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Sick Kiddo Update

posted 10/13/2007 3:46:37 AM |
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Some of you know that I've not been online much this past week as my son has been very sick. He came home from work last Saturday night not feeling very well, but just a mild fever 99.4 and feeling a little rough. So it was "take some Tylenol baby and get some rest". Sunday he was a little worse, the fever was a little higher and he was kind of achy so he called in to his part time job that he wasn't coming in and laid around most of the day taking some Tylenol and resting. Well come was much worse! His fever jumped to a scary high of 105.3! This high can cause convulsions! So to the Dr. we go, and while they weren't quite sure what he had they gave him some 500mg Penicillin (I had no idea they still made Penicillin??) he was to take it 4 times daily and take Tylenol and Advil, alternating every 4 hours for the fevers. She said if he wasn't better in a couple of days to bring him back. We did the every four hours thing with me getting up with him at night and my mom staying with him during the day as he was pretty much out of it. We had to, the fever would come down to around 100 but then by the time it was time for another dose it was back up in the scary range again! He didn't get better in the couple of days. In fact he got much worse. Couldn't eat, couldn't keep anything down, achy all over, couldn't breathe, still running high was a nightmare. To watch this big sturdy "man-boy" lie there so sick, hurting so badly and nothing I did seemed to help, it was killing me! Called the Dr. and got him back in yesterday, where they ran a myriad of tests and blood work! It's not Lyme disease (he remembered a tick bite a few weeks ago!) It turns out he had a severe viral infection and a cold. But the main culprit this week was he is totally allergic to Penicillin!! Once he stopped that, they gave him a shot and two other meds it was like a miracle cure! Seems not all allergic reactions have hives or any visible symptoms! Within just a few hours he actually ate a grilled cheese and some soup! Today more solid food! He is on the mend! So I just wanted to say thanks for all the prayers and well wishes I've gotten from some of you these last few days! Also...Watch out for yourselves and kiddos apparently there is a very nasty flu bug going around early this year!

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Oct 13 @ 3:58AM  
Good to hear and happy for you both.

Medicine...if it don't cure you it could kill you.....
Adverse reaction to medications is something all of us must be concerned about, and prepared to react to in a moment notice. Glad that your situation was quickly remedied.

Take care of yourself and your family, LBS. Look forward to your return to AMD.


Oct 13 @ 4:26AM  
Yes ..some people are allergic to pennicilan...glad to hear Kiddo is on the mend.

Oct 13 @ 5:56AM  
I'm glad to hear he feels better and is recuperating well.

Oct 13 @ 6:16AM  
I havent been on much this week and didnt know about your son. I am glad he is feeling better. I will keep an eye out for this bug. i have already been sick once and hope not to get sick again.

Oct 13 @ 6:49AM  
Adverse reaction to medications is something all of us must be concerned about

There are very few true allergies and most are what are considered adverse reactions. But, just because it isn't a real allergy doesn't mean it can't be life threatening. There are plenty of families of drugs to treat most things but in a few situations there is only one drug and the pros & cons of an adverse reaction have to be weighed carefully.

I haven't been on much this week

Um, plenty enough to crow about your Cowboys and claim the title of Kudo Whore!

Glad to hear that your son is doing better, LBS. It really sucks when mom is not able to kiss it and make it all better. Even if he is a man child (to us, they are always our babies, even when they tower a foot over us! )

Oct 13 @ 7:37AM  
Stormy I am glad he is doing better and his reaction was not more serious. They are always our babies, no matter what age or how tall. Take care of him And you.

Oct 13 @ 8:45AM  
Honestly I'm shocked that with a temp of 105 they didn't admit him to the hospital, and in my opinion not doing so appears negligent.

Of course they still 'make' penicillin. It's quite effective for a number of infections, especially if one has not been on any type of antibiotics for quite some time or has not picked up one of the resistant super bugs.

But all is well that ends well.. glad he is better now. Incidentally, an allergy to penicillin is the most common med allergy around... esp. with O + blood types. The clue tipping off the allergy should have been that he could NOT breathe.

Oct 13 @ 9:04AM  
Good to hear he is doing better LBS

Oct 13 @ 10:55AM  
bout time for some good news

hours he actually ate a grilled cheese and some soup!

ummm if thats tomato soup n grilled cheez...i'm on my way for a dose of that on sunday

Oct 13 @ 11:07AM  
I too somehow missed that your son wasn't well. I am however glad to hear that he is doing better now!! There is nothing more stressful for a mother than to watch her child hurt and being unable to do a damn thing about it. Good luck to you both....

Oct 13 @ 11:44AM  
Glad he's on the mend Stormy! That means mommy can finally have a few moments of rest too. Hope your weekend is good!

Oct 13 @ 12:23PM  
Poor little lamb...........

Soooo glad he's feeling better

Oct 13 @ 12:24PM  
I am so glad he is on hte road to recovery!! Now poor mom can crash at least for a few hours

Oct 13 @ 1:01PM  
wooooooohoooooooooooo on the road to recovery....... take care of you too ....

Oct 13 @ 1:16PM  
The clue tipping off the allergy should have been that he could NOT breathe.
I'd just like to say that by the couldn't breathe part I meant he couldn't breathe clearly as in his nose was stuffy. I am very familiar with Anaphlaxis as I have been hospitalized twice from this myself. However my reactions to NSAIDs were much different. Severe hives, swelling of face, limbs and tongue. Difficulty in breathing totally from my throat closing up, not just a very stuffy nose. And my son was also hospitalized as infant for severe reactions to Pertussis on his first shots. This was a different reaction completely or I would have taken him to ER the first night he had any symptoms. As for not knowing that they still made it, well I remember it was the prescription of choice when I was a child for tonsilitis and colds. However in my sons lifetime it's always been K-Flex or other varieties of Amoxicillin that has been prescribed for same ailments.

Oct 13 @ 3:16PM  
I'm sorry LBS, didn't know your son was sick. I am happy hes on the mend! Kids are a precious thing to us all. They are our future! Hugs to your son, and to you!

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Sick Kiddo Update