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My daughter is not only pregnant, she has cervical cancer

posted 10/15/2007 4:50:32 PM |
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tagged: daughter, straddle, pregnant

I know a lot of you have been keeping up with news about me and my daughter, so I'm making this public for you guys. I found out two weeks ago that Natasha (my daughter) was thought to have cervical cancer. More tests were done and she came on down here today to visit and told me more about what she just found out yesterday. She has cervical cancer and it's considered a high level one, and she is a high risk for pregnancy as well. After she has her child some time in March (due date is March 25) she will have to have a hysterectomy. I guess she will be lucky to have this one. I think she will be alright and she seems to be in good spirits. We went up to Walmart's earlier so she could show me some baby items she's wanting. Before we left I bought her some strawberry New York cheesecake. I know I'm not the only one that's shared something personal about someone we love on here and asked for prayers, but I would very much appreciate prayers sent my daughter's way. Like I stated earlier in my blog, I think she will be fine, but one never knows for sure.

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My daughter is not only pregnant, she has cervical cancer
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Oct 15 @ 4:55PM  
Oh Shawn, please know that your daughter, baby, you and the rest of your family is in my thoughts and prayers...........

Oct 15 @ 4:55PM  
You got it Sweetie, what a horrible thing to have to deal with at such a young age.

Oct 15 @ 4:56PM  
She is absolutely, positively in my prayers, till she is fully recovered after the surgery. Grampa, I know you weren't thrilled with the idea of her being pregnant, but God does work in mysterious ways, and if she had to have the cancer, at least she is having the opportunity to have her own child prior. God Bless her and baby.

Oct 15 @ 5:00PM  
My thoughts and blessings are with you hon. give Natasha my best!! Keep yours and her spirits up.

Oct 15 @ 5:05PM  
I am so sorry to hear this,

Oct 15 @ 5:46PM  
Thank all of you. I'm sure she will be fine. Just hoping that her pregnancy goes well. She was at first wanting a boy, and over the past few weeks she is now hoping for a little girl. I was kidding her that I was going to by that baby some Ohio State clothes, but her being a Michigan fan I may have to buy Michigan gear instead. lol

Oct 15 @ 6:09PM  

good thoughts for her recovery

Oct 15 @ 6:10PM  
Sorry to hear that. I hope that everything turns out okay for her and the baby.

Oct 15 @ 6:27PM  
This is so sad.

Oct 15 @ 6:31PM  
I am so sorry to hear this Shawn!! This baby is a true blessing. I will keep you and yours in my prayers!!

Oct 15 @ 6:42PM  
Please correct me if I am wrong, but weren't you very upset when you discovered that your daughter was preg? Clearly you have already crossed over into that "grandparent" land, where the sun rises and sets in the face of the beautiful grandchild.
I am just wondering if the cancer would have been discovered without the prenatal care you daughter has been receiveing?
I hope and pray all goes well.

Oct 15 @ 6:44PM  
Oh Shawn, I am definitely sending lots of prayers for her, the baby, you and anyone else this touches.
Make sure she gets plenty of rest and takes really good care of herself.
Make sure Grandpa takes care of himself too. You're gonna need all your strength when that new baby gets here.

Oct 15 @ 6:52PM  
I have a daughter and a grand daughter so your daughter, you and your family are in my prayers! Positive, always think positive sir!


Oct 15 @ 6:58PM  

May God Bless your daughter and her baby and keep them both healthy and strong.

Oct 15 @ 7:01PM  
thoughts, prayers, bending a knee to the Goddess and Consort in hopes that all goes well.

I kinda know what you are going thru about unexpected pregnancies, my 18 yo neice (41 yo brother's child) announced she's pregnant - I'm too young to be a great aunt (40 in November), I'm still getting in the groove of being an Aunt to my 3 yo hellion neice (my soon to be 38 yo little sister's kid). I had the wonderful opportunity to sit with my sister thru the labor (start the epidural and the stadol asap). I forgot she could cuss like a sailor (then again, she was a Navy girl).

Hugs and well wishes


Oct 15 @ 7:02PM  
Only a few people know about this. She's told me, both her two aunts, and Willie knows. I think Willie's parents may know too. My mom knows, and I told Kim about this late this afternoon for the first time. Natasha still hasn't told her mom, and she really doesn't feel like letting her mom know since she's on the outs with her mom. I think Natasha should tell her.

Oct 15 @ 7:02PM  
hysterectomy -- the critical question will be if they can leave her ovaries in...

I had that procedure done early 30's.... upside... no more periods... whew.. no more cramping and stuff.

Sorry that it is happening to her so early in her life and that the choice of having more children has been taken away from her.

However she is going to have this baby....

Sending Positive Karma and thoughts of healing to you and all your family.


Oct 15 @ 7:06PM  
Oh Shawn I am so sorry to hear about Natasha, but like whispering said, perhaps if it were not for her pregnancy she would never know about the cancer. It would have perhaps went unnoticed for years. God truely does work in mysterious ways.......AND THANK GOD FOR THAT!!

Take care, xo

Oct 15 @ 7:12PM  
I reread my post and realized that it sounded very rude.
I have sent Strad a private apoligy, and want to say I'm sorry to anyone else that got the wrong impression of my post. Sometimes what sounds right in my head, doesnt have the same ring to it when it is written.

Oct 15 @ 7:18PM  
I saw nothing wrong with your comment. As both you and Zena stated in your comments, if it wasn't the fact that she was pregnant maybe they wouldn't have caught the cancer.

Thanks to you both for the comments.

Oct 15 @ 8:06PM  
a prayer just went up for your daughter. Just remember... everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is God's way of making sure that she appreciates this child, and realizes that she will never be able to have anymore. I know that when she first became pregnant you were very concerned about this.

Oct 15 @ 8:53PM  
Ohh This is sad.....
I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers..
I will keep a candle burning for your daughter and her baby...
I'm sending your family my hugs in thought..

Oct 15 @ 9:03PM  
That has got to be so rough for her....and yes, my thoughts and prayers for her and the baby

Oct 15 @ 10:06PM  
Oh Shawn! You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers! You know I faced my own scare with cervical cancer this summer perhaps they can just remove the cells as they did my precancerous ones! Either way may God watch over and bless her and your grandchild and bring them both through this safely!

Oct 15 @ 10:21PM  
Shawn, your daughter has been added to my daily "thought list". Being the optimist that I am there are very strong feelings that the baby and she will come through this nicely.

Now, go get more of the Cheesecake for her. Mommy's have cravings !!

Oct 15 @ 10:26PM  
I will absolutely keep her in my prayers!!

Oct 15 @ 11:28PM  
Best of luck to you and your daughter and that baby .......... God loves yall , he will have his will .

Oct 16 @ 12:09AM  
If you need to talk you know how to find me.

Oct 16 @ 1:01AM  
>hug< my thoughts go out to her. Here's hoping for the best

Oct 16 @ 1:27AM  
We do not know one another, Straddle, but I pray both of you (or should I say all three) will find a blessing at the end of the rainbow.


Oct 16 @ 2:42AM  
Shawn my friend !

You know my prayers will be forth coming for Her, You, and the baby.
Prayers for her health and that of the baby, but for their future as well.


Oct 16 @ 5:57AM  
Shawn you know i got your back. good luck with everything and know my prayers our with you.

Oct 16 @ 8:38AM  
My thoughts and prayers are for you, your daughter and the baby. I hope all goes well for them.

Oct 16 @ 9:01AM  
I know I do not know you but my prayers go out to you, your daughter and her baby and just stay positive.

Oct 16 @ 9:11AM  
Sorry to hear about her misfortune. I hope things go well with pregnancy and hopefully the baby ends up being ok.

Oct 16 @ 9:12AM  
I'm sure everything will work out just fine! I'll be thinking about you guys!

Oct 16 @ 9:24AM  
I hope for the best for your daughter and grandchild.

Oct 16 @ 1:14PM  
of course my prayers are with your daughter. Breast cancer runs thru my moms side of the family 3 of her sisters have lost their breasts so yep I can kinda relate to what your feeling.. for your girl!

Oct 16 @ 2:07PM  
im sorry to hear about your daugtherstraddle, i will say a prayer, and congralations gramps :) jan

Oct 16 @ 6:06PM  
I want to thank you all for all the well wishes and prayers!

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My daughter is not only pregnant, she has cervical cancer