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Stupid Boss Tricks....

posted 10/24/2007 9:48:59 PM |
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I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Been having problems since the middle of September. My doctor took me off work because I have a desk job that requires sitting for 8 hours, and sitting is the worst thing you can do on a bad disc.
So I've been working from home since 9/12 or so. Most people on medical leaves do not work at all. Me, on the other hand, I've been working 30+ hours lying around using my laptop.
I've done everything possible (except go into the office) to make sure my job is taken care of and the company not inconvenienced. They haven't had to hire a temporary to take over for me, or move my co-workers around to cover my absence.
I have three bosses. One Japanese, two American. The Japanese one makes it his life's work to piss me off. But I don't really care. He'll get sent back soon so I don't let him ruffle my feathers.
My immediate American boss, the manager of my department, is a great guy who I get along with wonderfully! If he needs something that isn't getting done he calls my cell phone and asks me to do it. If he has questions he calls me to get the answers. He's praised me for doing a good job.
The other boss is a VP- the boss over the entire purchasing department. He used to be the Operations Manager. How does an operations manager end up over Purchasing? Kinda tells you a bit about his skills. I used to think he was a nice guy until tonite.
I had a problem entering a purchase order into our new Oracle system. I kept getting an error message. I emailed IT and asked them about it, and they knew what to do to fix it and did so I could get the orders entered.
Out of the blue I get an email from Mr. Big Operations turned Purchasing VP! Telling me he understands how frustrating these kinds of issues (IT problem) can be when working from home.
Then he hit totally floored me. He told me how glad he was that I would be coming back on 10/29. (My doc wrote my medical leave for that long, but I just took him another paper today to extend it because I'm not done receiving the steroid injections and may possibly have to have surgery).
He says in his email, and I quote- "Frankly, I don't know how much longer we could have gone on like this."
WTF??????? We're not having any problems. We're not running out of any parts I buy. My immediate boss hasn't complained about anything I'm doing. And I get, "Frankly, I don't know much longer we could have gone on like this."? Like what exactly?
I perceive that as a threat. Translation, "If you don't come back on Monday we'll be making other arrangements for your employment." Does he not know it's against the law to threaten an employee's employment? Especially one that's on a company approved medical leave? One that's been busting her ass each week making sure her job is done? Even though she's on medical leave?????
I surely don't understand this. And it really pisses me off. Where does he get off saying things like that?
So I printed off his email and I've requested a meeting with the HR department. First of all to complain about his threatening tone (he's a VP- he should know better) and secondly to see if they will allow me to just work half days until I get my back situation resolved. I don't see how my being in the office half days is going to accomplish much more than I've been accomplishing at home. But hey, whatever keeps the asshole bossman happy, right?
So there's a peak into my ultra-shitty night!

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Oct 24 @ 9:59PM  
lets you n me plot revenge...........ummm wait delete this ......they''ll use it to catch us....clean up all details n we'll do it via phone

Oct 24 @ 10:28PM  
Did he write the email before or after you took the extension for your medical leave into work? If he sent the email before then he could be genuinely happy that you are coming back. Of course I didn't read the entire email, but the portion you posted didn't appear threatening to me. I am an outsider though. Just a view point.

Oct 24 @ 10:31PM  
if you have medical leave in writing, you are covered!!! most employers just want to be reassured, that you really are sick, prove your sick, document everything, and if need be sue! good luck!!! mike

now can you take care of me??????????

Oct 24 @ 10:42PM  
All I can say is that I feel ya!! I was in an auto accident and have 2 bulging discs in my neck and L5 S1 injury in my lower ex boss was the biggest ass about it.....I am glad that they could not touch me............I would have been fired for dam sure if she could................

Oct 25 @ 12:38AM  
How does "Frankly, I don't know much longer we could have gone on like this." translate to a threatening tone? Either your not telling us the whole story or your seriously overreacting.

I work with employees who "work" from home and it is a major inconvenience sometimes not to be able to get a hold of them and if I can get a hold of them not being able to talk to them face-to-face about certain things.

Oct 25 @ 12:44AM  
I work from home all the time.. I have no choice. The nearest office is several hundred miles away.

For the company, they make out like bandits. My production is higher than it would be in a cube farm, they dont have to pay through the nose for rent in a building, there isnt any overhead for parking, electric, etc. etc.

They pay my salary, my phones and my internet. Period.

Maybe that's the tac to take. Youre being home is actually SAVING them money. Hell, get rid of your office space, let some other division pay for it. Your the HERO (or Heroine - as you wish) here.

To house an average employee in a run of the mill office building, to costs roughly five grand a month when you factor in rent and so on.

Show em the numbers. If the VP doesnt get THAT, show HIS boss.

Nov 9 @ 11:17PM  
Not to take the side of the beast but your in a employee "right to fire state" you may want to make sure you have the deck stacked in your favor before your HR meeting.

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Stupid Boss Tricks....