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Are you wealthy?

posted 10/16/2007 3:44:48 PM |
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and in what way? Prosperity wears many hats.

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Oct 16 @ 3:48PM  
I'm wealthy because I have the love of a good woman and also because my estate is worth approx £375 000 (or approx $750 000)

Oct 16 @ 3:54PM  
I am wealthy because I have the love of a good man, my children enjoy great health, and I have true friends. I'm broke as glass, but hey....Argit's got a decent estate

Oct 16 @ 3:56PM  
Like PK...I'm "broke as glass", but wealthy in having a wonderful family, my job, my dogs...( yes sis DeDe..I horses ), and my true friends.

Oct 16 @ 3:57PM  
I am rich and wealthy in love, laughter and friendship, what more do I need?

Oct 16 @ 4:02PM  
with each breath .......yes.......

Oct 16 @ 4:02PM  
I am rich and wealthy because of me and my daughters HEALTH!

Oct 16 @ 4:07PM  

I am wealthy in the aspect that I have an abundance of friends.

Oct 16 @ 4:11PM  
When I look all around and see people I know whether it be friends or family, I see some serious health problems with my loved ones. For the most part, most of my family is healthy. When I see one of my aunts she's been through a rough 2 years with her fragile bones, breast cancer, and just recently a broken leg. It makes me very fortunate and thankful to be healthy. So health is very important. If you don't have health you don't have anything.

Oct 16 @ 4:11PM  
No, but I can command a lot of power. Sorry, ...too serious.

Oct 16 @ 4:20PM  
I just broke up with a VERY wealthy man. However, his money couldn't buy him happiness!
I'm not wealthy, and probably never will be. However, I have good health, a great kid, and family close by. And friends, you can't ever forget friends!

Oct 16 @ 4:28PM  
Last time I checked I still have all my scruples...that's good enough for me!

Oct 16 @ 4:34PM  
I do not feel wealthy in any way!

Oct 16 @ 4:44PM  
nope piss poor is me!!! But I got oodles of integerity and knowing what I own I worked to get! And the love of my friends ((((when they call me ))))

Oct 16 @ 4:55PM  
I've found it's convenient to have money, but people who define themselves by their wealth are certainly not successful and rarely remain wealthy.

I concur -- if you lack contentment or integrity, money is irrelevant.

Oct 16 @ 4:56PM  
I gots nuthn...cept a pile of dirty panties...

Oct 16 @ 5:09PM  
Got money, good health , family ( kids & grandkids) and some close friends.

Keep the rest !!

Oct 16 @ 5:12PM I'm a poor folk

Oct 16 @ 5:34PM  
I'm broke as glass, but hey....Argit's got a decent estate
Actually I drive a hatchback and it's pretty small too

Oct 16 @ 5:36PM  
I am wealthy because i dont have a heart to put a 5000 dollar table in a corner of a house some where when there are people dying of starvation!I am not materialistic in anyway but i wake up happy!

Oct 16 @ 5:49PM  
only got a few pennies but i'm wealthy in smiles and laughter!

Oct 16 @ 5:54PM  
poor as dirt.........

Oct 16 @ 5:58PM  
I'm 35 and retired. Feel free to interpret that how you want.

Oct 16 @ 6:07PM  
oh Ash I love that picture it is adorable!

Oct 16 @ 6:30PM  
I am wealthy because I want for nothing.

Oct 16 @ 6:34PM  
I came into this world with nothing, and I still have most of it!

Oct 16 @ 6:53PM  
I am in debt up to my eyeballs. In debt for all the good things and people life has given me that I am unworthy of.

Oct 16 @ 6:59PM  
I'm not a materialistic kind of gal I don't need lots of fancy things, and I may not have alot of money, infact I have just enough to pay the bills each week..we live paycheck to paycheck.

However I am very wealthy in my health, that my children are healthy, and we are all happy, I have a job, a home over our heads, clothes, heat, food to feed us, there alot of other people in the world who suffer and who don't have the "riches" that some of us have. But I have found out that even tho some people don't have all the "riches" in the world, they are truely blessed, they have certain gifts that they return to the world in their own special way.

My family and I, we are very wealthy in spirit, in our values and we have integrity and we are very content with what we have. (Well except for my daughter who wants a hummer..LOL..Oh well you can't have everything hahahah)

Just a lil story I'm gonna share with you.....
2 Christmas's ago I had no money for christmas at all, things were very bad here, bills piling up, over due..etc..etc.. and there just wasn't any extra for christmas. And my children were old enough to be told the situation at hand and not to expect alot for christmas from me this year. Well my daughter, God Love my daughter, but she had looked at me and said "Mommy it's okay we understand, we don't need any gifts under the tree, we have you, that is all we need" They never threw a fit, never complained, never cried cuz their favorite game, or Ipod, or DVD player wasn't under the tree, they opened their gift that morning and each one of them gave me a hug and said I love you Mommy. It just doesn't get any better than that..No amount of money in the world can buy that kind of love from a child..None.

God gives us all what we's up to us to decide on how we use it.

Oct 16 @ 7:03PM  
Money to me is just a mere object, I have all the riches in the world with my family (parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and other relatives) I have my health, and although some relatives are fighting certain killer diseases, we still have all the love we could ask for!!! I am SOOO thankful for all I have!! And you tie in the love of some VERY special friends, I really cant ask for much more!! Big hugs to everyone and have a wonderful evening!!

Oct 16 @ 7:34PM  
I have found the balance of Need and Greed.

Oct 16 @ 7:44PM  
Kudos to Dr_Eric, Well said.

Oct 16 @ 7:54PM  
I'm wealthy from knowing you.

Oct 16 @ 8:06PM  
Hey if ya got ya health you got everything!!!!

Oct 16 @ 8:06PM  
Hey if ya got ya health you got everything!!!!

Oct 16 @ 9:06PM  
Well said Candlelite, but let's be real. A have more than few bucks on hand helps too.

Oct 16 @ 9:57PM  
so this is how it feels to be in the company of the RICH FOLKS.....

Oct 16 @ 10:42PM  
Great question Maggie, and it's awesome to see that most see the value in life outside the all mighty buck.

I'm rich because I can work and bring home a paycheck, which puts a roof over our head, clothes on our backs and feeds my kids.
I rich because I have family and friends I love, who support each other and love unconditionally.
And I'm rich because I've known love in my lifetime.

God gives us all what we's up to us to decide on how we use it.

Definately agree with this statement!!

Oct 16 @ 11:59PM  
I have Maggie and Ewe wish and Lisa and until they are thru with my I still have my health
Seriously friends and family are the wealth we should all cherish the material things will come as needed. It's the memories you leave with others that make you truly wealthy .
just my opinion

Oct 17 @ 10:00AM  
I have my freedom, a good job,a chance for a better future, and a very good woman in my life; how much more do I need.

Oct 17 @ 7:45PM  
financially I do ok. Let's put it this way...the word "budget" is not a word I've had to use in a long time.

I like my job, but not the long commutes. It's a compromise....but then again, I get paid to commute too.

I'll cut this short by saying I have a lot to be thankful for.

Nov 8 @ 2:55AM  
the wealth i have is that i am alive. been down, up, the whole thing. nothing replaces the wealth i have now, i am alive

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