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posted 10/21/2007 11:22:53 AM |
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As I sit here instead of cleaning house I'm wondering about my friends list..I have 42 friends damn am I good or what??? But how many of my friends do I talk to daily??? Weekly??? hell even monthly??(not the periods girls). Lets see I be Steve ummm every other day, I be Dayna umm every day we are girls.. But the rest thru forums or blogs but seriously how many of you are really my friends??

Do we call each other on the phone?? I be Tammy and I talk every Saturday mornig. Anyone else??? nope didn't think so So why do you wanna be my friend??? Not cause I got big bewbies overweight?? Great personality? Heart of gold??

Then why??? I really wanna know??? Yep got DeDe on my IM list just this week! so who else??? I named 4 people oh yeah I've had MeMe on here for months also ( she busy little girl we talk sometimes) So that is 5 Anyone else??? I'm curious why are we friends?? Do you know????

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Oct 21 @ 11:26AM  
Because I like you. Need more than that?

Oct 21 @ 11:26AM  
for shame I forgot a few on my IM list Shells, PK and L4E me so bad I'm soo sorry girls and yep we do talk also just not alot

Oct 21 @ 11:27AM  
aw Nacho thank you I like you to and I'll accept that answer wi th a huge smile and huggs

Oct 21 @ 11:44AM  
Just cuz? Hey, I met you, that has to count for SOMETHING???

Cuz I lubs ya, even if I'm too wrapped up in G to talk to much of anyone else most of the time. Cuz I know you're there if I need you, and I hope you know I'm here if you need me? Good reasons, I think!!!

Oct 21 @ 12:00PM  
coz i like you're titties and you're close to the King? crack me up and are a lot like me.

nobody ever mentions me

Oct 21 @ 12:04PM  
oops, sorry LIS...didn't read the replies


Oct 21 @ 12:10PM  
Well since we do talk everyday you already know why we are friends.........but just in case your unsure of why..........Its because of how you treat people, how you are online is the way you are offline, you have a great sense of humor and you have an innocence about you that reminds me of a child.......always open to what life has to offer........and I like that and i lubs ya g/f

Choose friends wisely, the portrait they paint
Is who you are and who you ain't.
Friendship is life's great support
When friends are of the right sort.
For all your dreams do they make room,
Or bring you down with doom and gloom?
You will know a friendship is true
When it brings out the best in you.

by David Leonhardt

Oct 21 @ 12:13PM  
ooops......I be Dayna needed to sneak back in and drop one of those green thingys off............dont tell OMG the kudo whore....... I did promise them all to him.....

Oct 21 @ 12:14PM  
Why are you on my friends list???

Oct 21 @ 12:20PM  
Well's like this.

You're someone that I have respect for. You're someone who has remained objective and you've managed to keep a firm grasp on the integrity that some can't seem to find. As far as being my friend...I know it's not always easy. I have an agenda and I think you understand my motives. There are many who don't understand me and probably never will.

plus, ya got nice boobs


Oct 21 @ 12:30PM  

Well My dear Lisa !

I am not much of one for talking a lot especially on the phone. And I'm not on
the puter that much because I have problems, But I am on a couple times a day
for short periods. I do not judge people vecause they have big or small bewbies,
mor because they are heavy or slim.You do have a wonderful personality, you are very kind and friendly, I like your blogs and comments and you do have a heart of gold which shows on the way you treat people. What I see and hear from you in
blogs and comments Is very pleasing. I know that is why I put people on my list.
And those on my list that do write me, or ask my opinion about things ? I always
do my best to help and talk with. But if you feel that I'm not much of a friend ?
You may take me off your list with no hard feeling. I will still talk with you and comment on your stuff.


Oct 21 @ 1:02PM  
You may take me off your list with no hard feeling.

Never you are a man with whom I respect greatly

I met you, that has to count for SOMETHING???

Sure does your as nice in person as online (and ya wear pretty bras)

coz i like you're titties and you're close to the King? crack me up and are a lot like me.

Yep I got titties that is for sure and we're allike?? OMG

You're someone who has remained objective

I try to sweetie! I try to treat everyone the way I want to be treated

Why are you on my friends list???

You ding dong we've talked three and four way online before and we gots each other phone numbers (OH shit where are they)

Oct 21 @ 1:09PM  
Because you are Funny, Polite, Objective, Non-Judgmental and because I just Like You!!

Oct 21 @ 1:15PM  
I may not be on your friend list, But I apreciate the kind words you have shared with me over time. You are fun to share banter in the blogs. I like to think of you as a friend. Not as close as many of the friends you have here but I think you are a good person and I enoy your company here on AMD.

Oct 21 @ 1:54PM  
Cause I think you are a sweetheart, dammit! We don't talk every day cause we are on goofy, opposing schedules. And I do read the jokes you send me (though that Homer Simpson tattoo is curiously disturbing! ). So, apparently, we need to make plans to go out and do something fun again! Wanna come hang out at work with me like I hung out with you?

And, dayum, girl! You've still got perky bewbies! I'm jealous!

Oct 21 @ 4:20PM  
Uh.........cos you asked me to be? I thought we were friends so I clicked "accept"

Oct 21 @ 4:50PM  
Because we emailed back and forth about blogs and got more into subjects other than just AMD. So it was automatic to accept your friend request. You seem to speak your mind and I like that in a person. We do occassionally email or share laughs and thoughts. You seem like a good natured, kind; caring person.
As far as IM, mine is freezing my computer up for some reason. And the phone, only 4 people on here have my #, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't give it out to friends. Oh wait, one of those 4 has a really bad memory, so maybe only 3.

Oct 21 @ 4:53PM  
I hope we are still friends girl....

Oct 21 @ 4:56PM  
Oh wait, one of those 4 has a really bad memory, so maybe only 3

Bet it YNOT!

And yes you guys are my friends and in my heart!

Oct 21 @ 10:16PM  
I be Tammy and I talk every Saturday mornig

I made the friends list

I have very few friends. A friend to me is someone I can trust.

Oct 21 @ 10:39PM  
Bet it YNOT!
Wow, you're good, Lisa. .lmao
Sorry, Steve.

Oct 22 @ 1:06AM  
Because I like you jus' like the squirrel said an because I hope you like me even tho we don't e-mail or talk on the phone doesn't mean I don't care about you or

Oct 22 @ 1:06AM  
oops fegot the slippery green thingie

Oct 22 @ 9:14AM  
Because you are you.

Oct 27 @ 10:14AM  
Because I like your style. You got a big heart but don't take shit from people.

**plus you do have big bewbies**

Nov 2 @ 2:45PM  
BA said u had nice boobs............i dont know........i have a very small monitor..........when i get the widescreen 1 i will let u know

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