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OH MY FUCKING GOD.. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner was announced!

posted 10/12/2007 6:55:35 AM |
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tagged: prize, gore, 2007

It actually happened. I can't believe this actually happened.

OSLO, Norway - Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Friday for their efforts to spread awareness of man-made climate change and lay the foundations for counteracting it

What WAS that committee thinking?

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OH MY FUCKING GOD.. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner was announced!
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Oct 12 @ 7:04AM  
They were thinking a one million dollar prize.

Oct 12 @ 7:18AM  
This guy is truly such a joke with his 'pseudo-science' and altered research figures to attempt to make their point.

Oct 12 @ 7:55AM  
Someone has to win- might as well be him!

Oct 12 @ 8:04AM  
It discredits one of the most distinguished awards.

Oct 12 @ 8:27AM  
Awesome!!! All ya gotta do is run around screaming "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!"

And you get an award for peace? And a $1M check?

I can do that. I'm changing my vocation.

Oct 12 @ 9:05AM  
So everyone commenting is an expert at environmental science? I see no refutative data from you folks.
Congrats to Gore. He actually brings up the reputation of the Nobel peace prize which sunk to it's lowest giving Henry Kissinger the Nobel PP in 1973.
On the other hand . . . any women out there wanna get their appetite tickled? LOL

Oct 12 @ 9:10AM  
My comment to GORE!!!

Oct 12 @ 9:46AM  
Hey,give the guy(Al Gore) a break; after all he did "invent" the Internet,and got "squat" for that. btw, multiple winners in the same category,evenly divide the prize money.

Oct 12 @ 9:50AM  
If it wasn't for people like Al Gore trying to create awareness of what we are doing to the environment, we would be living in a cesspool of pollution and breathing toxic smog. At least we have cleaner rivers, and better air quality than we had years ago.
I don't think we can stop global warming and what results from that isn't going to be a huge disaster. The ocean will rise so gradually over probably hundreds of years and other areas will become deserts. If the oceans level rises and storms become worse we will be forced to move cities away the coast ....but yeah, the polar bear will only be able to live in zoos and many other species will become extinct just as they do from environmental changes caused by man.

Oct 12 @ 9:58AM  
I guess my age is showing...I remember when the FIRST requirement for winning was to have done something to promote world peace and harmony.....The key word here being DONE, not "talked about".....Well, that's just me, and I ain't in

By the way, Al,...Did you take that big, polluting, fossil fuel burning JET, and ride around in one of those gas guzzling limo's, while being escorted by 20 other vehicles, to appear and collect your million dollars?...or do the RIGHT thing by taking a sailboat and riding a bicycle?...Just asking, but then again...that's just me.....

Oct 12 @ 10:18AM  
straightup, Al Gore is one of those....Do as I say, not as I do!

Oct 12 @ 10:33AM  
GREAT!!! I'm just wondering he got the brains!!

I guess the committee had to lower there standards, maybe there isn't enough people that really deserve such an award!!! NOT!!!!!

Calgon, take me away!

Oct 12 @ 10:34AM  
Personally, I think Brittany Spears should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize.. after all she's going around showing her piece.. er

Oct 12 @ 10:36AM  
What is so hard to fathom, the man invented the internet for christs sake.
Just don't ask him to spell potato.

Oct 12 @ 10:50AM  
Imagine... more pollution caused by the eruption of Mt St Helens than has ever been caused by all the exhaust emmisions since day 1! Oh yeah.. lets all jump on the stupid wagon and purchase carbon neutral points so we can heat and cool a 5k sq ft home and fly all over in a Jet and say "My name is Al Gore. Lookie at meeee! I'm against global warming and I gotta peace prize" This is truly a blight on the Nobel Commission.

Oct 12 @ 11:27AM  
Yeah, go figure- guess "anyone" can be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize these days without half trying!!

Oct 12 @ 11:36AM  
Wow..... so many comments to make.... so little space.

Anyone can narrate a documentary...... try actually doing something.

At least we have cleaner rivers, and better air quality than we had years ago.
Yes, and that trend started years before Al was around to take credit for it.

They are quick to trumpet how Bush didn't hook up with the Kyoto (sp?) treaty. Well, Clinton didn't subscribe to it either. And why should they? It does NOTHING to restrict the "emerging" nations.... including the biggest poluter in the world. China. BTW....... next time you're in a wal-mart or target or any big box store..... look on the back of anything you see walking down the isle. 85% of everything you see says made in China. Forget about learning Spanish people, learn Chineese. But I digress.

Carbon Credits. What a HUGE pile of steaming dung. People who do not pollute get credits for it that they can sell to people who DO pollute... which does NOTHING to reduce pollution. Who thought this fiasco up???

Oct 12 @ 12:09PM  
I can not speak inteligently about this....

But who was he up against for the prize. Maybe he was only applicant?

Ya know a 1st place win with no competition isn't much of a contest.

Oct 12 @ 12:09PM  
Is this really such a protégées award. The award is named after the man that invented dynamite. And remember Jimmy Carter won it also and he never did anything but bash Bush and America from Communist countries. It has also been won by Castro, Stallion, Hitler. Maybe it should be called the haters award.


Oct 12 @ 1:15PM  
The first four words of the thread/blog title could have been given a little more consideration instead of what you used.


Oct 12 @ 2:40PM  
Ah, Mr. Blue.. So sorry to have offended you. The moral majority crowd hangs out over at the Kiddie Match Doctor site, but you are certainly welcome to your opinion on any of my blogs.

Oct 12 @ 3:27PM  
He heh I like you S.O.M.

Oct 12 @ 3:56PM  
I wonder if God condones the use of cucumber dildos, or the mere suggestion thereof?


Oct 12 @ 5:24PM  
Ya know Pudge.. I think SOMEONE ought to write a blog on that. What do you think?


Oct 12 @ 6:36PM  
Unfortunately, Mr. Gore was not the only nominee. Also nominated were... drum roll please... Holocaust child-saver, Irena Sendler; former Finnish President and international mediator Martti Ahtisaari; Aids crusader, Stephen Lewis; and among others, Rush Limbaugh who only had a more slightly marginal chance than President Bush, who had the worst odds of winning than any other nominee according to

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OH MY FUCKING GOD.. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner was announced!