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Stop Me Before I Do Something Really Stupid... (and other confessions)

posted 10/12/2007 3:23:28 AM |
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tagged: travel, stupid, contracts, adventure

Oh yeah.. its that time again. I have about 2.5 months left on my current contract here. Nope, its not time to renew or haul ass yet, but it is time to begin to consider should I stay or should I go and if going is the answer.. where might I want to go. Sounds pretty clear cut but often it's not so clear cut at all.

So, in light of this time, I have begun to do a little looking around. Do I want to go contract again or find something permanent? Well the money is in the contract for sure and doesn't require any long term commitments... so obviously for going.. that's going to be what I check out first. Well, I've been looking around seeing what's open in my field.. where the trend appears to be headed for a bit of stability, who is offering what and where and when they want you to be there. Dayum that's a mouthful. Ya know, contracting is like being a paid whore.. and I don't hesitate to say that I go to the highest bidder when it's all said and done. However, I digress and there are indeed a few areas of the country that I would love to check out.

Contract in Manchester, NH... hmmm I do love NH. okay.. what else? Ah yes.. Ohio is always available but damn.. I spent last winter there and I'm really not feeling like punishing myself. 20k sign on for perm in South Jersey?!? Tempting as the $$ may be, that thought is down right frightening. KC is always good and something or someone in the midwest always seems to be bekoning me to come back. Next! Hmmmm what's this? "Not for Wimps" it says. Now THAT gets my attention. I am in no way a wimp. 9 bed hospital? 2k + per week plus free housing, utilities, & airfare? So what is so damn hard about working in a 9 bed hospital? Maybe because its in Nome, Alaska!

Nome. Now any of you who really know me and my kids well, know that they have been bugging the hell out of me from day 1 to take a contract up in Alaska. I don't believe they had Nome in mind LOL! Fairbanks or Anchorage.. sure.. pretty typical of any american town. Kenai? Cool.. my buddy BabyFord lives there. Why the draw to AK? In the words of my son.. "Mom! I just HAVE to see Denali and I MUST see beluga whales!" But Nome? A small town of about 2000 on the NW shores of the state.. right on the Bering Sea and about 500 miles north of Fairbanks. Can't take my car.. hell it wouldn't run there for long anyway with no oil heater or tranny blanket.. getting it there by ship? Well I can tell you that no ship is going to be making it to Nome in January when I'm available to go.

They do have roughly 300 miles of roads.. that do not connect with any other town. I have been told that there are actually rental cars available. The mail is flown in every afternoon and the paper which comes with the mail is a day behind. Now for the next question... why would they need someone in my specialty (crit care/ER RRT) at a 9 bed hospital? Duh.. for survivors of the Iditarod when that race ends there in March, and transports down to Fairbanks or maybe to Seattle where the nearest level I trauma center is. There is no level I in Alaska.. shit happens and you just have to deal with it.

Damn someone quick! Break my fingers so I can't dial the phone or email them my resume.

Oh yeah, then there is the lure of the Arch City. Uh huh, that gateway to the west that I left when I began my travelling journey. I've had an "offer" there too and still weighing the pro's and con's and trying to decide if I would be truly happy there.. or if my kids would be, because they have a say so in everything we do. "Gimme one reason to stay here... and I'll turn right back around..."

Decisions, decisions. Anyone want to try to influence me on my next location? Aww hell no, I'm not talking about some jump in the frying pan, half planned romance. Tell me if you like your area of the country.. whats good about it and why I might like working there for 3 months or more. Oh and needless to say I will have my own place, thanks. Simply considering where to go next.

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Oct 12 @ 4:31AM  
Chicago is a great city........... in the summer. January? Not so much.

I think you should check out Hawaii. It's nice ANY Time.

Oct 12 @ 4:43AM  
Indianapolis has two, not one, but TWO Level 1 Trauma Centers, a great medical school and some of the best medical care in the country. There is the Super Bowl Champs here, pro basketball, me, Ynot and a slew of others...all good reasons for coming to the Circle City (well, not to mention car could I forget that?!?!?!) but I think I would opt for Nome. Oh, yes, I would! It's short term so it's not like you are stuck there forever (though, in the winter, with little to no daylight, it might eem like forever). If the kids are all for it, why not?

Oct 12 @ 5:16AM  
Yes....Slohand...hit the nail on the head ...Hawaii would be my choice and of course you would have to consider taking old Borty along too....

Oct 12 @ 6:00AM  
Everyone I have every talked to that lived in AK, wants to go back. The kinda want the little babies feel when they are hungry.

Can't tell ya anything good about where I live. Too damned many people here now. Half speak spanish and not english. You pay 3 times as much for housing at half the wages.

Oct 12 @ 7:04AM  
As having lived in IL for many years, the kids and I do love Chicago. The Field is great, as well as Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, Milleum Park. But I think we had a new place to see in mind.

Hawaii would be very nice, not so sure about the pay package on a contract there tho. Thats one of those contracts you do and spend more than you make but do it anyway just for the fun. Incidentally a friend of mine just got back from there last week. The Pride of Hawaii is actually considering hiring RRT's to cruise with them on their medical staff. Would be very cool, providing I could take my kids. They do travel with me.

Indy? I have definitely considered it before and have the app package for my professional license there stored on my laptop right now. Its quick and easy licensure too and close to my daughter in Louisville, KY.

Ah, but that statement alone.. "Not For Wimps" Now to talk to the kids and discuss the possibility. Would be a great adventure for sure. How many people can say they have ridden on a dog sled or seen the finish to the Iditarod? This is so tempting I must be nuts.

Oct 12 @ 9:27AM  
Well, it is always warmer in the, I gotta go with the kidlettes on this one...Take the opportunity to try Alaska...You won't regret it...It would take some adjusting on your part...and the dangers of even mundane tasks are VERY real...

As far as the car?...get rid of it, or store me...there WILL be one you can buy when you get there, then sell when you leave...

But you will come away with experiences and memories of a lifetime...

Oct 12 @ 10:11AM  
Don't you just love decisions that will affect not only you but the kids as well?? Its so funny I was just commenting to a friend of mine I wish I could find a job and travel but since I don't know nuthin i'm stuck here Go for it!! What is a year?? A lifetime of memories??? An experience for you and the kids?? Hell you might even find the man of your heart But its your choice

Oct 12 @ 10:39AM  
SOM, I live in NW Kansas hon, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!

Unless you like naked cow tippen!! Its an art as best!! Of course then theres the udder pull, ya just have to be careful you don't get cows milk all over you! Oh and of course then theres the grain bin clean ups, but we won't go there, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Good luck!!

Oct 12 @ 10:54AM  
OH! and SOM, we also have cow chip tossen, another art form at best!

Just remember that if you interested in any of these positions, you have to thru you local job agency, which may take you 30 minutes to get to, or more.

Oct 12 @ 10:57AM  
Well Dede, If I did go to KC I would be working on the Missouri side, not that that is any better, but at least I still have my professional license active there lol. And trust me, its no worse in winter than Central IL. Come to think of it... I knew some people who moved up to AK from Central IL and they said the winters were actually milder in Alaska.

Oct 12 @ 3:04PM  
and ya know.. its been a few years since I've got cow tippin. couldn't dare let myself get out of practice, but its like riding a bike, you know.. once ya have done it you remember it quickly.

Oct 12 @ 3:12PM  
You are obviously one of the few blessed with a career in such demand that you can go anywhere. Planning your next locale is like other people planning a vacation.
My area, the Dallas area, has nothing to do with horses and cowboys beyond a football team. It is not unlike a lot of large southern and western cities, sprawling suburbia. In the 70s and 80s people came from all over the country to this area. Now, it is folks from all over the world, mostly Mexcio and central America. Let me put it to you this way...What will you NOT find in a Dallas convenience store? Answer: An American behind the check out counter.
If I was considering Texas and had a career like yours where I could go anywhere, I would look into Austin or Corpus Christi.

Oct 12 @ 5:44PM  
I updated my resume posting my next available date. It's time to let the bidding wars for this contract whore to begin.. may the highest paying Pimp win! I just hope those Pimps (agency recruiters) let me get some sleep and not call so damn much during the day.

I definitely consider myself among the fortunate Wordsofwit. There is such a need and not enough trained experience healthcare providers to fill at least a fifth of the job openings out there. I guarantee you its hard work because everyone is understaffed and traveling isn't for everyone but we do have fun with it. It's like an extended vacation in an area, with one small glitch.. I do have to work while I'm there and its hell on having any kind of romantic relationship.

Oct 12 @ 8:42PM  
Jus' an opin......

Dear SoM, after reading your blog and perusing your options up for selection....I can gather that out of the six selections available, there is one that is nearest to the heart of your children and yourself: Nome, Alaska.

You may ask, from what evidence have I come to that conclusion???
a)The fact that a third of your blog speaks to the positives for going to that location. The rest are given one or two sentences,at best.
b)The colorful manner in which you describe what may await you and your family, there.
c)That you have found a negative attribute for each of the other candidates.

When it comes to life-changing decisions that effect family and yourself....receive SOUND counsel from your head, but FOLLOW your heart. If you utilize that as a blueprint to look at....either way you will FEEL confident that you did what was best for YOU.

As far as my description of this area, in light of DeDe54's description of our more, shall I say, "legacy" living lifestyle ( Thanks DeDe ...some of us were not born in a barn) .....

We have similar amenities to most metropolitan areas:
Urban living
Numerous shopping locations
Changing infrastructure to include construction of several downtown facilities (ex. arena, company headquarters, performing arts center, theater and multi-purpose buildings, et al)
parks and recreation areas
fine dining
sport teams and sports facilities
wide-range of musical locales
burgeoning suburbs
Just a few of the good and bad of this region...and we got cow tippin'

Finally, ( I know, I know...does this guy ever shut-up, it was a simple question, sheesh) I applaud your blog. And, I wish you the best on your choice. May it always bring you happiness and satisfaction.

Oct 15 @ 7:03PM  
Charleston is nice. I'm not sure about the opportunities in your field. They're probably limited to the major medical university here. One benifit to Charleston is that my body is here most of the time and you could, well you know, pretty much whenever you're in the mood. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck...

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Stop Me Before I Do Something Really Stupid... (and other confessions)