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Have you ever felt like there is no point in going on anymore?

posted 10/14/2007 1:19:30 PM |
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I know that at some point in everyone's life they feel like there is no point in going on, but somehow they find the courage and strength to continue on in life and overcome all the stress and bad things that happen. Sometimes when help is needed it's not noticed until the person is so far gone into the deep darkness of depression. Then sometimes they just don't know how to ask for help or if they have asked for help they have been denied the help that they desperately need. In society today it is so easy to go get a pill to make you feel better. But that's not always what is best. Thats like putting a band-aid on a festering wound and hoping that i will heal. Sometimes it does, temporarily and then when the wound is reopened again there are more problems caused from it because the real root of the problem was never adressed and cared for in the first place. Nowadays with the control the insurance companies of over people you have to be precertified before you can get sick. It's like you have to get the ok from the insurance companies before you can lose your mind. Then they feel the need to remind you that you have to meet your deductible and then they might only pay 70% of the care that a person desperately needs. Espically if they are to the point that they can't do normal everyday things, such as care for children, and go to work. When there is no joy in life anymore, and people that are close to you see it, and they feel just as helpless as the person that is going through the bad things in life. Sometimes it is easier to build a wall if front of the bad stuff, but then eventually the bad stuff gets too overwhelming for the walls to contain. Then the walls come crubmling down and there is no choice but to deal with the bad stuff. Espically when it has gotten to the point that is affecting a person's health. When their spirit begins slowly to die and all they can do is watch it die. Life isn''t fair sometimes.

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Oct 14 @ 1:24PM  
your so right Angel it isn't fair at all! Which is one of the reasons I posted my blog last night about friends. If they won't be there for the hard parts why be there at all?? Personally I try to be there, that is what I"M about and for my friends.

Oct 14 @ 1:26PM  
Yeah, I know what you mean...

however what helps.... is exercising... it makes the body feel's slow going.

I started with stretching , 5 stomach crunches, 1 minute on the elliptical and 5 butterflies on weights..

slowly increased... every day... by one and then more...

it helps so much and as well feeling better emotionally, you feel better physically..

good luck

Oct 14 @ 1:35PM  
This was a hard blog to read....

Brought up a lot of pain....and I don't try to "block" the's there, it's part of my life...I can't hide from it or deny it's there. It's a pain that is still as sharp today as it was March 25, 2002. The day my fiance committed suicide. Naive me..I didn't realize the depression and addiction to pain killers was "that bad".

My advice to anyone who feels the way that is written in this help..if you know someone feeling this way..encourage them to seek help. I sure wish someone had been around to tell me this when my fiance was feeling "down" as he used to tell me.

Oct 14 @ 1:47PM  
Please smile.
I wake up everyday and try to make the most of everyday.

Oct 14 @ 2:04PM  
About 13 yrs ago, I found myself in a place I did not recognize. I had to file bankruptcy, my car's transmission went out, my fiance walked out the door due to his daughter, and my health was down the drain. I stopped eating, stopped doing everything that was normal for me except working. I could leave my house unless it was for work, nor could I stop anywhere on my way home from work. Once home, I stayed on my couch drinking gallons of Coke and eating nothing but pretzels! I didn't talk to anyone, wouldn't answer my door or phone. My roommate was in school and he wasn't around to notice. Finally his school was done and he was at home more. He started noticing small things like eating, he cook and even fix my plate, yet all I did was move the food around my plate. I couldn't sleep as my mind never stopped hunting for answers like a computer. Finally my roommate threaten to take me to the hospital and commit me if I didn't eat his food and call a Doctor. I cried for days before I finally called one. The day I went to the Doctor's I had lost a total of 60 pounds in 4 weeks!!! I cried in the shower knowing I needed to go, but knew I couldn't make myself go. My friend drove me and it was the best thing a friend has ever done for me. I talked to the DR and was afraid I had lost my mind, he reassured me I had not and that when the body and brain had to much stress it would act just like mine did. I begged him not to put me on Prozac, as I had heard nothing but horrible things about it! He laughed and said I didn't need it, but I did need medication. I started taking it right away and within a week I was able to sleep and eat!!! I felt like ME AGAIN!! I went out with friends, shopped, did all the things I had done before. My Friend Saved Me By Noticing!!!

Oct 14 @ 2:18PM  
I have had the occassional day or even the occassional week where I've felt like that. I think it's set on by routine. When I feel that depressed that I wonder if it's worth going on, I get out more often and do things I typically wouldn't do.

Get out of your rut and make an attempt to go out there and meet new people and live new experiences. Good luck to you.

Oct 14 @ 2:19PM  
Depression is a very scary thing. It can manifest itself in many different ways, mimicking all kinds of health issues. I think the hardest thing to do when you're the depressed is to see what's happening to yourself (like in VG's case). As a friend, if you notice the signs, encourage the depressed person to get help as quickly as possible.
I've been depressed a few times in my life- nothing major that lasted any length of time, but it sure did scare me. I can only imagine how hard it is for someone who is dangerously depressed.

Oct 14 @ 4:46PM  

Angel sweety; I think we all feel that way at times.
Hope it passes quickly and you get to feeling better.


Oct 14 @ 6:22PM  
Probably shouldn't admit it, but I have been where you are. More than once.
I ate, and ate - was up to almost 400 pounds.
Then one day, I woke up - deciding it was bullshit!
I went to the Doctor, and he started me on Prozac.
I went on a diet, and am still dieting.
But, I am down 175 pounds - feel great!
Drugs may not be the way for some. Try exercise, volunteer at a Nursing Home.
Get out there and show the world who YOU are!
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers......
Will be here if you need me........

Oct 20 @ 7:20AM  
You nailed that one spot on. Refusing to address and resolve problems, regardless of what they may be, is almost a guaranteed way to ruin a perfectly good relationship.

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Have you ever felt like there is no point in going on anymore?