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Evil People

posted 10/22/2007 12:05:58 AM |
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tagged: humor, people, life

People can be soooo rude to each other. We see it everyday here on the blogs unfortunatly.People have been downright hateful and nasty to each other.

People can do things in a second that they regret forever and can never take back because it's too's already been said ..or done.

People can do bad things..evil things and get away with them..some people can do nothing..just lil dumb things and go to jail for it and then because they have been in jail..people think ..they might be this evil person...they're baaaad.

I was in jail once...for crying in my ex husbands front yard.They locked me up for disturbing the peace and trespassing.I stayed in jail all weekend because there was no judge in to set my bail..Does that make me an evil person cause I was a jailbird? A bad person?

Let's see here..I found me this here list of things considered bad..evil things to do..Let's look them over..want to?..

Breaking the law..

Looking at nudie pics..

Secretly wishing somebody harm..

Kissing somebody ya shouldn't be kissing..

Making somebody cry..

Doing illegal drugs..

Killing a bug..

Stealing something that ain't yours..

Seeking revenge..

Telling a secret ya kept..

Breaking a promise ya made..


Believing in an eye for an eye..

Blaming a fart on someone else..

Getting so drunk ya can't remember the night before..

I have to admit I'm guilty of some of these things..

Does that make me an EVIL person??

I truly thought ..I was a GOOD person.I think I am.

Are y'all...GOOD??

Are y'all..EVIL??

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Oct 22 @ 12:08AM  
Guilty on more than count....

Oct 22 @ 12:10AM  
I'm Goo-Vil.

Oct 22 @ 12:11AM  
i am a gang that bad????

Oct 22 @ 12:16AM  
I guess I am quasi-evil.

Oct 22 @ 12:22AM  
no evil here, just all........... good...... too..... darn good!!!!!!!!

Oct 22 @ 12:23AM  
I'm mildly kinky... does that then mean I'm evil??


Oct 22 @ 12:28AM  
I'm guilty of a few of those so I guess I'm like L4E quasi-evil

Oct 22 @ 12:31AM  
Well I'm put it to ya this way... Satan is savin' me a seat nxt to him.....

Oct 22 @ 12:55AM  

Damn, Damn. Damn.

I use to think I was nice

Does pussy make up for it.?

Oct 22 @ 12:58AM  
I got most of those! So what! Live life to its fullest, get paid, get drunk, and get laid is my motto irregardless of what it takes.

Oct 22 @ 1:24AM  
i'm not evil...but i am a bad boy. i do bad things, take bad things, sell bad things. i hang out with the wrong crowd, sleep around, drive like a bat out of hell. sometimes i don't think i have a consceince(did i spell that right?). what it boils down to is at the end of the day, i am honest, caring, compassionate, empethetic, selfless, and forgiving.

it's not the few things you do that make up the type of person you are, it's the things you do consistently that matter.


Oct 22 @ 3:40AM  
farting while masturbating to nekked pics while drunk and blaming someone else is a sure sign of Satan

Oct 22 @ 4:25AM  
i am a gang that bad????
No way Mrknowuwell............your gang all are sheep...............

Oct 22 @ 6:51AM  
Umm, let me think about that....farts...give dog dirty look.

Oct 22 @ 6:53AM  
I'm one of the nice people.

I have to comment on your jail time. My ex-fiance's old fuck came to his house once, we had words and then she proceeded to pin me down on the ground and slap the fuck out of my head. The cops came, pulled her off of me. I went outside where she/they were to see what was taking so long, asked what she was still doing there, took a few steps and "I" was the one who got sent to jail for disorderly conduct.

What gives?

The good pay the price for the bad all the time. It's not fair, but this is how life works.


Oct 22 @ 7:07AM  
I have never farted a day in my life!!!

Oct 22 @ 10:14AM  
Well I'm put it to ya this way... Satan is savin' me a seat nxt to him.....

yesss I AM ............

Oct 22 @ 10:50AM  
I once blamed a fart on another while I was masturbating to nudie pics.....hmmmm, actually that doesn't sound too bad. I think I'll go ........

Oct 22 @ 11:49AM  
Sorry, guilty on all but one charge. I guess that would make me evil - or just a conniving ol bear. Anyone want to share a cell with me???

Oct 22 @ 12:19PM  
Oh I for damn sure EVIL. I was sent to jail for trespassing on my own property. It was the day my ex and myself split up. For some reason that I still don't understand earlier in the day she called the cops on me for an argument that we were having. The cops told me that I had to leave so I loaded most of my stuff in my car and left. I called later to talk to my son that was 15 years old and he told me he had been sick all day. I asked him if his mother had been there to take care of him and he said no so I went to make sure he was okay. Well it turned out it was a ploy to have me arrested because she was at the neighbors house and when I pulled up she called the cops again. When they got there the arrested me for trtespassing on my own property and I spent the weekend in jail waiting for a bail hearing. Ain't love grand.

Oct 22 @ 1:02PM  
I'm a bit of both, more good than evil, but that little devil pops his head into my life once-in-a-while.

Oct 22 @ 1:47PM  
Anyone want to share a cell with me???
LilGriz.....was that cell or cave?

Oct 22 @ 2:12PM  
That was a cell Ewe, as we were discussing jail, but my cave is sorta confining....

Oct 22 @ 2:28PM  
That was a cell Ewe, as we were discussing jail, but my cave is sorta confining....
LilGriz..........arent you suppose to be hibernating by now?

Oct 22 @ 2:41PM  
Well..we'll just all be and together..what y'all say ??

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Evil People