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Dinner Dilemma

posted 10/13/2007 12:13:36 PM |
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Let's say that Maybe you invited someone to dinner.
And let's say that Maybe he, (or she) had accepted.
Let's say that Maybe your best dish is one of his (or her) favorites.
BUT, it is a dish that can be made with quite a few variations.
Sooo, do you fix that dish with your recipe and hope for the best, and that he (or she) likes it?
Not many things worse than fixing dinner for someone and them not liking it.
Or do you just go with something else entirely?
Considering this person doesn't seem to be a picky eater.
Or If you were a person being invited, which would you rather someone do? And take-out is Not an option. lol
And does anyone remember how to turn one of those oven thingies on?

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Oct 13 @ 12:17PM  
Filet mingon.....bleeding.......

Oct 13 @ 12:19PM  
Turning on the oven.. look for knobby thingies.. one of em says bake broil etc on it.. another one near it should have numbers.. unless you got one of them newfangled bitches that has digital whatsits on it then I'm losted.

make what you wanna make and be happy!!!!

Oct 13 @ 12:21PM  

Oct 13 @ 12:23PM  
I'd go with something different. If it's a first cooked dinner, I'd go with Steak, Baked Potatoes, Salad and something yummy for dessert!!!

Oct 13 @ 12:33PM  
Ok, in my opinion, don't make anything spicy or garlicly.........nothing that takes up your time in the kitchen, or has a big clean up factor...........and make an awesome dessert...............and enjoy yourself...........and yes i know you are just asking a hypothetical question........isnt anything that is going on in your life.......

Oct 13 @ 12:38PM  
another one near it should have numbers

Numbers? You mean I gotta make a decision about a number? Is that anything like playing the lottery, maybe it's the right one, maybe not?

Oct 13 @ 12:39PM  
Considering this person doesn't seem to be a picky eater.
tuff call....for ME ...(only me now) if it dont taste BAD i'll eat whats put in front of me.........yano was beat into that as a kid....back when it was called DISPLINE NOT CHILD ABUSE something basic does give a way out ...hmmm.....oh what NOT to cook...spegetti ....yea yeah i KNOW i can't spell your point?? or anything else realy sloppy.....i think one of them there martha stewart types says this .......but who cares......

part of this has alot (for me) to do with how comfortable you are with the person.... but i can see where fuckin up their favorite food could go south .............think of something a bit more ..conservitive.......
yano FUCK IT.........they dont like the food but still like the company its all good and if they don't like you LET EM EAT SHIT ON A SPOON and i'll send ya the spoon

Oct 13 @ 12:53PM  
Make your favorite! I do, and people love it. The reason I say your favorite, you make it all the time, your good at it, and 9 times out of 10, you have all the ingredients! Good luck CL!!

Oct 13 @ 1:07PM  
Fix whatever you are comforatable making! Like some of the others said, easy cleanup, don't spend all night in the kitchen! Most important, have a good time!

Oct 13 @ 1:55PM  
Ok, I may be a little different here, but I find it a real turn-on if my "date" could join me in the kitchen. She doesn't need to help, but as my kitchen is rather small....

I would generally have the meat in a crock-pot, frying some 'tatoes and steaming fresh veggies, while making a salad.

Oct 13 @ 2:48PM  

I would say fix things YOUR way. The man is not a picky eater, and I'm sure he
would like to sample your cooking. You can NOT change the way you do things to suit someone else. You must be YOU and if he is worth his salt ? He will accept you for Who and what you are, and either like your cooking or work with you to prepare the meals. No two people like exactly the same things all the time. He should like you for you and NOT your cooking.

That's my opinion anyway.

Oct 13 @ 3:59PM  
Do it the Mrs. Doubtfire way:call an establishment,have them deliver the favorite food post-haste and have it "prepared" when he gets there...oh,and make sure you don't catch your boobies on fire!

Oct 13 @ 5:17PM  
NightofOld has it right. Be yourself, you guest is not there to hire a cook. Be youself and he will love you for that or he isn't worth worrying over. If the first thing he want to do is change you he is the wrong person. If you want to change from who you are he is the wrong one. Have a great weekend and Kudos.

Oct 13 @ 9:06PM  
He will accept you for Who and what you are
If the first thing he want to do is change you he is the wrong person. If you want to change from who you are he is the wrong one
Maybe I should explain.. I am who I am, and I am true to myself. I am not trying to change for anyone. No one is trying to change me. I was only concerned because truth is I really don't have anyone for dinner anymore and I wasn't sure whether to fix a specific dish my way or to go with safe. We all do have different tastes, and I don't want him to feel the need to run to McDonald's after dinner. lol Actually if I asked him, I think he might say whatever I wanted to fix. I just wanted some helpful opinions.
As far as him being the wrong person, we barely know each other. It is dinner .And a way to get to know each other a little better maybe. No changes, except maybe the nights menu.
Of course, not that I am admitting to anything.

Oct 13 @ 9:26PM  
I think that LilGriz offers the best advice thus far...

It's not the dinner, it's about the desert...

lunanegra, do you know of the episode of Faulty Towers? [I'm not sure of the spelling.]


Oct 14 @ 10:51AM  
I take it, this is a person you wish to truly impress.....therefore, I would recommend sticking to the basics....You can never go wrong with steak and the complicated stuff for another time, after you have subtley found their preferences for spices and flavors......then you can "supprise" them with their favorite meal....

Oct 16 @ 12:20AM  

Oct 16 @ 12:27AM  
Since he is very picky, go with what you consider one of your best dishes.

Um, yeah, I vaguely remember how to operate that oven thingie. It's not a whole lot different then when you cook a frozen pizza, is it?

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Dinner Dilemma