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Honey, sweatie, cutie

posted 10/25/2007 11:16:55 AM |
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I am just curious as to how the women feel about using these terms of endearment on a first or second e-mail. I get it all the time and it irratates me to no end. they do not know me well enough for this

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Oct 25 @ 11:27AM  
I never get called cutie...............

I dont care for it either, but i have a horrible habit of doing it myself when i talk to ppl, so i try to not get irritated when others do it...........I use honey, sweetie, baby the only one I dont use is babe.......thats reserved for when I really care about someone...............I also use dumbass and smartass alot.....does that make me bad?

Oct 25 @ 11:29AM  
does that make me bad?
Bad......... is good!


Oct 25 @ 11:37AM  
Bad......... is good!
Does that make good..........bad?

Oct 25 @ 11:38AM  
Yep I'm guilty also me bad!! I call people honey or sweetie. Babe or baby is only for someone close to my heart. I'm also a touchy person

Oct 25 @ 12:03PM  

Honey don't let it get to you. Your to much of a Sweety for that.
You know though; You are a little Cutie.

Oct 25 @ 12:18PM  
yeah, DONT call me babe that drives me nuts!

Not until you get to know me better.


Oct 25 @ 12:35PM  
I am guilty as charged. My bad!!! I will work on this was out of friendship but I can see it could be offensive

Oct 25 @ 12:37PM  
Are they from down south? I know when I travel to the southern states, all the women will call you Hon, or darlin', or some such term of endearment..... whether they know you or not. I've never felt insulted by it.

I wouldn't call sweatie very flattering....... even if you are working out at the gym.

Oct 25 @ 12:45PM  
I, too, get annoyed by the over familiarity of someone doing that. I am not your love, sweetheart, darling, etc. Sometimes you can tall when it is just a phrase to them but most of the time it comes across as them thinking they have the right to do so. Not in my book. Get to know me before you assume you can call me those sorts of things.

But, maybe that's the wrong attitude to have? Not to me. I think it falls under the need for social graces.

Oct 25 @ 12:45PM  
no, i dont like to be called sweaty...

Oct 25 @ 12:58PM  
Yep..Sweaty is a pretty bad comment

Oct 25 @ 1:09PM  
I love it when a guy I just met off the internet starts calling me honey, babe, sweetie, etc.... NOT!!
What happened to asking for my first name and just calling me that... names like honey & sweetie are fine if we have been dating for awhile and you want that to be my "pet" name but not on the first or second email... I think its creepy.

Oct 25 @ 1:50PM  
Okay I wish to apologize to any of the women that I have offended by calling you sugar or sweetie or any other word that is so demeaning or otherwise obnoxious to you. You have my sincere apology.

Oct 25 @ 2:10PM  
I love pet names ......... yep love em

Oct 25 @ 3:18PM  
IMO "hon" and "darlin" are different, for some reason to me they dont sound as "personal".... I could just be weird.

Well, we know I am weird...

Oct 25 @ 4:29PM  
I think it's decidedly regional.

In the south I'd think I'd done something wrong if a waitress in a small town didnt call me sweety or hun.

I used to get really annoyed when someone called me Dude. I still get a twitch now and then, but mostly I'm over it. Mostly.

The ones that make me feel annoyed on your behalf when I hear them are: Sweet Thang, Sugar Lips, Hot Momma, Angel Face, etc, ad nauseum.

Oct 25 @ 4:40PM  
I think for some people it is just the way they talk.....

Oct 25 @ 5:21PM  
I think it's best summed up in the immortal words of the Georgia Satellites:

Cruel baby baby baby why you want to treat me this way
you know I'm still your lover boy I still feel the same way
that's when she told me a story 'bout free milk and a cow
and she said no huggin no kissin until I get a wedding vow
my honey my baby don't put my love upon no shelf
she said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself


Oct 25 @ 6:16PM  
I call men honey and baby all the time........
They seem not to mind.....

Oct 25 @ 6:34PM  
I think it does matter where people are from. If I know they are from the south, I think nothing of them calling me "Sugar or Sweetie" But I don't like men I don't know calling me Babe or Baby. Like the others said that's for when you know me better.

Oct 25 @ 10:42PM  
Okay I wish to apologize to any of the women that I have offended by calling you sugar or sweetie or any other word that is so demeaning or otherwise obnoxious to you. You have my sincere apology.
Thats ok baby, you can still call me sweetie or sugar anytime...........just dont call me sweatie.

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Honey, sweatie, cutie