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Assisted dying

posted 10/14/2007 11:34:19 AM |
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I have been thinking about what rights we actually have and this one came to mind.What choices we make while in a healthy mental state, I believe should be our own. If you are terminally ill and decide that at some point you dont want to live, whose choice would that be other than your own ? I know if I had the choice to make it would upset me if I thought someone else could over ride my choice.

tell me what yall think

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Oct 14 @ 11:44AM  
Get it in writing and get an attorney..........

My husband didnt.....and thanks to his sons, he is now living the life of a vegetable-

Oct 14 @ 11:47AM  
I think that once I found out I was terminally ill, I would be making a plan. I don't want others including the government deciding for me. I think I would be hording pills, so that when I decided my time here was done, I would just do it myself. Then others would have no say or feel guilty later.

Oct 14 @ 12:02PM  
I have made all my decisions and my kids know my wishes and they will abide by them.

Oct 14 @ 12:03PM  
I agree with Ash..........

Get it in writing and get an attorney..........

With me having surgery soon, i just made up a living will and gave my son medical power-of-attorney..............just in case.........not that i expect anything to happen but I dont want to live on life support if it does..........My son will do as I daughter........nah, she would have wanted to keep me around, would have been too hard of a decision for her.

I also had my will updated................

Oct 14 @ 12:18PM  
Yup, Oregon has an assisted suicide law as well. Not many doctors will do this but the few who do are always booked.

I believe that how you die, if you know you are going to anyway.. and we all will.. should be a choice you make. Yes get an attorney and yes make that living will.

Oct 14 @ 1:21PM  
Maggie I agree it is your choice and no one elses.

Oct 14 @ 1:23PM  
I agree with you 100% percent. It should be a matter of personal choice. Dr. Kevorkian should've have never went to prison for helping people end their lives. I bet the judge who sentenced him would feel different if he was terminally ill or was a vegetable. I believe people should have the right to do whatever they what with their bodies. If they want to shoot themselves up with heroine, that's their choice. If they want to sell their bodies for sex, more power to them. I'm not saying we should stop caring about people. But are we really helping non violent junkies by putting them behind bars. People use drugs mostly because they are depressed. Locking them up like animals isn't the solution. Also by make prostitution legal by making it illegal you make it unsafe. People are going to do it regardless. It's been legal in Nevada and they have never had one case of hiv since it's been legal. Also women don't have to why about being beat up, raped or killed by their pimps or customers. I know a lot of people will probably disagree.

Oct 14 @ 1:59PM  

Here in Oregon we have the right to assisted suicide.

Oct 14 @ 2:00PM  
Ten years ago, my dear mother was in the grips of a terminal cancer of the brain. All was hopeless, we grew to slowly accept that. It seemed that everyone had a horror story to tell and couldnt wait to share it with my sister and I. So and so's sister had that, and she was in such pain, she screamed for the last two weeks of her life, my uncles first wifes sister had brain cancer and she saw snakes coming out of every where, the stories went on and on. I dont know how they could be so insensitive, but that is not the story that I'm telling right now.

My mom was recused from the hospital by my brave sister and myself. Oh no the staff said, you cant take her, that is against medical advice. Yeah, well bite my ass, my mom is leaving with me today. Mom was overjoyed. We spend a few more weeks together, and she was happy everyday.

Our family doctor helped us with her medicines, he even made a house call (but that's supposed to be kept a secret). Many health care providers were in and out, finally we voiced our fears of mom slipping into uncontrollable pain, or frightening visions.

In a very casual way, not one, but three different nurses, explained to us it that if this started happening, her morphine would be greatly increased. Dying addicted to pain killers isnt a problem with us or her doctors, but that's not the story I'm telling here either.

These three nurses each told us privately how to assist my mother, if she needed help being released from her damaged body. By this point, she was completly bedridden, and seldom spoke or responded. My mother was a diabetic for many years, and used insulin injections. The nurses explained if I gave my mom a shot of insulin, and my sister was unaware of it, and she gave her another, that along with the other pain meds she was on, she would slip easliy into a coma, and go and join her family waiting on the other side.

My sister and I discussed this at lenght, and agreed to do what ever was needed, As it turned out, mom passed on her own, surrounded by her family. The first five months of her illness, I prayed daily for her to live, the last three weeks I prayed for her to die.


Oct 14 @ 2:12PM  
I know that living as a vegetable is no quality of life. I have a "living will" and that provides "DNR" on all hospital documentation. I know if I were terminally ill, and things got too bad, I would definitely want to end MY life. I think this should be everyone's individual, personal, choice. It's hard for loved ones to deal with, but they do not agree based on purely selfish reasons (loved ones want the sick person with them as long as humanly possible).
I can't imagine someone other than the terminally ill person having a say on this issue. Just make sure you get it in writing!

Oct 14 @ 2:15PM  
It doesn't even have to go as far as helping one dye. In america, there are many who get unusual or extreme body modifications who get interviewed by the FBI and questioned everytime they go to get a physical. Many of my friends and myself have to endure the possibility of having to be locked in a looney bin simply because we chose a while back to do some extreme things to our own bodies.

Oct 14 @ 2:19PM  
I agree it should be your choice..... assisted or not. I know that right before I had brain surgery, I signed DNR papers, and some of my family was very upset about it.... but I explained to them that it was my choice..... it was not an easy choice, but it was still mine!

Oct 14 @ 6:36PM  
The real thought/question is: How much is a person willing to suffer?

Oct 14 @ 7:53PM  
It is one thing dmbradley1978854 to suffer for life. What about sufferring for death? Why should we suffer if the end result is death? Of course we all have to go at one point. However, to suffer for 3 or 4 or 10 months to die of some terminal illness is silly. It is one thing to suffer for 3 or 4 or 10 months if you will continue on for another 20 yrs!

Maggie, I did a huge report on this in college. I personally am totally for physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill! To me it is sad that we can legally put our beloved pets out of their misery but we cannot do so for our loved ones.

Oct 15 @ 12:15AM  
Well you should be mad now... because a dog or cat are treated more humanely that a human being....

And when it came to the actual option.... give me a tigger switch on a medical medicine pump.. and I'll do it myself.

You have no choice... the government will make you die in unbearable pain.. or starve to death... they will not give peace at the end...

though if you made your dog suffer like that... you would be charged and the animal put out of its misery...

WTF.... only time I envy a dog or cat.

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Assisted dying