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Judgemental People

posted 10/21/2007 3:41:55 PM |
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To those of that I know and like I apoligize for what I am about to say. Just know that this is directed toward those judgemental insecure indiviuals who have had the intestinal fortitude to send me e-mails as well as the ones who didn't. Ones that are judgemental and critical this is for you.... So here goes.

A certain individual sent me several e-mails commenting on everyone of my blogs all at once. I don't why they did them all together perhaps they got bored playing with themselves, and were frustrated. To that person I say this although I posted your comments it was out of the sense that I value yor right to your opinion. I have fought for that right and will continue to do so.

I want you to consider something though you don't know a damn thing about me or what I am like so don't point your finger at me. You have serious issues that you should think about discussing with your local doctor. You do know there are meds for what you have... I don't know maybe Zoloft, Prozac, or any other of the variety of meds that are avalible.

As far as my buds having my back if you are referring to my team that I work with. Then you should know that I trust them with my life everytime I defend your right to be an asshole. If you are referring to the people I have be-friended on AMD then know this ass-wipe you wish you were so lucky.

I see people like this as weak, whiny, COWARDS!!!!!! You don't have any idea what it is like to fight for something you believe in. It is people like you that make me sick to know that good and decent men and women have died for your right to snivel.

I stated as a comment of someone else's blog that " All is fair in love and war and in either there are always casualties." If all you have to do is cut people down then you have quite a sad and pathetic life. Get over it you pathetic piece of shit.

In the mean time go play with yourself instead of fucking with me... I don't come with warning labels

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Oct 21 @ 3:58PM  
You do know there are meds for what you have...
i dont want to argue with you but there isnt a cure or medication for being an asshole......only when they die......

Now unfortunately because i am making a comment on your blog, you will be branded as a sheep or a gang member mentality because I agree with you..........and I am sorry if that happens but in my opinion Fucktards like the one you dealt with are usually limp dicked impotent mother fuckers who dont have the fucking balls (cause they are still in mama's purse) to confront you or make a public comment. Now I am all for people stating their long as they do it with take a suggestion here.......let it go..........fuckwads like that aint worth your time.

but one hellava good blog..........Ill give you a kudo if you dont mind taking it from a attention seeking blog whore who belongs to a clique.

Oct 21 @ 3:58PM  
I don't come with warning labels

I love it!!!!! Tell 'em how you really feel!!!!

Oct 21 @ 4:06PM  
your right Ewe there is no meds for an asshole except Preperation H which may be what they need.

Oct 21 @ 4:10PM  
AW Yes Preparation H.......................


Oct 21 @ 4:15PM  
I don't come with warning labels

don't scare me! I only want a man hawt when we're in bed

Oct 21 @ 4:21PM  
Did not mean to scare I am really a nice person as long as I am wearing my glasses that is

Oct 21 @ 4:51PM  
Dear Sir,
We please request that at this time
you share more information with us
regarding this so-called "weak, whiney,
coward", so that we can hope to avoid
future mishaps of this nature.

If you could just answer the following
questions for us, it would be greatly

1. Was the offender you speak of boy, girl, or nekkid squirrel?
2. age range??
---over 50
3. does the offender have pics on their profile?
4. race of the individual as pre-selected?

Answering of the previous inquiries will
further help us with our investigation. We
thank you for your time, and apologise
for the inconvienence.

--------------"The Hated"

Oct 21 @ 5:37PM  
Gee lets see,

Does narrow minded fuck sound good or would spineless piece of shit be more accurate?
No photo
Mixed race
Any help you can give is appreciated as they said to me " I've got my clique or they have got my back."

Oct 22 @ 11:55AM  
Nothing like a long, vulgar, abusive tirade
in the name of not being judgmental.
This is what the cliched, New Age, loony tunes ideology
of not being "judgmental" boils down to:
not disagreeing with all the other judgmental people.
No thanks.


Oct 22 @ 12:16PM  
Sounds like your the one being judgemental now. What's the matter Pops denture cream got your plate a little tight?

Oct 22 @ 3:45PM  
I thought we were not supposed to engage in one-to-one
disputes on the blog, and keep it to personal Emails.
But isn't fartmouth
a national public health problem?

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Judgemental People