavy and very dark. His eyes seem to be a deep brown. He is wearing a pull over and jeans. She seems to light up as he comes closer to her. She starts to introduce Felix to you before he makes his way to the side of the car. Felix leans his head down into the car to talk to you. His eyes seem to cause you to shiver all over. He looks you up and down instead of the normal words you figured you would hear first. Like how are you or hello. He just seems to take in your entire body and reactions before you can blink an eye. You can tell he is a very aggressive and likes to be in charge. He finally speaks and tells you that he likes your eyes. You gulp and say thank you in return. You’re not accustomed to being sized up by a stranger in so much detail the first time you meet.
Felix tells your friend that she should at least offer her friend a glass of wine for her troubles. She turns and asks you to come up to his apartment for a glass of wine.
I wonder what your first thought would be?
I bet you want to see where this guy lives. I know you can’t help yourself.
You park your car and follow your friend up to his apartment. She enters to find him sitting on a brown leather couch. You look about and notice he certainly has expensive taste in furniture. You watch as your friend goes over to him and gets on her knees in front of him. You watch in shock as she allows him to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. She kisses him back on the lips and stands up. She turns and moves towards to kitchen. She asks if you like red or white wine.
You can barely answer her after seeing the display in front of you. You watch as she disappears. You now turn and look at him. He motions for you to sit on the couch next to him.
I wonder if you decide to sit next to him or sit in the leather recliner.
You do decide to sit in the recliner. He actually looks at you with his dark eyes after you sit down. He knows you don’t trust him at this point.
What he doesn’t know is you have become extremely turned on by what you just saw. Your friend returns with the glass of wine. She offers it to you and sits down next to Felix. You watch in shock again as she moves her legs apart. She has her freshly shaved pussy exposed. You take a long, deep sip of wine while your eyes open wide. You can’t believe your eyes.
Felix has rested his hand on her upper leg now. She actually reaches up and grabs his wrist. She places his fingers on the inside of her upper leg. You watch as he rubs the inside of her leg and talks to you. You start to feel un-comfortable and actually very turned on. You act like it’s not affecting you as she opens her legs wider. He now has his fingers rubbing on her lips and you can see she is really enjoying teasing you. You want to get up and walk out, but you also want to see more. You can’t help allowing your nipples to start to get hard as you watch him slide his finger into her already hot box. You can’t believe your friend is so bold as to allow him to seduce her right in front of you. You can feel your own pussy start to tingle as you watch in amazement. The entire time he is fingering her, he is also carrying on a normal conversation with you. Not once has he broken eye contact with you. You can feel your face start to fluster as h

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18 Erotic Story "Get on your knees"