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14 Erotic story "Detailed Desires"

posted 10/26/2007 4:19:59 PM |
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14 Detailed Desires Part 1 of 2

You go about your daily routines focusing on different tasks. Each task presents a variety of challenges that you always seem to piece together for a positive outcome. Today was just like every other day.
You sit in your vehicle this early afternoon rolling down the street on your way to the next challenge. You even start to relax for a change as you listen to the music and enjoy the cool breeze filtering out of the air conditioner vent. You watch the other people also moving along in their vehicle. The guy in the car next to you is a young guy that looks to be in his late 20’s. He is dressed in a t-shirt and has the window down. His blue eyes sparkle as you watch him out of the corner of your eye. The light seems to take forever after you had to stop for a red light. You really are not complaining since you start to wonder what he would be like caressing your curves. You close your eyes and start to think about him taking your nipple in his mouth. You start to place your hand on your breast and get rudely interrupted. The jerk behind you took about a second before pressing his horn when the light changed. You slowly start moving again after re-gaining your composure. The young guy never even knew you had fantasized about him.
You decide to call a friend on your cell phone while you roll along again. You talk for about 5 minutes about nothing of any importance. The only reason you even called was from shear boredom. Riding along in a vehicle can be very boring most of the time. You start to cuss when your cell phone low battery indicator pops up on the flip out display. You cuss a bit more when you realize you also left your adaptor sitting on the counter next to microwave. I hope you will not need your phone for any emergency soon. You merge on to the express road and start to get stressed out by all the idiots driving like fools. Your vehicle starts to make strange noises just as you find a smooth path through all the traffic. Now you can start fussing when the car actually starts to smoke. I suppose it serves you right for running your mouth on the cell phone for no reason at all. You slowly make your way to the edge of the road. You sit in your car with your head on the steering wheel. You can’t believe you have the worst luck in the entire world.
What you going to do now?
Suddenly! You hear a noise from behind your car. You turn to see a man in a nice truck parked a few feet behind your car. You also see he has a pretty lady sitting in the passenger seat. You wonder what they plan to do next. The vehicles are zooming by your car at high rates of speed. You’re afraid to even open your door to see what they want. You look in your rear view mirror and see the lady get out on the passenger side of the truck. She walks carefully to the passenger side of your car. You lower your window and she says are you ok. She can tell you’re about to start crying.
You do a brief scan of her to see if she is on the level. She looks to be in her late 30’s and probably 5’6” tall. She has a shoulder length hair cut that’s brown with light highlights. Her cute little frame seems to be about a size 6. You actually start to relax when she smiles and her brown eyes glisten in the sun. She tells you that her man noticed your car starting to smoke in front of his truck. So he slowed down and actually followed you to make sure you got to the side of the road safely. She also says that he decided to let me walk up here on the safe side of the car to ask if you were ok. He certainly didn’t want to frighten you by walking up to the side of your car on a busy road. You tell her that my cell phone has a dead battery and I forgot my adaptor. She says that I’ve a cell phone back in my bag in the truck. She says I’ll be right back and turns to walk back to the truck. You watch in the rear view mirror as she talks to the guy in the truck. You actually get a bit side tracked with your latest thoughts of how handsome he looks.
You watch me sit in the truck with my hands resting on the steering wheel. You enjoy admiring my square jaw and dark features. You can tell I spend a lot of time out in the sun sweating and working hard. You wonder what I do for a living that keeps me in such good shape. You come back to reality when she stops at the window again. She seems to be laughing a bit under her breath. You wonder what has her laughing. She just says that you were telling your man that if I break down it will be the last time I ever drive the vehicle. He promised to insure that she never broke down. She also says that he actually is enjoying checking you out in your rear window. She mentions that he can never get enough female watching.
She hands you the cell phone and you call a few numbers. No one seems to be answering their phones. You start to get a tear in your eye after calling three people and no one answers. She notices you starting to get distressed again and offers to help. She says that Alex in the truck can call a tow truck for you and make sure your car is taken to a shop. She also offers to take you anywhere you need to go for now. I wonder if you will allow a respectable couple to help you out in your hour of need.
You agree to let this nice couple help you out and side out the passenger side of the car.
She climbs into the truck and allows you to slide in next to the door. I wonder if you would of liked to sit in the middle instead. I bet you wanted to feel how much heat Alex was putting off as he sat next to you. Alex says hello and tells you everything will be just fine. He keys in a number on his cell phone and talks to a towing company. He gives the location of your car and says he will be waiting when they get there. You wonder if he also plans for you to wait in the cramped truck until they arrive. He asks if you would rather wait in a more relaxing location instead of a hot truck. He suggests that you and his companion wait at their home just a mile from where the car broke down. That way you can be close to the shop when the car is checked out. You agree and I start to slide into traffic. We roll along with you rubbing your arm on the cute brunette next to you. You glance around and notice that she is playing with my hair. You can tell both of us like to tease each other. You also happen to notice that she has on a cute push up bra that just barely covers her nipples. You wonder if Alex likes to help her get undressed. She puts her hand on your left knee and asks if you’re feeling more relaxed now. Actually! She just turned you on extremely by touching your knee. You think to yourself, I wonder if she likes to be touched by females also. You certainly can feel the urge to reach out and kiss her gently on her wonderful red lips. She must of actually sensed your thoughts and turns to you. She comments on how pretty your eyes are and what a cute hair style you have. You start to get hot and bothered as she starts to look you up a

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14 Erotic story "Detailed Desires"