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Answering your mail on AMD

posted 10/18/2007 10:47:12 AM |
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Some of us get a lot of mail on AMD and some of us don't. Do you respond to everyone that writes to you? What if you're not interested in the person that wrote? Do you tell them that or do you just ignore them or just delete their message? I don't like to be rude but sometimes I'm just not sure what to do. Some people are persistent in trying to get your attention no matter what.

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Answering your mail on AMD
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Oct 18 @ 10:50AM  
i write em all........but then ...ynot

Oct 18 @ 10:53AM  
Yeah I answer em all but then I never get "wanna fuck" mail, damnit!

Oct 18 @ 10:54AM  
Sometimes I respond even if I'm not interested just to be polite. I've noticed that no matter how interested you or they appear to be that the correspondence fades away after a few messages back and forth anyway. A little white lie doesn't hurt either. 'Sorry too busy to chat' or 'I am busy chatting with someone else' give you license to ignore them guilt free.

Oct 18 @ 10:54AM  
I know what you mean...I mean some are really crude and do not take no for an answer. I like to just tell them....... You know, what's the worst that can happen?

Oct 18 @ 11:00AM  
From what I can tell women get vastly more emails than men..I do answer all emails, but they tend to be few and far between

Oct 18 @ 11:04AM  
I have had several people that have emailed me that I wasn't interested in. I always mailed them back letting them know that nicely.

Oct 18 @ 11:12AM  
I answer them all, and ask for

Oct 18 @ 11:14AM  
when I get email my theory is....anything along the lines of "wanna fuck, wanna suck,ect ect, I block. I have some provoctive photos posted so, I guess I get what I deserve when I get a 'wanna" fuck, but my friend takes great photos, and she is so pleased when she sees the comments they get, and sometimes they work wonders for my ego also.
anything reasonabley polite, I answer with "thank you for a very pleasant email, but I'm not interested at this time"
young men (very young men) no thanks...which is usually replied to with "why not" and I dont answer.

I feel that once I have responded with any type of no thank you, I am not being impolite by not answering.

But sometimes, I get busy and cant check my mail for a couple of days, and get behind on my emails, then I sometimes just delete every body. , except for photo comments, which I always say thank you, unless they are mean.

If anyone has an online dating etiquette for emails, I would love to see it.


Oct 18 @ 11:18AM  
young men (very young men) no thanks...which is usually replied to with "why not" and I dont answer

but but but .............ynot

Oct 18 @ 11:33AM  
Oh, Ynot....I guess you be right,,,,Ynot

Oct 18 @ 11:33AM  
If they write and I can tell they havent bothered reading my profile.........chances are they probably will only get a no thank you.........some times i just ignore them.......especially if its the same person you have said no to many times before.....but i was a free member, I admit, many times i didnt respond........hell as a gold member there are times I regret responding now.

Oct 18 @ 11:45AM  

When I get stuff like this email I just received:

You said i'd have to ask what you like sexually done to so I'm asking. I like lick your clit to how many times you can cum.

I hit delete and move on. If someone is polite I will usually respond in kind.

Oct 18 @ 12:28PM  
This is just so weird. I just received an e-mail from a guy who i am really not interested in and i have told him on many occassions that i am not interested. Look like a block coming on and i really do not like to do that. Anyway back to the question at hand. I always reply wheather i am imteretsted or not. i do not like to leave anyone hanging. I think it is only polite that i do this.

Oct 18 @ 12:29PM  
I receive allot of mail almost everyday..
About 50% I don't answer. If it's just a few words, if it's a form letter, if it's from someone that's 20 years younger then me, I don't write back..
Some I answer but if they are in love with me in their second e-mail I don't answer them back with another letter, If the guy calls me a cow or words like getting the milk for free I wave good bye bye to them also... If they tell me they are a physician and very rich, I don't bother to write back...
The rest I write too...

Oct 18 @ 12:39PM  
I try to answer all...

But as for the ones that are "boring", don't interest me, or are just plain rude , I send them a "thanks, but no thanks".

And if an email is nasty and demeaning... , it gets reported, the sender gets blocked.


Oct 18 @ 1:56PM  
I always try to be polite with a no thank you. when children (20-25) won't take the hit then I get kinda rude.

Oct 18 @ 2:04PM  
I respond to what mail I get, weather it be good or bad. Just good manners.

Oct 18 @ 2:17PM  
I have attempted to reply to all email here. It is the polite way to be. I have put myself out there for others to respond. They take the time to write, so why can I not take the time to do the same.

As a guy, I do not receive the "wanna fuck" emails, therefore, no reason to be rude nor ignore. Nor do I receive the "delusions of grandeur" messages---own stocks, property, all that and twenty bags of chips.

I have continuously heard how difficult it is for you ladies...and, I have not an iota of doubt this is true. The odds have to be nearly 100 to 1 (M to F) here @ AMD. You will receive far more across-the spectrum invites than we will. Best of luck, to all of you.

Oct 18 @ 2:27PM  
i mostly just answer the ones i want to.if someone seems sincere and i'm not interested i will reply with a sorry and goodluck.

Oct 18 @ 2:48PM  
Ill make an apple pie for funnygirl anythime

Oct 18 @ 4:00PM  
I'd have to actually get emails first to not reply to them.

But, then again, I have no conversation skills....

Oct 18 @ 7:46PM  
I answer most emails. If I think it is a fake/scam and is new. I don't answer and I will note in my inbox that they have been cancelled within 36 hours in almost every instance. If I detect that the lady is a foreigner saying she lives in the US and doesn't, they are ignored. Sadly, I get quite a few of both but I tend to think it because my age group is perceived as being desperate fools.

Any polite email from anybody gets a reply. The vast majority fall into this catagory. If it is somebody I don't really relate to expressing interest in becoming acquainted, I politely reply back usually to the effect of wanting to meet somebody local as I NEVER encounter women living near me :)

I also acknowledge most blog comments. Sometimes it is only "thanks". Often I will respond to their point in reply by email but not as a blog comment. If the comment is worthless, I don't reply. If it crosses the line from disagreement to angry rudeness, I don't respond except for the silent fuck you in the form of a block...we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody.

Oct 18 @ 8:09PM  
I don't answer any who obviously didn't read my profile. Probably should but I don't!

Oct 19 @ 2:23PM  
Unless it's really crude, rude, obnoxious or nasty I will answer back a polite no thank you.....unless the writer is young enough to be my own son, then I politely tell him no thanks I have boots in my closet older than you! But I always wish them luck in their search!

Feb 21 @ 11:50AM  
Dam ladyboot must have had her heart broken by a younger man.

May 8 @ 6:24PM  
I try to respond to everyone, I have on my profile that I am bi and seeking females, I put No men and that I have a bf, however I get alot of emails from guys and I respond and tell them ty for the interest, bt I already have a bf! I have even responded to a few rude nasty emails to ask why they did it! In fact someone who posted on this blog sent me a rude nasty email(he knows who he is) and I even replied to him to ask him why he said and he has not yet replied! If they keep emailing after I have told them I'm not interested, then I just ignore them!


May 8 @ 6:38PM  
Dam ladyboot must have had her heart broken by a younger man.
Gee Beefy I just saw this comment after all these long months, better late than never huh?.......nope, not heartbroken, just done raising kids. Thanks! You remind me more and more of what smartmouthed snots little boys can be!!!

May 8 @ 7:17PM  
I try to answer the mail. Heck I even drop a note when I get winked at. It doesn't take much to not be rude. The kick in the butt for me is when you do write back and forth a few times, seems good , and then they just don't answer you. No explanation, just gone.

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Answering your mail on AMD