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Looking at porn tonight

posted 10/19/2007 1:24:12 AM |
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tagged: porn, masturbation, addiction, humor

Now y'all I was reading this here article that really got me a going. It said..that looking at porno was the root of most people's problems.That some people lose their jobs because of it,have went bankrupt and even their marriages have been destroyed.

I think people make their own durn choices.Nobody ain't making them look at frigging porno. They are looking at it because they have the want tos.Maybe some people have the need way more than others..kinda get addicted to it,gotta look at it a lot..are drawn to it like some drug or alcohol or food they gotta eat all the time. As for things that might be destroyed ..they probably had other shit going on in their lives besides them just watching a little porno.The person that caught them and got pissed would rather blame it on that than fix the real reason.

Then ya got the one's a hollaring's nasty to masturbate and look at naked people's pictures on here while doing it. Well..not in my opinion. Hell's fire!..I ain't got me nobody naked to be rubbing my pussy off to...What the hell am I supposed to do? Sit here and twiddle my thumbs??Why should anyone be chastising me for touching myself in the privacy of my home..or any of y'all either?? Who the hell are these people??

Do people who shout the loudest on the most baseless grounds have a right to make up laws as they see fit??????

Who the fuck cares if I or if any of ya all masturbate every single damn day..if we want to??

Who the shit cares if the guy across the street is screwing his wifes brains out and video taping it for all his buddies to see?..Not me..Do ya all care ??

Do ya all care if your sister owns every frigging toy that Dildo Toys R US sells??

Some assholes and prudes are too afraid to stop and look inside at their own demons.They need to just quit running their mouths and stay out of people's personal business.They just need to worry about their own crotchs.

People need to open up their eyes and take a good look around.They need to stop being soooo afraid and start dealing with the real world.The world is BOLD now..IN YOUR FACE..We gotta face that.

It's not the drugs,not the alcohol,not the porno. .it's our own problems that we don't want to face.We all want to blame things on something else.We need to take responsibility for our actions...HELL..Ya done it ..Own it ..Learn from it..Move on..You're done with it..Take pride in your self now.Ya can choose what makes ya happy..y'all...nobody else can..Choose wisely..there's no reset button ..y'all.

SOoooo..Are ya all happily looking at porno tonight ??

Did ya masturbate this week and could give a crap who knows ????

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Oct 19 @ 1:36AM  
No, not looking at porno tonight. Happen to be at work. Bad enough that I am playing here.

Did I masturbate this week? Wouldn't you like to know?

Oct 19 @ 1:39AM  
its soooooo hard to find good sheep porn......whats a guy 2 do

Oct 19 @ 1:44AM  
Masturbate? Hell yes I have! Twice today. I totally agree with you. No one has the guts to turn the mirror around and look at what's wrong with them, they just keep it point it at others!

Oct 19 @ 1:44AM  
its soooooo hard to find good sheep porn......whats a guy 2 do

Ummmmmmmm make your own..............

Here this might help you in doing that:

Click Here

Oct 19 @ 1:51AM  
Here this might help you in doing that:

Click Here

Aw, Ewe just found out his secret! That's how he supposrts his habit with live sheep.

Oct 19 @ 1:56AM  
Dildo Toys R US

Dammit, I have enough work
without having to edit AMD blogs.
This should read:

Dildos "R" Us.

Isn't that better?


Oct 19 @ 2:02AM  
all my sheepys are on ebay those cheap whores ......

Oct 19 @ 5:49AM  
I did look at porn!

Yes.... I masturbated EVERY day this week!!!

and now.... I don't give a rats ass who knows.

I am a firm believer that if everybody in this world would leave their nose out of everyone else's business, the world would be a better fucking place!

Further, because of nosy people, that is why I separate work and social life so much!!

Oct 19 @ 6:14AM  
I jackoff every FUCKIN chance I get when I sit here naked in front of computer (SNIFOC). The best is being watched on cam and doing phone together HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!

I dont give a FUCK about anyones problem with that. None whatsoever - I love it - so I do it.
It has caused issues with my life unfortunately at times because it is very addictive. But I deal with it and make sure I know my limits...... and only play with 18+ females.

Thx babe - good BLOG

Oct 19 @ 11:38AM  
Here this might help you in doing that:

OMG That was so funny!!!

Oct 19 @ 11:48AM  
Now that's the right attitude..y'all

Oct 19 @ 5:35PM  
Long live masterbation. And if you want to use my picture to help you out more power to ya. Hey that could be a blog.

Oct 21 @ 12:17PM  
I'm thinking of changing my username to "Pornosaurus."

Nov 21 @ 2:56PM  
Talk about staying out of others business yes I understand that but a blowup sheep what kind of sick beastly shit is that?

I mean I'm open minded, but repeat after me "us" "them" Any questions?

May 12 @ 10:17PM  
Masturbation? Sheep porn? All of you are going to HELL. Dang oh sining demons. All of you.... Now where is my dog and peanutbutter.

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Looking at porn tonight