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Don't Ya Just Love It...

posted 10/22/2007 5:36:51 PM |
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tagged: email, love, profile, question

Don't ya just love it when you check your mail and its bursting with tons of mail from guys who tell you how pretty you are, etc. etc. Sure, its a great ego boost.. until they ask that certain question. The question that is a dead give-away that they haven't even bothered to look at your profile, much less read it.

Then, out of a little boredom and maybe a little curiosity, you check that link called "viewed me". Nope.. they aren't there. BS confirmed. Email deleted.

Anyway, are there lots of other people out there like me? I always look at a profile and read it first before I respond to an email. Yeah, sometimes I've been guilty of being a little busy and just skimming through it not really absorbing much of whats in there, but I do go back and re-read it later. Also, I tend to read a profile including the essay section before I ever even bother to look at any pics they may have posted. While looks are important.. its whats between their ears that interests me most.

I did happen to notice that a special someone took a peek earlier today. I must have been sleeping when he was online, since I worked last night and he knew it. I sure do miss him.

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Oct 22 @ 6:04PM  
Do you need an ego boost with the truth?

Oct 22 @ 6:06PM  
Too funny got an email from someone earlier today, nice little email so I replied back. When he replied to that one he went on about what a beautiful woman I was and what a beautiful smile.............I don't have a face pic up YET!! But one is coming,,,,,,,,,had he only waited alittle while longer I would have believed him. LOL

Oct 22 @ 6:08PM  
...or when they email you and all they have to say is I WANT TO LICK YOUR PUSSY.

glad you got that off your chest buddy

Oct 22 @ 6:09PM  
I agree with South_Of_Main. I read the entire profile before I look at pictures or anything else. Of course I don't have to worry about answering emails since I never get any.

Oct 22 @ 6:10PM  
South_Of_Main I agree. I always read the profile and essay. They are the most important part. If they have pic i look at them. If the mood hits me I leave a comment.

Oct 22 @ 6:27PM  
Anyway, are there lots of other people out there like me? I always look at a profile and read it first before I respond to an email.

not sure bout there being LOTS like you ...i know I read everything and sometimes even read who their friends are.......was taught as a kid.(beat into me) ''you're known by the company you keep ...if you hang out with trash you'll be like trash.'' maybe thats a bit extreme here? umm NOPE not for me its not you keep reading and deleeting the dopy the law of averages into your favore...........and be patient..........

Oct 22 @ 6:28PM  
thought so much bout this ...decided to leave a little ol kudo fer ya .......

Oct 22 @ 6:30PM  
I know women get more than there share of the stupid emails from jerk-off men, but the women also get more of the real emails. It's just not fair. I hear women complain about guys who send the "I want to eat you out" or I "I want to fuck you hard". I would too if I got more than let's say two. But just twice I would like to get an email from a woman saying she would do it to me all night long. Oh well, I guess I'm just jealous. So far in the few weeks I've been on AMD I've recieved just two email from prospects only to find out they wanted me to subsribe to their web cams. Oh, but it's free. I want an AMD woman not a web cam girl. Damn, have I whined enough. And regardless on if I looked at the pics first or not, I still take the time to read the profile.

Oct 22 @ 6:33PM  
I too read profiles and look at their friends when someone emails me.

Oct 22 @ 6:51PM  
LMAO @ shell ... Is that what they tell you shell

Oct 22 @ 6:54PM  
I peeked at ya glad to know u miss me........with a little more target practice.......u wont miss me so much

Oct 22 @ 7:07PM  
I read profiles in almost every case. In some instances, I will go back and see if they have changed essay responses. But I don't worry about the mail too much as it is either someone I know or a blog comment. At least they are complimenting and not condemming!.

Oct 22 @ 7:40PM  
I don't follow any particular order- I may look at their pics first, then read their profile and essays or in some other order! Just depends what strikes me at the moment!


Oct 22 @ 8:16PM  
Yep...I look at profiles and read essays of those who send emails....especially the ones whose English is so horrible, yet they claim to live in the states and work at jobs that would require at least a bachelors degree. Of course most will list some city and state..but, the way they butcher the English's a give away that they are scammers. But, sometimes it makes for entertaining reading.

A little green guy for you.

Oct 22 @ 8:27PM  
I always look at everything on the profile Then if I want continue I choose to do so not them.

Oct 22 @ 8:40PM  
the classic one is an email simply saying "what are you up to today?", sent from someone that Ive never talked to before in my life lol. I'm likely to respond telling them anything from trimming my nose hairs to waxing my chest LOL..


Oct 22 @ 9:31PM  
The best email I ever got in here, was in huge caps *HOW DO I GET YOUR ATTENTION* i replied to him *OK NOW YOU HAVE IT* and he never responded back!!!

Oct 22 @ 9:51PM  
Hhhmmm...had not tried that one.
To Do List:
Read profile....Check
Read essays..Check

But, I generally make some response or reply. As a guy, do not have to worry about you ladies sending a load of crap via email. Gotten some real strange bull from guys...but hey, hit ignore and move on.

(***Steps in, checks the area, leaves a kudo on the coffe table, walks back out the front door***)

Oct 22 @ 10:02PM  
I first read their profile, then see who their friends are, see if they posted any blogs or on a thread then I look at pictures...then I decide if I'll answer.

I write more though with people who've replied to my blogs, or me posting on their blogs then any random person who contacts me because basically I have 2 sentences so most of the time I know they didn't read it or why are they contacting me?

Oct 23 @ 9:52AM  
''you're known by the company you keep

Oweee guess I'm in trouble

Oct 23 @ 9:59AM  
Don't ya just love it when you check your mail and its bursting with tons of mail from guys who tell you how pretty you are,

Actually...I kinda hate that...makes me feel...misunderstood.

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