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Taboo subjects

posted 10/16/2007 6:36:26 PM |
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I wish fellas were more open about stuff..release the things inside of'em.I usually know what kind of food they want..can fetch'em that there beer..can't wait to get my arms round'em..can even make'em feel like the king of the jungle ..that's the easy part.

But women sure can communicate a heck of a lot better..if ya ask me .Men let loose of so lil..can be deceptive. They like to think they are a'keeping stuff simple. I am man..hear me grunt. But ya all are complicated..ya get moody..then silent ..ya wanna think about everything..ya say that's a taboo subject.

Gals probably wished they didn't need to know ..know that everything is peachy keene..that ya honestly care bout us..ya like what we're a'doing for ya and with ya. Some things ya just gotta know.

Compliments are like feeding us food. The nurture just lasts so long and then that's gone.We've forgotten'em.We get kinda insecure ..things can go awry..the relationship can falter.

It just happens.It don't take that much effort to open your mouth and remember to tell those ya care the things they need to hear. Ya need to keep'em secure and feeling valued..even if all kinds of other crap is a'going on. It's not fair to be so self evolved and fail to let that person know their worth to ya.

Reckon there are those of us that wish telling us once ya loved us..that was enough ..but it don't work that a'way. The more ya say what we wanna hear..the more it becomes real to us.

So speak up ya all ..tell'em ya dig'em ..tell it to'em often and tell it to'em good. Cause if'un ya ain't..ya could lose the best thang ya ever had ..specially if the feelings are there and ya ain't communicating that to'em. The price ya pay..ya might regret for not saying what ya feel to someone ya should be.

What subject is taboo to you..what won't ya talk about?

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Oct 16 @ 6:41PM  

I am not at all that way. I prefer to comunicate and not have problems or differences of any kind. To be open is the only way to get along. To share
your thoughts, dreams, fantasies or what ever. Not all men are alike.

Oct 16 @ 6:48PM  
Umm, overloading a post with so many emoticons that I can't follow it.

Seriously (well, that was serious), no subject is taboo with the right person to relate to it. Around here, you can draw a hail of fire by mentioning the wrong things or words.

But in private, it simply depends upon the person or people around.

But, yes I do agree that most women are more communicative than most men. But that isn't always good as bitching can result, or they stop communicating if you disagree or not interested in the subject being communicated about.

Oct 16 @ 6:58PM  
I dated a guy once that "like totally" wanted to share his feelings all the time.....
It was like having a whiney-ass bitch around all the time......

Oct 16 @ 6:59PM  
What subject is taboo to you..what won't ya talk about?

wouldn't talkin bout it now make it NOT taboo n negate it??? just askin.....

Oct 16 @ 7:01PM  
wouldn't talkin bout it now make it NOT taboo
well arent you just too quick for her trickery!!!

Oct 16 @ 8:52PM  
Actually until I joined AMD with my life style the way it was, I was closed mouth mainly because I met closed mouth ladies! Here, I can express what's really on my mind from time-to-time and get down and nasty [in a good way] and openly chat with a female about sex- likes, dislikes, fantasies- all both hers and mind! I think that is so cool! Brings what's been inside me, out of me!

I don't have a lady I can tell her I love her yet [long story about that] but I won't have a problem with that because I'm comfortable with expressing my self much more so than just a year or so ago So, there's an endorsement for AMD for ya!

I do say I'm looking for a FWB but I also say, that could change too- depends on who I meet! Being a little "mildly" kinky doesn't hurt either- not afraid to admit it! It just was always kept inside me! Now... women are afraid of me! J/K I'm "mildly" kinky, not a crazed sex maniac! Big difference!

Just my 2ยข worth!


Oct 16 @ 9:26PM  
complicated..ya get moody..then silent

I guess you don't get moody around rag time?

Oct 16 @ 10:07PM  
I ain't got no feeln's...cept when the subject of panties cums up...

Oct 16 @ 10:33PM  
I have to say that there are men who will talk about their thoughts/feelings. And I also know their are women the same. But there are also women who can't/won't communicate so it goes both ways.

I dated a guy once that "like totally" wanted to share his feelings all the time.....
It was like having a whiney-ass bitch around all the time......

Been there, done that..wouldn't go back to that for all the money in the world.

Oct 17 @ 12:39AM  
Yeah...... men do commuicate (talk) less than women. BUT...... when men say yes, they mean yes. When they say no, they mean no.

Which confuses SOME women because when they say yes, they mean no. When they say no, they mean HELL NO....... when you ask what is wrong and they say NOTHING... they mean you are SO fucking wrong and it's up to you to figure out why before I even talk to you again.

Oct 17 @ 12:45AM  
Oh.... almost forgot..... talking about previous dates or girlfriends is absolutely off limits. NO good will come of it. I read in Cosmopolitan once.... that you should (and I quote) "never, never, never, never, never talk about people you have slept with" I've followed that advice ever since I read it and it's solid.
(besides, a gentleman never tells anyway)

Oct 17 @ 6:38AM  
I'm open to talking about absolutely anything, with the exception of religion and politics.

Now, obviously, when you start getting close to someone, it might be time to discuss those two things with your partner.

I do agree with slohand, in that when in a relationship, it's probably not a good idea to talk about an ex.

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Taboo subjects