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Venting my poisoned mind.

posted 10/12/2007 6:26:07 AM |
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This is a blog to release the thoughts that poison my mind and my heart. If you are sensitive about your weight please stop here. If you are inclined to take open statements as a personal attack please stop here. If you haven't figured out yet, this blog is going to be negitive. I am writing it for purely selfish reasons. It is for me and me alone. This blog is in responce to the world outside of AMD. Nothing and no one here at AMD has done or said anything to warrant this blog.

I am sooooo sick of old fat women being to only women interested in me. I get far to many requests for attention from women of girth. I'm not sure why. What is it about me that screams "I like fat chics.". Is there a rule book that I'm not aware of. I am really tired of being nice to people. I don't want to hurt someones feelings. There is a point when I have to say, "look, your just too fat for me to be interested in.". I was married to a fat women for 12 years and I dated an older fat women for 7 years. I'm over the fat chic thing. If I can't put my arms around a women and pick her up when I'm huggin her, I just don't want to be with her. Its a selfish idea. But, at this point in my life, I'd rather be alone than with a fat women.

Please feel free to spit venom at me, for it is the price I must pay to say these things. I gave it great thought before posting this. I accepted the price before I wrote it.

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Oct 12 @ 6:31AM  
If I can't put my arms around a women and pick her up when I'm huggin her, I just don't want to be with her. Its a selfish idea. But, at this point in my life, I'd rather be alone than with a fat women.

We all have certain things that attract us to another person. There is nothing wrong with knowing that. However, if you feel that only old, fat women are interested in you, you might want to explore why.

Oct 12 @ 6:52AM  
You dont like fat women.....I dont like short biggie

Oct 12 @ 6:55AM  
L4E, actually I would like to explore the "Why". I just don't know how to do it politely. Any thoughts on that matter would be helpfull.

Ash, oddly enough I agree that men should be at least a little taller than the women. To me, your preference isn't just normal but proper.

Oct 12 @ 7:16AM  
I hear ya and I can't do the short dudes either.. specially not the hairy italian variety... ewwwwww

Oct 12 @ 8:00AM  
Each one of us is attracted to certain qualities in the opposite sex. There isn't anything wrong with that. You can't help that. And there's no reason for you to sacrifice your principles just to save someone else's feelings- you can just say, "I'm not interested!" and that should do the trick.

Oct 12 @ 8:57AM  
Sunshinegal, in a twist of irony, I'm not attracted to a women because of her looks. Its her personality that gets my attention.

Thank you for the advice. Most often I am interested in being friends. But, nothing more. I think I need a dating overhaul, do they have those. Is there a place where people go to get refurbished.

Oct 12 @ 10:03AM  
well I'm "fat" and was skinny all my life. But what the hell?? As we age the body seems to do its own thing. Some of us don't like what is happening anymore than you do!!! But you know what?? That is what makes everyone unique!! We all like different things and that includes body types! So no offense taken and I really agree with you "to each their own"

Oct 12 @ 10:09AM  
Yes, I do have to agree with the statements above. To each their own! Each individual has their own preference, and their right to that preference. In my opinion, it is just a choice to be nice or mean on how one lets another down! It seems you are normally very nice, and things can be worded politely. Just dont worry about it! THat is life, and that is your preference!! Just keep having fun!!

Oct 12 @ 10:55AM  
Nativeamr35 I agree with everyone else. We each have our own likes and dislikes. I was married to a thin lady for 16 years. The lady I am with now and for 19 years is larger. I have learned thou the years that I prefer a lady with a sweet loving personality. It has been my experience that ladies of size have better personalities and are more fun and loving.
The thing that turns me off the most is a loud, embarrassing woman that is always late (so everyone can see her come in) loud (so everyone looks at her) mean and bitchy (so every fears her) I lived this nightmare for 16 years and no thanks. I want my sweet ladies of size.


Oct 12 @ 11:06AM  
This is not a cut or a putdown...But, you are 36 years old, and been involved with "fat" women for 19 of those years....Older, "fat" women aren't stupid, nor are they gluttons for rejection....If they are in fact, approaching you, then it's because you are sending out vibes (and this may be unconcious on your part) that you are interested.

C'mon, me out here...have you ever approached anyone whom you didn't think would be interested?....


Oct 12 @ 11:23AM  
Recently, I turned down a lady who emailed me from another site! What was the problem? She was just too tall! I'm 5' 7"- she is 5' 11" and before anyone says anything, it's not a power thing! Most of the women in my life have been my height or taller! So, I prefer one that's shorter than myself for a change!

I replied indicating that "I may sound shallow" but that she was just too tall! Guess I should have simply said "I'm not interested!" as SG above suggested! Maybe it wasn't the right reply to send to her but I feel "right" in the type of lady I'm looking for! Else, why bother to have a questionnaire regarding the type of person you're looking for in the first place? And wouldn't it be unfair to continue contacting someone, when you are not attracted to that person?


Oct 12 @ 11:23AM  
You didn't say where these women approach you. Singles dances? Grocery store? Walking down the sidewalk??

As for on here....... read your profile.

The person I would like to meet
Anybody and everybody.

Maybe you need to redefine??

Oct 12 @ 12:01PM  
Hornytoad, thats kinda the same boat I'm in now, been there done that, looking for a change.

Straightup, thats the "why" that was spoken of before. Its obvious that these women are attracted to me. What I'd like to know, is what are those vibes. A female friend of mine said that I look like I'm a romantic man. Which is really odd, because I'm the "Anti-Romantic".

Slohand, not to be a pill, but if you'll reread the blog, it states that no one here is the reason for the blog. The fact is everyone here has been very kind and gracious to me. Um, come to think of it, I've never gotten an email from anyone here that I didn't know already. Wow, now that I think about it, thats why I like this place. Because I don't get emails from strangers. Never would have thought that.

To answer the first part of your question....

It happens everywhere. Online, at the bars, in a flea market, at the drive-thru, and everywhere else between.

Oct 12 @ 12:27PM  
THANK GOD I never contacted you .......

Oct 12 @ 12:29PM  
maybe join a gym.......

Oct 13 @ 1:44AM  
Perhaps you should put something like this in your profile? Might dissuade them before it got started! I'm with Ash we all have our preferences so it's no biggie. Just might need to explain it a little more in your essays so someone would see it first! Good luck to ya!

Oct 13 @ 4:26PM  
Maggie, you and alot of others at happy for not contacting me....

paintslim Huhhhhhhh??????

LBS thanks! although I think the problem is me, not what I put in a profile. L4E touched on it. Understanding the "why" is a better idea. Is there a vibe I give off? Yes there is. I asked one of the ladies why. She replied that its the feeling I gave her. Actually, she said its because I'm happy with myself and life in general.

Which raises another question. If they are attracted to happy people what are skinny girls attracted to, unhappy people?

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Venting my poisoned mind.