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15 Erotic Story "Bus Basics"

posted 10/26/2007 4:20:53 PM |
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15 Bus Basics Part 1 of 2

The morning and evening ride on the bus back and forth to work always seems to be dreary. You dread getting up and thinking about riding a bus full of strangers. This morning is no exception as you stand in the shower letting the water caress your still sleepy head. You finally open your eyes to search out the shampoo and conditioner bottles. The shampoo is worked deep into your hair with your fingers. You close your eyes again to enjoy the warm water rinsing the lather out of your hair. You can feel the lather slowly slide down between your shoulder blades and awakening breasts. Now you apply a generous portion of conditioner. The conditioner stays in your hair as you gently wash your face with specially formulated liquid soap. The pores on your face start to come alive once the prior nights sleep is washed away. You rinse the conditioner and soap off your face while you stand with the water spraying you in the face. You look for a soft body wash sponge now that your eyes are able to focus. The gentle breeze fragrance slithers into your nose from the new bottle of body wash you just purchased.
You apply a generous portion on to the sponge and start to rub your wonderful curves. You enjoy feeling the tingling sensation the wash provides. Turning the water to hot will allow you to rinse the suds off and also enjoy the additional tingling the heat provides. You allow the water to run along your back to awaken each nerve ending. You stand in the shower until you know the fun can’t last any longer. It’s time to get out of the shower and get dressed for another day of fun at work.

You stand waiting for the bus and dreading the crowds that will be on it. Each day you repeat the pilgrimage to and from work. You figure that today will be no different. The bus finally arrives and you slowly step on and pay your fees to ride. You turn to look for a seat and notice that all the seats are taken. You dread the thought of standing up for the next 30 minutes or more. You hear a voice just as you’re settling into your thoughts of standing up. You hear a voice say that this seat is not taken. You look around and at first don’t see an empty seat. Out of the corner of your eye you see a man stand up from a seat. You have never seen this man before and wonder if he was the voice you just heard.
I softly tell you again that this seat is not taken. You wade through the crowd to where I’m now standing.

I’m smiling when you finally get close enough to speak to me. We stand less than a foot away from each other now. You can see my light brown eyes and short brown hair. You have to look up slightly to speak to me. I’m dressed in a crisp tan shirt with a nice tie with a basic pattern on it. You can smell the Polo Sport after shave lotion I used after shaving this morning. I step to the side and allow you to sit down. You tell me thank you and you watch me for the next 15 minutes stand in front of you. I get off at the stop located in front of a large office building. You wonder what kind of work I do at the office building.

A few days pass and you find yourself riding the bus home from work again. You always seem to be the one standing up since the bus is always full when you get on. This evening your lucky since I also was riding from work on the bus. I notice you getting on and offer you my seat again. This time you introduce yourself and say thank you. We talk generally about our jobs. You discover that I’m a computer programmer and live a few miles from you. I’m one of the first people on the bus in the morning and in the evenings. That’s why I always have a seat.

We continue our ritual of riding the bus each day. You still only know bits and pieces about who I’m. We start to engage in casual conversation and a bit of flirting. I comment on your pretty eyes and your sweet smile. What I really want to comment on is your amazing curves that I noticed from day one when you were standing at the bus stop. I noticed your pretty smile and awesome curves. I certainly wanted the sexy lady standing at the bus stop to be sitting next to me on the bus. That’s why I made sure each time to get a seat on the bus. I could care less if I was setting down, but I certainly wanted to make sure you were sitting in front of me. I wanted to admire your eyes and ample breasts each day.

You were probably wondering why I kept my eyes closed some times on the bus. I was actually day dreaming about what I would love to do to you. I was tracing your cheek bones with my fingers. I could picture your ample breasts in front of me with only a thin layer of fabric covering them. I would reach out and slightly run my hand along the fabric and watch your nipples slowly start to harden. I could picture myself leaning down to kiss you on your sweet lips while I touch your hardened nipples slightly. My day dreaming always comes to an end when someone bumps into me or the bus hits a bump. That’s when you see me open my eyes and glance briefly at you. I wonder if you realize what I was thinking when I smile a sly grin at you.

You also start to fantasize about me standing in front of you. You look up at me standing a short distance from you. You take in my cute ass as I turn around sometimes to allow people to pass. I also wonder what my cock must look like as you stare at the bulge in my pants only a few feet away. You actually flirt with me some and then watch to see if the bulge increases. You’re delighted when you do get a reaction from me. I always turn my cock away from you when I do get aroused from your comments. I hope you don’t catch me getting sexually turned on when you mention simple things as your new blouse. All I can see in my mind is how the blouse is covering your sexy bra that is covering your wonderful breasts.

You finally decide to thank me personally for allowing you to sit down each time. You contemplate how you can provide me with the most gratitude in the near future. You come up with a plan to make sure you rub your leg against mine at first. I do notice you allowing your leg to come into contact with mine. I get an immediate shiver up my spine as I finally touch you briefly. I make sure to stand closer to you each trip until we’re literally touching each other while you sit in front of me. My leg is now between yours as I stand less than a foot away from you. You enjoy teasing me slightly by running your hand along my inner leg along my knees. You can feel the intensity from my breathing as you touch me.

The next morning I make sure to get a seat close to the back of the bus. I want to make sure you can sit with me blocking everyone from viewing our actions. I smile at you and wonder what you have planned for us today. You sit and admire my crisp tan slacks and light red shirt. You begin by touching my leg slightly to see what kind of reaction you get. You smile when I move closer to you. I’m delighted when you move your hand up slightly to g

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15 Erotic Story "Bus Basics"