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What's your bathroom color/theme and toilet seat choice?

posted 10/17/2007 4:10:04 PM |
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tagged: style, fashion, straddle

Just got a new toilet seat two days ago and put the sucker on. That gave me an idea of a blog because there are three different types of toilet seats that people prefer to use. The one I got is a blue plastic cushion one. The three types out there are plastic cushion, plastic, and wood seats. Which one do you have and prefer using for your bathroom?

Also, what is the color/theme of your bathroom? Mine is charm blue

And the color of your bathtub? Mine is the standard white style.

Alot of people are into decor for their house. I'm not as bad, but I take notice enough to pay attention to little things like that.

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Oct 17 @ 4:21PM  
Okay, I know it's a boring blog, and I'm not horny since Kim gave it really good to me last night , but at least humor me people.

Oct 17 @ 4:25PM  

My Tub and Toilet are White. The walls are kinda a beige color. I have a bit of
a wildlife theem for decor.

Oct 17 @ 4:30PM  
padded tolit seat--plastic and blue...............and this is probably the most unusual blog you have ever done................

Oct 17 @ 4:31PM  
When Kim first rented the house she's in now there was a lighthouse theme for the bathroom. She didn't like that at all since her dad liked and collected lighthouses. She doesn't get along with her dad all that well.

Oct 17 @ 4:32PM  
Yes, Dayna, I got nothing right now. Since I'm no longer horny like I was before it's hard for me to do blogs now.

Oct 17 @ 4:42PM  
My bathroom is approx 12'x8'. the walls are called Trenchcoat Khaki. All white trim. I have the old fashioned deep tub with the lions claws.My towels, shower curtains and accents are deep Cinnabar Red and/or Black. I have candles in blacks, khakis and deep reds.(White Musk and Mulberry) I have a large black open weave cross and pictures in black frames on the walls.
Theme........hmmm , not sure but I get a lot of compliments on it. It's different, but that works for me...

Oct 17 @ 4:46PM  
My toilet is white and has a hard white seat. I have no tub, just a shower that is white tile. The bottom half of my walls is tile and the theme is butterflies...

Oct 17 @ 4:51PM  
I live in a crappy apartment, so can't do a lot with it, but I still have all the accents from when I was married, and I use them. Standard white toilet/sink/tub, but to go with the standard silver fixtures, I have a navy blue shower curtain and all the things that go in the bathroom are navy blue and silver with a star theme. When I was married, I hand painted a mural all over the pale grey walls, it was navy blue, meant to look like a dark sky with hand painted silver stars painted on top of that. It was very pretty and got tons of compliments on it. Once I get to England and we redo the bathroom, I would like to hand paint something on the walls there too, but something different. I want the bathroom to be an oasis, cuz if ya can't relax taking a bath or a poop, when CAN you relax?

Oct 17 @ 4:53PM  
Well, since I am in an apartment right now (on a contract) all the fixtures are white in both bathrooms, and the floors are tiled in those very old style teeny tiny tan hex shaped tiles with brown grout.. In one, the shower curtain is tan and cream with cupids and with kinda sage green rugs / accessories. the other one? well its green but more of a grayer green throughout. LOL.. guess its a good thing I like green huh? Yes, my employer does know that I like green.. so guess what color my couch here is? But then thats off the bathroom topic lol.

Oh and personally, I despise those padded toilet seats..

Oct 17 @ 4:57PM  
Walls are a deep chocolate brown with pink and baby blue accents in the decor.
The toilet seat is light wood.
It's a naturalistic theme.

Oct 17 @ 4:59PM  
Yanno, this may be a kind of odd blog... but it's neat to see all the responses on it, kind of gives you a little look into your "friends" homes, places most of us will never actually see in person, but it gives you a glimpse of their personality, and that is truly COOL.

So, as weird a topic it is... I'ma give you a spify green kudo!

Oct 17 @ 5:04PM  
Yeah, it may start off as strange but you're right, Crissy, gives ya a look at your friends taste and personality in decor.

Maybe I should also ask if anyone has ever looked inside someone else's medicine cabinet while in the bathroom.

Oct 17 @ 5:07PM  
I wouldn't call it boring...but it sure is tame compared to some of your other blogs.

My bathroom? It's white, white, WHITE! ugggg! Been wanting to get around to doing something about it..just can't seem to find the time or cash to do anything. Oh well.

Oct 17 @ 5:07PM  
Egads, Shawn! What's the world coming to?

Pretty much everything in the bathroom is white. White fake tile walls, white fixtures (except the's light green marble looking). No tub. Just a shower. (I am so a bath person). The shower & window curtains are a white waffle weave but I tied little bits of black & white gingham ribbon on them for some color (yeah, black for color ). My rugs and towels are all white. If I ever get around to hanging the things I have for the walls (they are inspirational sayings in white on black in white frames), they'll have the same ribbon hangers as the curtains. This is more or less what I had in the main bath when the ex & I had our home...only my walls were a deep limey olive green.

Oct 17 @ 5:24PM  
My bathroom was lighthouse ugly stuff. I promptly removed the wall paper border and repainted it to match my bathroom decor. The walls are a caramel tan color with white trim. The sink and toilet are almond which goes well with the paint. The tub doesn't match the sink or toilet and its white. The cabinet I added is light pine and the hardware in the room is oiled bronze. I made the shower curtains. The outer layer is a chocolate and copper faux leather with a sheer under it that matches the wall paint and a almond plastic liner on the inside. Towels and floor mats are all almond. I watch way to much HGTV

The toilet seat is padded and matches the toilet.

Oct 17 @ 5:26PM  
Ok..I need ksk72 to come help me with my bathroom...I like what she's done with hers.

sighs...but if I have to watch HGTV..I guess I will.......

Oct 17 @ 6:00PM  
Well the Wooden toilet seat kinda scares me. I mean what about splinters? Ouch. Any seat really is fine except when you go to roadside rest areas with those stainless ssteal toilets with no seats... I cant bring myself to sit on those. My bathroom is walpapered with white tub sink and toilet. Kind of sterile but thats te way it came when I rented it.

Oct 17 @ 6:02PM  
Shawn.... I have to be honest... if I were to answer your question about my toilet seat, I would have to go into the bathroom and check first!!!! lol!!

I am not one to have matching everything.... I am not girly girl enough for that. I use what is clean, and what I can afford without a credit card!

Oct 17 @ 6:15PM  
Standard white apartment stuff here, but I do have a bold ocean life shower curtain.

Oct 17 @ 6:18PM  
I live in an apt so the walls are white. However, I chose to go with a Chinese theme. The shower curtain is white with Chinese character panels on it that say "love", "prosperity" and the like. The Chinese characters are written in bold, black script, so I bought bold, black towels to match. The bath mats have the same theme. I then went to Kohl's when they had a sale on artwork, BOGO, and got some neat Chinese character framed pictures.
The trash can, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and make up holder all have the same theme.
I have to admit, it looks pretty cool!
I think is a great blog, Shawn!

Oct 17 @ 6:22PM  
Thank you, Sunshinegal. I have three chinese brass designs on my living room wall that means the prosperity and all that. Had those since late 1986.

Oct 17 @ 7:03PM  
My basthroom is very girly.....very french bordelloy.............(not a word I know, but bear with me) It's bordeaux and champagne.....the towels and accent rugs are bordeaux...the shower curtain is paisley with tassels and I have some Monet prints hanging on a plate rack.........On the sink/vanity is a tiny lamp with a tasseled shade that pulls the whole room's very romantic

Oct 17 @ 7:55PM  
I also live in an apt., so white tub, toliet and white pedestal sink. I have a creamy beige wall color up and accents on door, medicine cabinet and the inside of the shower ceiling is blue. On the beige shower rod there is a curtain that has seashells and star fish in it ( a rich milk chocolate brown, sparkly blue and beige) . It's rather pretty and I love it. The floor was an ugly pink tile, but I recovered it in brown wood tiles. I have a fish net with seashells hanging on it next to the sink on one of the towel racks, and below the towel cabinet there is a ceramic hanging shell with a small snail on it. It's supposed to be a soap dish, but we put jewelry on it. It also has a rag rug in front of the toliet that is brown, blue, beige, and white. I think my bathroom turned out rather well if I say so myself.

Oct 17 @ 8:26PM  
My bathroom and the rest of my house are stuck in the 50s! Going to bring it into the 21st century. My bathroom has a pink bathtub in it- HEY!!!... be nice now, it is a conversation piece! I need to find a lady to give me some decorating tips. In exchange well... just ask!


Oct 18 @ 12:39AM  
Straddle we have the other set of lighthouses stuff. We have lighthouse shower curtain, towels, toilet seat, and trash can. I am glad to hear Kim had better taste than Mom. LOL the tub and toilet is white the sink it a double sink tan marble with polished brass faucets. the walls have a blue and pink flower pattern.
"NOT VERY MANLY"!!! Was here when I moved in will change in time.

Oct 19 @ 2:10PM  
I live in a manufactured I have one of the big tubs with the fake window mirror walls. Its white and I have odd taste in decorating...I piled pine cones and polished stones with candles around the tub. For plants I have air ferns. My carpet and counters are mauve..the wood is oak. The wallpaper is floral. I have black wrought iron curtain rods with a huge pc of blood red silk draped over and around. I have a small fountain with polished stones and shadowbox oriental symbols on the walls. I have no idea what they say....

Oct 19 @ 2:40PM  
Oak toilet seats, towel racks, paper holders etc. One tub is sand beige, standard size and then my other is huge white garden tub. Both are done in browns and blues but are about to be redone in earth tones as I'm remodeling!

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What's your bathroom color/theme and toilet seat choice?