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Take Me To Your Room

posted 10/17/2007 5:31:37 PM |
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tagged: silly, bedroom

I've started to do this blog a few times, but something always gets me sidetracked. So today when Shawn did his blog about bathroom color and decor I thought it was awful close, so I asked him if he minded if I did a run-off from it.
Being the person he is, he said Hell no you can't. What were you thinking? I AM JUST KIDDING!!! Anyone who knows Straddle at all knows he would never do any such thing. He may do some bizarre blogs, but he is always the gentleman. He said go for it. Yeah, I know a run off from a Straddle blog, you're scared, huh? lol But here goes, anyways........
Take me to your bedroom...... The private room in your house that a lot of people don't get to visit. Of course, take me there through description. I have been told that IF you chose the decor to your bedroom it truly tells of your real personality. What does yours say about you?
Tell me how large or small it is. How many windows. Wall colors, bed and bed ensemble. Furniture and wall decorations, if any.TV and/or stereo in your room? Is there a theme to it?
Make me see it through your eyes. Is it a comfortable room? Is it inviting? Do you like it?

Thanks, Straddle.

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Oct 17 @ 5:42PM  
Well its gray......cement walls.........mattress is bare.........bars for the doors........oopps said to much..........

All my walls in my apartment are painted a light country white--in my bedroom which is about 18x18 i have a queen size bed with blue and white comforter... 4 pillows........2 in whites cases and 2 in a darker shade of blue wall is all big windows with miniblinds and navy blue sheer curtains.........i have 2 large dressers........and 2 night stands all the corner of my bedroom is my computer desk........with my pc on to it is another desk I have my equipment for converting vcr to the other corner is my stereo (that i never listen to) and on top of one of the dressers is my tv/vcr combo.........i have large japaneese fans in blue shades and wood hanging on the wall, i have pictures of my children and granddaughter on my dressers and walls.....and its a mess lol

Oct 17 @ 5:50PM  
Well its gray......cement walls.........mattress is bare.........bars for the doors........oopps said to much
lol I thought you had gotten out on good behavior. Or was that bad behavior? Anyways.... clean your room. lol

Oct 17 @ 6:02PM  
well apts don't leave alot to do ...nor would i drapes..... dresser and 2 night stands and armor (sp?) are black... same as bed headboard with a gold trim.....27'' tv on a stand with am/fm/cd /cassett deck....4spkrs...yano drown out her screams computer on my desk with a recliner to sit in while i type this drivel..........errr description with my feet up n a cup of coffee on a tabel next to this working for you??? a tourch lamp...well i gota see at night right??

if i missed something i'm sry...

hope this helps...even if it serves as what NOT to do..

*mom says it looks like a hooker did the room*

Oct 17 @ 6:06PM  
*mom says it looks like a hooker did the room*
Ummm Mom is right........but a messy hooker..........

Oct 17 @ 6:10PM  
No, I told ya you couldn't do the blog! j/k. You know you had the green light to do the blog, it was your idea.

Okay, to answer your question about my bedroom. I know I'm going to get teased a little for this, but here it goes. Most of my room is paneling and on the east and south walls it's like a pink sunset color I painted back in 1995. The curtains are a light pink with the color dusty rose color blinds. The carpet is old however, it's sculpture stype with a brownish yellow color in it. Yes, I still have the same bed since I was 12, and it's a captains bed with two drawers on the bottom. I did get a new mattress back in spring of 2002. I know, I need something like a queen size bed. my dresser has my 19" tv on it. I have an old love seat on the other side of the room up against the east wall, and the color of the love seat is green. On the south side against the wall I have a bookshelf that's full of VHS tapes with movies on them. I have two windows with one of them a small 5000 btu air conditioner in it. two closets, one on the west side of my room, and the other south side. I have an old console stereo up against the south side of the wall that I need to get rid of.

Oct 17 @ 6:10PM  
My bathroom is a very light peach, I have a roman style tub thats turquoise, toilet and sink to match. Its about 10 x 12 foot room with peach carpets and toilet coverings and hamper. halfway down the walls is a medium oak wood, that I love. I have Sara Moon prints on my bathroom walls, the motif is mostly swans.

My bedroom is white chocolate, I have medium oak bedroom furniture with a queen size bed with Peach coverings. I have a cd player and tv in my bedroom. I use the cd player a lot, the tv is mostly off, unless I'm sick for some reason. There is a big walk in closet thats over full. And most of it i hardly wear. No motif at this time for the bedroom. I'm working on it. But its inviting and warm!

The carpets are also a white chocolate. thick and cushiony......

Different blog ty!!!!

Oct 17 @ 6:11PM  
Ummm Mom is right........but a messy hooker..........

*runs thru lookin every where to tell Lisa46 what she just said*

Oct 17 @ 6:18PM  
Guess I'll answer my own question...
My bedroom is about 12x15. It has three windows all with white lace curtains that touch the floor. It has deep red walls, (red, not burgundy or maroon) with white trim and ceiling. I have small oriental fans on one wall that is broken up by the door and closet door. There are two on another wall with a small dagger in betwen them. Queen size bed with dark wood color headboard. White comforter, shams and bedskirt set.Four pillows. I think 6, 14x14 inch different dark colored toss pillows. Two large dressers with decorative cologne bottles and wooden chests to hold jewelry or such, lotions and candles.Lamp on edge of one dresser. Two decorative wooden chests on the floor. (About 2'x2') Yes to stereo and tv. And a tower fan, oh yeah can't forget my fan.
Not much walk room at all, but it's cozy and comfortable. Deep Red was very, very different for me, but once I did it, I loved it.

Oct 17 @ 6:18PM  
DeDe, you're suppose to talk about your bathroom on my blog!

Oct 17 @ 6:30PM  
First of all I seldom invite people into my bedroom...........but just because you asked nicely, I goes...The bed is a queen sized, four poster bed.
The bedroom is done in a black and victorian gold theme.....with drapes and coordinating bedspread.........lots of fluffy pillows on top, above the bed on a plate rack are 3 floral print pics that follow the same theme......I also have an antique cream colored vanity with all of my girly thing on top.........two Eiffel Tower lamps that set the mood, with soft ambient lighting and a stereo for soft jazz to play as I pamper myself..............I would call it my oasis, it's elegant and very tranquil......I hope you can picture it........ .

Oct 17 @ 7:01PM  
I love my bedroom, and the contents of which are probably the things I will miss most moving to England, but it's entirely too expensive to ship it, and G's rooms are too small for all the bedroom furniture I have. heck, the room I have now is too small for it.

My room is about 12 x 13. Into this area I have crammed.... a 10 drawer dresser with a mirror on top and a 5 drawer chest of drawers. Two 3 drawer night stands and a blanket chest. All of this is in pure white pine, with no knots. I bought it unfinished and just put 3 coats of laquer on it so it was a lil shiney, but the beauty of the wood could come through. My queen sized bed has black wrought iron headboard and footboard. The night stands are on either side, and atop each is a black iron lamp with oatmeal colored lamp shades. On one wall is a black iron shelf that holds a deep rose colored vase with deep rose and brick colored flowers in it, a spray of ivy leaves and a teddybear of my sons. Hanging from the hooks attached to the bottom of it is a small wreath in many shades of pink with sage colored leaves, an iron candle holder and a sign that is oatmeal colored and has 3 decorated angels hanging from it and it says "Angels Gather Here" Next to the larger dresser is a 6 foot tall silk flower tree. Next to the blanket chest, which is below the shelf is a mid sized black refrigerator that G bought for me because my roommates kept stealing my food. On top of the fridge is my "pantry items" Around the corner from that is small plastic chest with 3 clear drawers that holds my paperwork (bills, etc) and all my computer extras. Then my computer desk, my hamper and a stand up fan. Atop the large dresser is a 27" TV with a satellite box on top, a beautiful piece of artwork that a friend made for me, 2 clear glass votive holders that put a quilt pattern on the walls when lit, a sage green and a deep red bottle, a basket full of ivy leaves and my clock radio. There is a small passway that leads to my walk in closet (where the 5 drawer dresser is stashed cuz there is literally no where else for it) and on one side is two hooks that I hang my jackets on, and the other side has a vanity, which has a very pretty wood mirror with 3 small drawers that holds most of my makeup, a basket full of headband for my hair (I probably own 40 or so) a lamp, curling iron, blow dryer, etc. There are two good sized windows that have oatmeal colored vertical blinds.

The comforter is a black background with rose, and brick red roses, and lavendar and oatmeal colored heather with a lot of sage green leaves. The comforter is edged with black velvet braid. The sheets are the rose pattern from the comforter placed on an oatmeal colored background with a faintly darker beige pattern of leaves.

Oct 17 @ 7:06PM  
My Bedroom is pretty boring....white walls, white dresser and mirror, white night stand, white down comforter, lavender sheets, small tv on top of dresser, oh and I have an end table that wouldn't fit it the living room that is a catch all! There is nothing hanging on the walls except maybe a few cobwebs in the corners!

Oct 17 @ 7:10PM  
master bedroom black walls black ceiling silver metal ceiling fan California king size bed black comforter with white silk sheets (ladies love it) silver metal head board/foot board matches the ceiling fan and nightstands,the two night stands are black with the metal drawers,black tile floor big walk in closet that has shelfs and drawers and a shoe rack , plasma television that is not even hooked up yet sitting on the floor,four big windows a big over sized black and metal clock above my bed my desk thats black and has my lap top on it and my speakers for my disc player and some dirty clothes thrown in a few places

Oct 17 @ 7:11PM  
Let us start from the top down. The ceiling is a pannel celling that is White, with
light fixtures on either end.The walls are a Woodgrain panneling and there are two Windows. In front of one window is my Computer desk with my Dell Comp. and
all the things that go with it. Printer and all. Next to my Comp desk is a TV stand with Color TV and Dish TV hook up. Below the other window sets my California
King size Bed, The headboard is tall with cabinets on either side that light up. In the center is a Mirror, a shelf runs along the bottom and across the top. There is a matching 6 drawer Dresser along one wall with a cabinet between the 6 drawers.
There is Two Closets in the room, and the floor is carpeted in a Brown Shag. On the walls are pictures of my family and a clock. When laying on the bed alone ?
I sometimes feel like I'm laying in the middle of a Football Field.

That's the best discription I can give.

Oct 17 @ 7:13PM  
Since the cave I live in is a cave, not much can really be done to the walls, and is real simple. It's roughly 12x12 with one window with a venetian blind, with a white oriential style desk under it. On the connecting wall is a large upright Oak dresser and night stand and the double Brass bed my great grandfather slept in. The next wall is a closet and on the forth wall is my computer desk w/lcd monitor and Bose speaker system. Next to the desk is a stand with my laser and bubble printers, scanner, and pc. No pictures and the walls are a drab white.

My room is not off limits to anyone and definately not private. Since the only company I get is my girls, they have the run of my cave when they are over.

Oct 17 @ 7:31PM  
The walls are light tan with white trim. There are 4 large asian pics and one big red 5ft asian fan with black bamboo painted on it. The headboard and vanity are antique dark cherry. The TV is a 27" that needs to be replaced soon. The nightstands on either side of the bed are actually dog kennels with red fabric covering them that matches my bedding and a couple stuffed tigers on top of each one. My super comfy king size bed has red 400 thread count sateen stripped bedding on it which includes 4 king size pillows and 2 accent pillows with a down comforter. There is an small red oriental rug at the foot of the bed. The odd thing is I have no dressers of anykind all my clothes go in the closet or under the bed. The room is small and the dogs get priority over a dresser

Oct 17 @ 7:37PM  
Oh, forgot to mention that I have a picture up on the east wall of a big white bengal tiger. Also my desk is up against the south side wall of my room.

Oct 17 @ 8:17PM  
I did a fairly large bedroom once in a cameo decor! The walls were a flat blue and the trim around the doors, windows and boarders were a flat white, with the carpeting close to the wall color- the ceiling was white! The colors were as close as possible to a cameo as I could get them at the time! Now you can match colors almost dead on!

I'm planning on doing the same in my master bedroom this time, only I'm going to have flat white furniture in it. Wasn't quite like that in the other bedroom!


Oct 17 @ 8:41PM  
Your typical apt bedroom. Not too large, but not tiny, either. The pieste resistance (my French stinks) is my bed. It's a wrought iron frame, with roses decorated on it. I have the most comfy queen size mattress- firm but with a pillow top!
I bought the bed back in July and so far no one has come into my life to help me christen it!!!

Oct 17 @ 11:04PM  
I am not sure the size of my bedroom, but my walls are deep red and the ceiling is gold (as in metal, not yellow). I have a king size bed, an armoir (with tv on it) and a dresser with mirror that all match in cherry wood. Over the bed hangs mesquito netting, giving the bedroom and egyptian look. There are two gold (yellow) lamps hanging over the top corners of the bed. I have an antique black dragon table and a cherry jewelry armoir. The linens are black, gold and beige. The drapes over the two windows behind the headboard of the bed are the same color as the walls and pulled shut!

Oct 18 @ 12:33AM  
My bedroom is just that at the moment..a place to sleep. Now when I win the lotto I am going for the "W" Westin bed........ahhhhhhhhh


Oct 18 @ 1:09AM  
My room is about 12 x 13. Into this area I have crammed

Kissy isn't kidding that she has all this stuffed crammed in there. But you can easily tell, if the room were larger, just how lovely it would look.

My room? Pretty much the last thought of room in the house and where everything that doesn't have a place is put until it finds a home. Thankfully, it's a fairly decent sized room.

Oct 18 @ 1:22AM  
My bedroom is a dark beige with white ceiling. I have two windows,one is three feet wide and 6 feet tall. The other window is 6 feet long and four feet tall behind the bed. I have dark beige vertical blinds. The bed is a queen size that raises at head and feet and vibrates. I have camouflage bed spread and green sheets. four pillows two with camouflage shams two with green pillow cases. The furniture is medium oak with two three drawer night tables on each side of the bed. My computer desk with one Linux desktop and my notebook on it. A five drawer against one wall and a entertainment center on one wall with smoked glass doors. A twenty seven inch TV with DVD and VCR in it. My stereo with four speakers. I have pictures of deer, geese, ducks, turkeys And figurines of deer, bear, wolfs, and coyotes.

Oct 18 @ 8:50AM  
My room is pretty boring also! Gotta queen size bed armour behind the door, standing jewlery box, nightstand with 19 inc. T.V and another corner table holding the clock radio. Since my house is little not alot of room to walk but you can get on your knees by the door Oh yeah 2 pictures up off Indian pottery

Oct 18 @ 8:51AM  
My room is pretty boring also! Gotta queen size bed armour behind the door, standing jewlery box, nightstand with 19 inc. T.V and another corner table holding the clock radio. Since my house is little not alot of room to walk but you can get on your knees by the door Oh yeah 2 pictures up off Indian pottery

And ynot I didn't design your room and IF you'd clean the dayum corner it wouldn't be messy!!!

Oct 18 @ 9:19AM  
My bedroom is a quiet sage green color, with a tray ceiling painted in the white ceiling, I have two windows, one of which looks out on to my screened porch. I have sheer curtains, with embroidry on them. The carpet is just a standard sorta cheap quality. The room is about a 12x14, so the only furniture that I have is an antique dresser with mirror, and a lingure dresser, I have another dresser that sits inside my closet, but the bed is my pride and joy, it is an wrought iron bed that has been reworked to accomidate a queen size mattress and springs, the reason that I love it so much, it because my mother and her twin sister were born in that bed in 1932. My mom had 12 brothers and sisters, and all were born at home, in the bed that I have now.

I have had it for many many years, I was the only one that wanted it in the 1980's, and now the entire family has come the accept the fact that it is mine, and I wont give it up.

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