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posted 10/16/2007 12:48:52 AM |
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i know lots of women think im just a slut on here because i have sex with quite a few guys from this site but it doesnt bother me one bit as long as the guys love me for what i do (please) not tease the guys.well i have a question how come most women dont let guys cum in there mouth?i love it and im sure the guys are glad i it the taste i dont find anything wrong with it as a matter of fact i enjoy it so let me know why women dont like it.

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Oct 16 @ 1:53AM  
I think it psychological just like oral they look at the fact that piss come out of there. Do you know that female ejaculation for some women is hard to accomplish because they realte that to pissing on themselves , but it tatllly is not the same fliud....Good post

Oct 16 @ 2:32AM  
you are my kinda gal... i read your blog and you need to start a school on teaching a woman how to please a man... im sorry if your willing to give a man a blow job you best let him at least shoot in your mouth now what you do with it from there is your choice but dont start a race with out finishing it... personally its all the more better if you swallow just makes everything flow but by all means you shouldnt stop when he is about to shoot... god i cannot express how much that sucks and well just kills the BJ... so you go on and if im ever down your way i need your number to call upon you we will have a great time.... or hell give me the go aHEAD and ill come down to see your super sexy self anyhow... either way you keep on girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 16 @ 2:35AM  
they don't

Oct 16 @ 2:38AM  
I think you are making assumptions and generalizations and have nothing to back it up.

Oct 16 @ 2:56AM  
Personally i dont mind if a man cum's in my mouth .......... Not every one likes it some its because they dont like the taste or texture. We all have our likes and dislikes . Just we arent all the same

Oct 16 @ 7:12AM  
most women
I'm not 'most women'..........

Oct 16 @ 9:11AM  
You know I don't recall in any of your blogs that many women on here showing you hate or calling you a slut. You have always proclaimed yourself to be one. I also haven't seen any blogs or comments by women on here saying they wouldn't let a man cum in their mouth. Personally I feel that you always post these blogs to garner more attention for yourself and an attempt to put down other women on the site as prudish. I can honestly say I've not met many people on here, male or female that are prudish. Just my .02

Oct 16 @ 9:13AM  
how come most women dont let guys cum in there mouth
I appreciate what you are asking here, but personally, I believe that question should be written with the word "some" instead of "most". The above statement widely generalizes women, and I do believe that if a poll was done, the amount of women who do take a mans cum in their mouth (swallowing or not) would be close to equal to those who dont. That is just my opinion!! And btw, I do swallow! Nothin wrong with that!

Oct 16 @ 9:27AM  
cumming from the expert....either women love to do it or not...question is it nurshing to the body ? should a blow job a day go with the apple ?my fansty might be a perv sicko but always wanted an anerixik beautiful woman and i had to puduce so she could live on my life saving sperm .enough about me and the wad hollywood diet

Oct 16 @ 9:44AM  
tasting cock ...just watch chris rock and he tells you all about it ...there are a couple of sweethearts on this site . if they like you they treat you like a king.
the rest think their all that and have quiet a following.but it's the american way and it sucks.
you would think AMD *it *would be more than what it is ? mabey its a scarry ciber world and women tell me the guys they have met, arnt the guys they say they are like young tall dark & handsom with one ball hanging lower than the other ..thier fat short unshaven fart blowing cat wearing old men.
you write one hell of a blog hunterden it or not

Oct 16 @ 10:06AM  
Here's the thing about the taste of cum- your taste buds are around the front of your tongue, so if a lady deep throats a guy just before he cums, she's not going to taste it anyway, unless she doesn't swallow it all and wants to taste some of it or if she just opens her mouth and lets him cum into her mouth! I've been told mine tastes a little salty!

And if my partner lets me cum in her mouth, I have no problem with her cuming in my mouth- actually, I have no problem with that anyway!


Oct 16 @ 11:57AM  
Depends on if they have Funky spunk!

Oct 16 @ 3:41PM  
disease........ ding...... ding......

Oct 16 @ 3:44PM  
I wasn't going to comment on this blog, and well.....It was so generalized as *most women* I had to. From what I heard and experienced, *most women* love it, its the very few that find it distasteful or disgusting. Some won't even put dicks in there mouth let alone let a man cum in it.

I don't know where you get your statistics from, but I think you should find another source!!!

I be DeDe, and I am not like other women!!!!!!


Oct 16 @ 3:49PM  
I'm not "lots of women" on here...I could care less what you do in your personal life.

Also, I am not "most women"....where did you get your stats? Seriously.

And I have to it me being nosey..but, how did you get that scar on your neck?

Oct 16 @ 4:06PM  
Gee, it would seem that the MAJORITY of women on this site, or at least the ones posting on this blog would disprove your "theory". Like LBS, I went back and ready your old blogs. In addition, it seems to me, YOU are the only one calling YOU a slut. But... I'm curious too.... where DID that scar on your neck come from? That had to HURT!!

Oct 16 @ 4:30PM  

Oct 16 @ 6:42PM  
where DID that scar on your neck come from? That had to HURT!!
Plastic surgery gone horribly wrong?? Or she just didn't want to pay the extra for the good photo editing software???

Oct 16 @ 9:28PM  
Plastic surgery gone horribly wrong?? Or she just didn't want to pay the extra for the good photo editing software???
"And the reason for this was??????? ;-(

Oct 19 @ 2:10PM  
holy god, when are you going to send me a mail hunderden? :P you seriously can't be for real!

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