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Lip Stick, Hooker Boots, and OMG That Feels Good!!

posted 10/14/2007 4:31:27 PM |
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What color lipstick do you guys want a chick to have on when she is blowing you? Or, are you like my ex husband, who doesn't want any at all because he feels as though it will make him dirty? Or, do you like a nice clear lip gloss?

Whatever your pleasure, and contrary to what you may think, lipstick/gloss is not what causes a girl to give a good blow job...... some of us are just born with the natural talent! And others...well... they just weren't so damn lucky!

One thing that I have never owned is a pair of hooker boots.... but... I definetely want a pair now! If I can just get beyond them costing $70, I will eventually march my busty self up to the sex shoppe, and get a pair. What color should I get?

And lastly.... I just have to tell you all about this mind shattering orgasm..... so good infact the neighbors heard my screams of pleasure and started jacking off just to the sound of my moans!!

It started out like this...... hubby was gone to work .... I was lonely.... so my hands started roaming, and my finger landed on my clit.... I began to rub it in just the right way, and with my other free hand I was pinching my nipples....I closed my eyes, and pictured two guys.... one at each thigh..... licking and nibbling the inside of my thigh, and occassionally wandering over to my pussy. They just kept teasing me over and over and over again. Before I knew what had happened, one of them had slipped their dick into my mouth while holding my arms down, and the other was slowly sticking his hard cock into my awaiting pussy...... slowly my hole opened and stretched to take his manhood......

damnit..... Now I have to go and touch it again!!!!

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Oct 14 @ 4:49PM  
What color lipstick do you guys want a chick to have on when she is blowing you?

pft lipstick??? color? who cares


Oct 14 @ 4:53PM  
I'll attack this in reverse.....Your orgasm, two words, Holy Sh*t!!! I'm having touble typing due to my laptop being so unstable, weeble wobble! As far as the hooker boots go...I lived in Germany for 5 years, the women there, not just the hookers, but normal everyday gals wore thigh highs, black or red....very sexy...not sure if this is what your looking for, but it "does it" for me and keep them on while your getting yourself pounded!!! Lastly, in my honest opinion, if you have nice succulent full lips, go with the gloss, normal lips probably a dark color would do it for me visually. Just the mere fact that your hot mouth is around my cock is good enough, but hey....never hurts!

Oct 14 @ 4:53PM  

It matters not what color lip stick a woman wears. Personally I prefer the natural look of a woman without make-up. The beauty that God gave her and the beauty that's in her heart.

Oct 14 @ 5:02PM  
I'm like Night, I prefer my women without lipstick, or really ANY make-up. I love the natural look. I don't like waking up and finding her face rubbed away on the pillow.

Oct 14 @ 5:14PM  
Ma'am, I decline respectfully to answer the question about lipstick.

Anyway, black boots...

Why don't your neighbors just come over ? How do you know they masturbate to your sounds ?

Oct 14 @ 5:25PM  
While I tend to be a fan of the less-is-more line of cosmetics, there's something about seeing bright red lips wrapped around my dick that's just nice.

As for your boots, black is always an excellent color.

And I think you need to work on your fingering/fantasizing technique some more. Practice, practice, practice! Keep at it until you get it exactly, mind-bendingly right!

Oct 14 @ 5:49PM  
i'm definately down with the go-go boots........

Oct 14 @ 6:01PM  
Haha, thats funny... lip gloss looks good tho

Oct 14 @ 6:08PM  
I wear covergirl.. 18 hours lipstick.... it doesn't smear or come off...

I put it on.. let it dry for a minute and then cover coat...

I can eat, drink, whatever... and the lipstick does not smear or come off...

I've even bitten a man's shoulder through a WHITE dress shirt and not left a mark

though I do find that my lover's constant kissing and nibbling after a couple of hours.. the lipstick is gone...

I wear dark cinammon... and it drives the guys crazy!

Oct 14 @ 6:22PM  
I like this blog! The lipstick depends on the lips for me...give me a peek at yours and I'll tell you what kind to bring...or none at all, whatever makes you feel sexy or more orally inclined!

The come-fuck-me boots would look great to match your lingerie...or that dancing dress, hmmmmmmmm...yes red would work just fine


Oct 14 @ 6:33PM  
I have a pr of hooker boots I like them when I play the naughty police woman..Handcuffs in tow...

Oct 14 @ 8:09PM  
I have always been partial to pink lipstick and a nice coat of gloss on top. I agree it is not the lip gloss but the girl giving that gives the feeling. I have a lipstick/lip gloss fetish though. And it just enhances the feeling (which is partially mental). Hooker boots are cool but so is a latex nurses outfit which you can get for the same price. As for the orgasm, I try to enjoy one a day. If I were ambidexterious I would enjoy two per day.

Oct 14 @ 8:25PM  
Red sounds good!

Oct 14 @ 8:29PM  
I have a hot pair of Hooker Boots I bought last year for my Halloween outfit, yes I went as a Hollywood Hooker!!! Black thigh high Boots, nice High Heal on them!! Wore the standard black leather mini and lacy halter top! My blondish straight hair wasn't getting it, so I curled the crap out of it and sprayed and sprayed til it was WILD! Wore Whore Red Nail Polish and matching Lipstick!! I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!! Boy, Did I have fun!!!

Oct 15 @ 9:19PM  
Lip color? Am I really going to be concerned what color her lips are, when she's about to give me pleasure? Nupe!

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Lip Stick, Hooker Boots, and OMG That Feels Good!!