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17 Erotic story "School House Crush"

posted 10/26/2007 4:22:25 PM |
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17 School house Crush Parts 1 of 2

I know you remember the days when you were just starting to discover the desires you had for all the hot guys around you. I know you also probably had more than your share of secret crushes that got you all hot and bothered every time you thought about the boy. I also know that you might have had the secret desires for one or more of your handsome teachers. We all know that is a taboo that should never be spoken in reality. Lucky for us, this is our little story of fantasy that certainly will be exploring the taboo and forbidden.
Just think back a few years ago when you were sitting in a class room awaiting the teacher to start another boring lesson. You sit a scribble on your paper and wait while all your friends talk and carry on about anything and everything. That’s right!! You were the quite and shy girl that always sat in the front and was considered to be pure of thought. I bet! If you’re reading my stories, I know your mind certainly has some hidden thoughts that certainly could warm up the class room.
Today, you’re in an applied physics class planning to go over the electrical charges present in the human body. You actually are very interested in learning what makes the human body function. We all know that electrical charges generated by our body allow each of our different systems to function properly.
Without the charges, you would not be able to feel the pulsating of your clit pounding in your mind like an endless sheet of music.
You also know that your teacher is not very attractive and actually a bit on the older side for a teacher. You enjoy his class, but you wish the eye candy was a bit more to enjoy while you try to learn.
This morning you sit and wait until you see your teacher walk in. He starts to go over the morning lesson and stops. He turns and glances to the door of the class room. He motions for a stranger to walk into the class room. You sit and just happen to look up as I slowly make my way into the room. You can tell that I’m actually not very old myself. You wonder if I’m a new student. I bet you certainly hope I sit next to you.
I’m dressed in a pair of khaki pants with a crisp long sleeve polo shirt on. My brown hair is neatly combed and you instantly set your eyes on my cute smile that has allowed my bright white teeth to peer out. You watch as I walk up the front of the room and stand next to the teacher. Your teacher says that we’ve a special guest that will be with us this entire week. You wonder way I’ll only be with the class for one week. The teacher mentions that I’m a graduate student attending the university. Part of my class load is to be a student teacher in the field of physics. Your teacher has invited me to direct the study of the electrical charges present in the human body.
I introduce myself and tell you and the other students that I’ll be your teacher for the next week. You certainly sit up straight in your chair. I wonder what your innocent mind would be thinking now.
We go over the boring book work the first part of the week. You watch my every move as I travel around the room helping other students. I even lean over the desk in the row next to you to explain a theory to another student. I was un-aware you had actually traced the back of my pants leg all the way up to my firm, round butt. You even caught a glimpse of my underwear waist band where my shirt had pulled out in the back. You enjoyed reading the name HANES in numerous places along the band. You enjoyed seeing the dark tanned edge of my skin in contrast to the light trim that usually is hidden under my shorts. You can tell that I like to spend a lot of time out in the sun without my shirt on.
You close your eyes and can picture me playing a game of basketball outside on a court somewhere with my shirt off. You also can picture the sweat rolling off the tips of my hair and running into my light brown eyes. I figure you shuttered when you thought about me wiping my face with my arm and the sweat running down my well defined muscles.
You come back to the room when you hear your name called. I picked you to be in an experiment in the front of the class room. I realized that you were day dreaming when I turned around and all I saw was a smile on your pretty face with your eyes closed.
What you didn’t realize is during the brief 10 seconds that I watched you, I was also admiring you. I noticed your pretty facial features. How your hair flowed gently along your pretty face. Your juicy lips as they moistened during your thoughts. The firm curves that were only a few feet from me. I also took in every inch if your cute body sitting only a few feet from me. I had no idea you were admiring me, but I certainly was admiring you.
You stand up in front of the room awaiting the exercise to begin. You and 3 other students are instructed to stand shoulder to shoulder and close your eyes. I make sure that each students shoulders are touching lightly. I tell you to be silent and listen to my words. I tell you to raise your hands palms up in front of you. You obey with your eyes closed. I use a feather to brush the inside of one of the students’ wrists. She shutters and tingles all over her body. I ask the boy student next to her if he felt the electrical charge pass from her arm into his. He says that he did feel the vibrations as she moved. Next I place an ice cube in the other boys’ hand. He also jerks and shutters. I ask you if the boys’ movement was felt as an electrical charge in your arm. You tell me that no feelings other than his moving were felt. I decide to stand directly in front of you this time. You can smell the cologne I placed on my face this morning. Your body starts to tingle. You wonder what I’ve planned to do to you next. I instruct you to position your arms perpendicular to the floor. You do as asked with your eyes closed. I stand in front of you trying not to be obvious that you’re turning me on tremendously. I position myself so that the other students sitting down and the teacher can’t see what I’m about to do to you. I slowly reach out and touch the inner bend of your elbow with my finger tips. You feel my fingers touch you and electricity seems to explode all in your body. I draw my finger nails together and actually prick your main vein in your arm. The sensation of pain floods your body with pulse after pulse of electrical charges. I can see your shoulders start to lower along with your arms as you delight in the endless vibration that the trigger point created.
You actually start to get weak in your knees as the vibrations find their way down to your now pulsating clit. I reach out and hold your body to prevent you from falling to the floor.
You open your eyes to see my face only a few inches from yours smiling. You can feel my strong arms holding you up and my firm chest just on the other side of my thin shirt. The students beside you actually turn to help hold you up while I

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17 Erotic story "School House Crush"