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Concealed Weapons and Infertility Clinics/Drugs

posted 10/12/2007 9:18:19 PM |
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tagged: rant

**Please note.... this is NOT a light and fluffy blog... it deals with real life issues. I am in NO WAY trying to put down the people of the world with mental health issues**..................

Well..... a few months ago I went to a gun shoppe, and decided that I wanted to begin carrying this coolest hand gun that I found .....

damn.... I LOVED the way it fit into my hand, how light it was, and the thought of having a weapon on me if someone pissed me off a bit too much was a feeling of total happiness...

so before inquiring about how much the gun was, I asked about the process for carrying a concealed weapon.... .... I quickly found out that I had to go through a mental health background check, along with a background criminal check in all the places that I had ever lived.

All of this was cool with me, so the long process began, and is still being dragged out.....but no big deal... right??.... well.... that was until I found THIS out!!!.....

I know of a woman who has two children, who has no rights to them, has been in and out of several mental health units, has been on every psychotropic drug imagineable (and then some) and does not even pay child support on the children she already has on this planet, because she is living off the system due to mental incapabilities....

her and her husband split about five years ago, she is now remarried, and I just found out that she is pregnant..... with triplets..... using fertility drugs!!!!!!

First thing I did was pray for those babies..... but then I got thinking about it all, and I became really fucking angry.

Why is it that a sane person like myself has to go through a mental health background check before buying a gun, but a piece of shit "mother" can go to an infertility clinic, and receive treatment without having a background check done?

Let me guess.... it would be discrimination .... right?? Well, let me tell you.... I am thinking about becoming a fucking lobbyist, and fighting for a law that says that a woman should have to go through a background check before receiving infertility drugs!

Yes, I am damn angry!!!!! If they had just run a background check on her, they would know that her first two children were taken away from her, and are being raised by someone else. The would also know that she has major mental issues, which she tried to pass down to her children (munchauser by proxy).

So... the question I have for you is.... should I contact governement, should I write letters to the editor,...... what would you do? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Oct 12 @ 9:22PM  
Isn't this a great country? Just wait 15-20 more years.

Oct 12 @ 9:39PM  

Both of my daughters have PTSD, both live and are well. My oldest is 34, the other 31. The are healthy and happy and both with children. Its the ones that don't take there meds and DON"T want them. Thats what gives my girls a bad name.... I am not offended by your blog, just I know what you are speaking of. Both of my girls do not want anymore children because of the debilitating disease, and frankly I give them both kudos for that decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a known fact that mental instability is sometimes in your genes and I'm not talking blue either. Unfortunately, my 1st husband was bi-polar at best!!!! With that, and with other things in there grown life, that no one can avoid, this disease is not a pretty sight when not taken care of.

I just hope they both know that I love them, and I will always be here for them!

Oct 12 @ 9:55PM  
Either a letter or a phone call to your senator and representative would probably be a good place to start. Email could work too, I guess, but I think that tends to get taken less seriously than the prior two. That goes for both the state and federal levels. Generally this is done in reference to a bill that they would be voting on, but I don't see why you couldn't bring the issue up with them in the first place. It may be something that haven't even thought about, and wouldn't have except for you.

Anything that makes people aware of or think about better checks for fertility drugs would be beneficial, as would getting involved with organizations, political or not, that would be interested. Planned Parenthood would most likely be receptive, and they're completely awesome besides. Letters to the editor or editorial of your own are a good idea too. Anything that makes people aware is good, as long as it's not too hostile or confrontational and makes sense. Hell, writing about it here has probably made at least a few people think.

Oct 12 @ 11:20PM  
So... the question I have for you is.... should I contact governement, should I write letters to the editor,...... what would you do? Does anyone have any suggestions?

You should be very careful about her sanity.
She's all ready for the day
when she runs into totally happy
[B]gun totin', letter writin' you.
She and her husband and kids
will beat the crap out of you.

Oct 13 @ 3:11AM  
I know the frustration you feel. Last month I sat in court and watched as we sentenced a girl to 5 yrs in DOC for probation violations. She was on probation for endangering the welfare of a child. DFS had taken her child about a year ago and the state pressed charges for the conditions the child was living in and the condition of the child when they intervened. A year later there she stands, having violated her probation by doing meth and smoking pot. Testing dirty multiple times and refusing to work, pay court costs, etc. She breaks down crying and begs the Judge not to send her to prison because why? She's pregnant again! Now this unborn child has been exposed to her drugs and will be born in prison!! The judge correctly assumed that was the only way to guarantee that she remains clean throughout the rest of the pregnancy.
Then just yesterday I was driving down the street on my way to work and saw one of our local "frequent fliers" as I call the repeat offenders. I know the state took custody of her four children for neglect and her criminal records. Lo and behold, she is walking down the sidewalk pregnant again! Where does it stop? How do we end it? My cousin went through major checks and jumped through hoops for years to adopt a child, yet it seems some women can just shell them out, get them taken away and replace them again! It is greatly disturbing!

Oct 13 @ 6:09PM  
I think you have an interesting argument with merits. ...I'd just get a real fucking gun, but that's me. If you want a gun to have if someone pisses you off to much, then maybe you shouldn't have a gun. Perhaps I misunderstand what you say.
Anyway, please put things into pecuniary perspectives... When someone is labled with mental difficiencies, it is probably because she demonstrates behavior that's counter-productive to what the most powerful capitalists and landlords desire. In other words, if someone can't play by somone else's rule they don't get to play with guns, speaking hypothetically.

If you have knowledge that someone is remarried and receiving fertility drugs, but is still living off the system, then I say fuck that, let's make her and her new husband pay child support, etc... Furthermore, buatbu makes a good point... Still, I doubt that things will take half of the 15-20 years... It's my understanding that funds are being diverted away from the mental health care system...

As I say elsewhere, you just need a good lay

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Concealed Weapons and Infertility Clinics/Drugs