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Sex, fetishes, kinkiest, humor, and love =)

posted 10/25/2007 5:26:46 PM |
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tagged: sex, kinky, humor, straddle

*WARNING....This blog may contain sexual and graphic details and may not be suitable for weak stomach people. Enter at your own risk......................* This is my 300th blog, and I decided to keep it simple and go down memory lane of my all time sexiest and kinkiest blogs I have done since I started blogging back in June 2006. When I have done almost every topic it's hard to blog about anything else. There are so many new people on here who hasn't gotten a chance to see some of my work, so I thought that I would mention a few of my favorites here in this blog. Been busy for a week now with other things going on, and as far as I know Natasha (my daughter) is still doing well. I tried to call her earlier but got no answer.

Anyway, on with the crazy blogs I have done.

* "Straddling one's face while she's wearing skidmark stained panties". That one offended one person on here, but hey, ya can't please everyone, right? (Jan. 1, 2007) People need to learn and laugh. If they don't like the blog they don't have to read it.

* "Oral Sex....Does semen really have protein?" (Dec.7, 2006)

* "Perverted Fetish Fantasy, but it's all good" (Dec.11, 2006"

* "Plushie Sex" (Dec.11, 2006)

* "Something smells fishy" (Dec.28,2006)

* "Public Oral Sex" (Dec.30, 2006)

* "CANNIBALISM" (Jan. 7, 2007)

* "Tampons" (Jan. 9,2007)

* "What's the weirdest thing you came on?" (Jan.11, 2007)

* " Morning breath" Jan.12, 2007)

Cont. in my comments...

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Oct 25 @ 5:35PM  
* "People who don't wipe good enough while leaving skidmark underwear". (Jan.13, 2007)

* " Sniffing panties while there in the laundry" (Feb.2,2007)

* " What is your blood type?" Feb.3, 2007)

* " Oral sex and kissing afterwards" Mar. 1, 2007)

* " Pink or Brown nipples?" May 22, 2007)

And the last few that I will mention that meant a lot to me in a loving way.

* "In loving memory of my dad" (Dec. 14, 2006)

* "Cool chick" (Feb.6, 2007)

* "Two worlds meet" Feb.11, 2007)


Oct 25 @ 5:38PM  
Okay, my question to any of you is which blog left an impression on you and never forgot about?


Oct 25 @ 5:39PM  
STRADDLE. I kinda feel sickly...... you did that on purpose.....

Oct 25 @ 5:46PM  
I use to crack up just reading about the tigers you would send Kim through the mail!!!!!

Oct 25 @ 5:47PM  
Happy 300th straddle and a very appropriate blog for such an auspicious occasion.
May you have 300 more and then 300 more, etc., etc.,



Oct 25 @ 5:49PM  
Oh yes, I decided to leave the Tiger out of this.

I did have a few blogs deleted along the way as I remember the "Sucking period through a straw" one did. I will admit, that was a little too gross.

Oct 25 @ 5:50PM  
And I was so proud of my accomplishment. I had just had my profile viewed 100 times. You trumped it with your 300th blog. You still get my congrats. I guess I have some reading to do. I hope your blogs are short.

Oct 25 @ 5:50PM  
Rut ro, forgot the so here it is.
Gongratz again.


Oct 25 @ 5:52PM  
Are there edible Hershey's Kisses (R) pasties?

Oct 25 @ 5:58PM  
This is My Fave Ever

Oct 25 @ 6:06PM  

I've always liked that about you......

Oct 25 @ 6:10PM  
Most of your blogs made me giggle, so I can't pick just one.

Keep On Blogging!!

Oct 25 @ 6:26PM  
The reason it was my very fave of all time Straddle? Because it was about YOU, how you felt, the things that mattered to you and the turmoil you were going through. Not cuz I like to watch people hurting but because even though you found out you weren't Natasha's bio dad.. you didn't walk away from her.. you made a relationship with her anyway. Proved you were a beautiful individual!

Oct 25 @ 6:29PM  
Ummmm... The "Straddling one's face while she's wearing skidmark stained panties" has to get my vote and not because I thought it was unusual but because I think I was eating dinner when I decided to read it! I'll never do THAT again!

Congrats on you 300th blog Shawn!

Also glad to see your daughter is doing well!


Oct 25 @ 6:38PM  
I gotta agree with Nacho one this one...your a stand up guy for supporting your daughter....but the straw one got me...I had strange dreams for months after that one...congrats on three hundred...

Oct 25 @ 6:39PM  
* "Straddling one's face while she's wearing skidmark stained panties".

That was the first blog of yours I read and I LMAO!!!!!!!!

I just remember it being so outrageous and thinking "this guy isn't afraid to post ANYTHING"

Congrats on number 300!


Oct 25 @ 6:39PM  
well as I re-read the blog that nacho pointed out i have to agree with her! hey did you see the people that are now gone?? Wow even Ponme was there Congrats Shawn!

Oct 25 @ 6:48PM  

Shawn my friend,... being the pervert I am...I liked them all.

Congrats on # 300. and keep going on.

Oct 25 @ 7:24PM  
Congratulations on number 300 my friend. Just as Chuck said I liked them all. I guess I'm just as perverted as you and especially for what you did for your daughter. She is a lucky girl for having a Dad like you and of course Kim knows that she is a lucky girl as well. CONGRATULATIONS ON 300. Keep em cumming or coming.

Oct 25 @ 8:06PM  
Thank you all for the kind words. I'm glad I have all of you as my friend.

I just hung up with Tash. She's doing good and she told me the baby kicked. She also told me she's going to a Halloween party as a witch with green hair, and her face will be green too. I told her to add some purple to her hair but she wants just green and black. She may be down for the weekend of Nov.11 for Kim's birthday.

Oct 25 @ 8:52PM  
Congrats on 300 blogs..........You are the true attention whore.


Oct 25 @ 9:01PM  
Shawn you are most definitely ONE OF A KIND!!


Oct 25 @ 9:09PM  
Congrats, Straddle....................And many more!! OH btw Budha hsdda bring that up did'nt you?

Oct 25 @ 9:28PM  
Congrats hun!! And as for my favorite blog of yours, as was mentioned before, the stuffed tiger blogs stick in my mind the most!! All are very entertaining as well!! Keep up the good work and having fun!

Oct 25 @ 9:58PM  
I'm going with Nacho on this one....I most remember the blog about your daughter. I thought then, and still do, what a stand up guy you are.

Congrats on 300!!!

Oct 25 @ 10:24PM  
I don't have a favorite..


Oct 25 @ 11:15PM  
your blogs helps a lot when it comes to dieting, but...

the man

the father

the friend is what counts the most. . . happy 300

Oct 26 @ 2:18AM  
Shawn, I just went back and re read many of your blogs. Now I'm going to have nightmares....... J/K.
Anyways, I have to agree with the squirrel. I wasn't on this site yet when you wrote that one, but I remember reading it before. That blog showed who you truly are. There are so many men in this world that don't want anything to do with a child they know is theirs and your heart was breaking being afraid of losing your daughter because she did not share your blood or DNA. That is a true Dad.
Congrats on your 300th blog.
I'm so glad that Natashia is doing well. Thoughts and prayers are still going out for her and the baby.

Oct 26 @ 9:21AM  
Congrats on no 300, Shawn .. now dont force me to pick a fav, I enjoyed them all ... well, kind of in most kinds

Oct 26 @ 7:09PM  
I cant say i have a favorite I liked so many of them . one thing is for certain you are entertaining... Happy 300th blog. Heres to the next 300. skidmarked undies for everyone....

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