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16 Erotic Story "Window Watcher"

posted 10/26/2007 4:21:41 PM |
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16 Window Watcher Parts 1 of 2

Your busy day is full of the daily encounters that you wish would and would not occur. Today was just like yesterday. You wake early in the morning and shuffle out the door headed towards a new day of the un-known. What you don’t realize is you have a secret admirer that has been watching your every move these days. You’re so engrossed in your own little world that you seldom look to see what every one else is doing around you.
You figure they’re also just going from task to task trying to complete the day with something accomplished.
Remember last week when you took a nice long walk to clear your head and relax. I also was walking along at a distance admiring your every step. I suppose you didn’t realize I was watching you. I’m the young boy that seldom gets a second glance. I suppose you figured I was just jogging to get in shape for my next football season. I did notice you glance at me and smile. I know that you must have seen the sweat marks on my shirt from where I had actually run prior to seeing you walking. I did break a nice sweat from the 4 miles I had run to stay in shape. I only stopped when I saw you walking in front of me. My short brown hair was completely saturated with sweat. My long, lean legs were very tired from running so far. I was breathing very deeply while trying to admire your pretty legs and butt in front of me. I’m trying very hard to stay in shape since I’m going to play college football in the fall at the university. Yes, I’m 17 and will be turning 18 in a few weeks. I suppose you’re not interested in an athlete that’s in the prime of his life and in perfect shape. These long, lean muscles are still too young for you to enjoy. My firm washboard abdomen and strong shoulders are more than you can handle. I watch you from a distance as you disappear back into your little world.
The next time I see you in the local store. You’re shopping for groceries and I bump into you on accident. We both are looking in opposite directions at different items. I lean down to get a can from the shelf and you run directly into me. I’m on my knees as you peer down into my eyes. You can see a young man with short brown hair and light brown eyes that seem to devour you.
I’m wearing a gray workout type shirt that is considered a muscle shirt. The thin material only covers a thin stripe along my neck muscles. My shoulders are very much bare for you to admire. You can see my highly defined shoulder muscles. You also can actually see down my shirt to admire my firm chest and abdomen muscles. My strong legs are bent and you can tell I’m very well developed from head to toe. I look up and smile directly into your eyes. I’m so tempted to admire your sexy curves also. I know that if you think I’m just looking at your body then you will ignore me quickly. So I try to act like a good boy and just look into your eyes. We say a few words and you turn and walk away. I watch your pretty butt while I’m still kneeling on the floor.
Latter in the evening just before dark I decide to take another long run to keep my body in great shape. I near the spot where I saw you last and actually see you again walking along enjoying the scenery. This time I actually run past you slowly to get a close up image of my sexy lady. My eyes take in every inch of your sexy legs and your firm butt as I come up behind you. I make sure to make plenty of noise breathing to get your attention. I certainly don’t want to scare you coming up from behind you so fast. You turn and see me only about 40 feet away. My long legs are covered in sweat again. You can trace the sweat marks along my firm chest muscles again. As I get closer to you, I see that you have turned around slightly and I can see your breasts pushing at your t-shirt. My mouth starts to water as I see your pretty face. Our eyes connect as I slowly move past you again. You watch as I move down the path slowly until I’m out of sight.
What you didn’t realize is I only ran another 300 yards before stopping to catch my breath. I turned around to see you actually turn and head back to your safe haven again. This time I actually walked back to where I could see you go inside. I waited in the shadows hoping to catch a glimpse of you in the windows. I was very happy to actually get a chance to see you just on the other side of the windows. I move even closer to the window to take in all your beauty. I was just about 20 feet from the window when you re-appeared again. This time you had a tall glass of water filled with ice cubes. You put the glass up to your forehead to cool yourself down. I was close enough to see the water droplets slowly running down your face until they saturated your shirt. I was hoping you would be nice enough to remove your shirt so that I could enjoy your curves more.
I watched as you fixed yourself a simple snack and then sat down to eat at the table. My eyes took in every small gesture your pretty lips made as they slowly nibbled the snack away. I was disappointed and filled with erotic thoughts when you left the kitchen. I was hoping you were headed up to your bedroom to take a shower. I waited until I did see the light come on in your bedroom. I positioned myself so that I could actually see through your bedroom towards your bathroom. I was happy to see you not close the blinds at first. I watched as you slowly removed your t-shirt. I traced your wonderful curves with my eyes. I was so looking forward to admiring your ample breasts when you closed the blinds on me. All I could see now was your wonderful silhouette cast on the blinds. I was so turned on that I started to actually try to make sure I got to see you every chance I could get. That’s why you have seen me every day for the last two weeks.
Today, I made sure to actually trace your steps to the local grocery store again. I wanted to see the sexy female that has gotten my blood boiling over the last two weeks. I try not to be obvious as I get closer to you. This time I made sure that I was just out of the shower. My short hair is still damp on the ends. I also wore one of my shirts that will allow you to admire my muscles again. I hope that you take notice as I move closer to you. I get within a few feet of you without speaking. I know you can more than likely already smell the body wash I used while in the shower. You look up to see me acting like I’m looking for an item. You speak to me and ask how I’m doing today. I look at you and smile. I watch as you trace out my body inch by inch. I’m about to explode when I see your nipples start to harden under your thin blouse.
We finally say our introductions and you learn that I only live about a ½ from you. I notice that you’re about to drop the item in your hand as you speak to me. I reach out to stop the item from falling. We touch chest to chest as I grip the item. Our eyes meet and I know you want me. The only problem is I’m very shy. I may be a supper athlete, but

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16 Erotic Story "Window Watcher"