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Just Absolutely Absurd!!!

posted 10/11/2007 7:33:59 AM |
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We're all hypocritical, to a certain extent.

For instance, I could never kill an animal. I just simply couldn't do it.

If someone else does the killing however, whether it's a cow, chicken, deer, duck, alligator, or something else tasty...I'd sure as hell wouldn't have any problem eating it.

Which brings us to this incident concerning Danny Bonaduce and Jonny Fairplay.

I'm going to be hyprocritical, by knocking the coverage it's getting, yet taking the time to wrtie about it myself.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, Bonaduce and Fairplay got into an altercation on October 2, during the "Really Awards" (yes...they really have these), when Fairplay was booed by the audience (God...I can't imagine why), Bonaduce came out an said; "It's because they hate you" (because they really love the great Danny Bonaduce), Fairplay jumps into Bonaduce's arms, and then proceeds to hump him like a German Shepherd on Viagra.

Bonaduce then flips Fairplay over his shoulders, face first, causing him damage.

Bonaduce then proceeds to strut around the stage, like he had just completed the greatest feat known to man.

The video is on youtube, if you want to check it out.

Now, Fairplay is apparently suing Bonaduce.

That's completely ridiculous, as it was Fairplay that made contact with Bonaduce first, by jumping into this arms and acting like a complete imbecile.

My question is; why in the name of all that's sacred is this story on "real news"?

I can understand Entertainment Tonight, or Inside Edition picking it up, but not Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

What the fuck did Jonny "Fucking" Fairplay ever do to even be mentioned on any kind of newscast?

He apparently won "Survivor" with some kind of lie about his grandmother being dead.

You'd probably know better than me, as I've never watched "Survivor".

I have seen the guy in TNA Wrestling, where he was completely putrid, and I have to tell you, he strikes me as a guy who's milk money never made it past the bus stop when he was in school.

Bonaduce's a guy that has more talent than Fairplay, but still hasn't done anything worth mentioning in the last 30-plus fucking years!

What the hell has he done since the Partridge Family went off the air?

Let's see...he became a drug addict, he hosted a pathetic television variety show, he became a bad radio dee-jay, he beat up a transvestite, and he boxed Barry Williams (Greg, from The Brady Bunch), in an event he took entirely too seriously.

Boy, that puts him right up there with the all-time greats!

Again, it's Fairplay's fault he got his sorry ass kicked, by jumping into Bonaduce's arms in the first place. The authorities correctly didn't press charges, and Fairplay has no chance of winning a suit...but why would Bonaduce even comment when someone is getting booed anyway?

As the Fat Albert Gang would say; "Bonaduce reminds me of Christmas at class."

I'm just completely astounished by how much publicity this incident involving these two clowns has gotten.

You can now officially count me among those that have talked/written way too much about this absurd incident.

I'd rather spend two more hours watching Geraldo Rivera open up another vault than spend two more seconds hearing about this crap.

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Oct 11 @ 7:40AM  
If I ever cross paths with 'Fairplay', I'll slam him myself....

Oct 11 @ 7:48AM  
Let's see...he became a drug addict, he hosted a pathetic television variety show, he became a bad radio dee-jay, he beat up a transvestite, and he boxed Barry Williams (Greg, from The Brady Bunch), in an event he took entirely too seriously.

Well, he did have this pretty decent talk show with Dick Clark and others for a little while...

But, yeah, I am flabbergasted at what is termed as real news these days.

Oct 11 @ 9:02AM  
Yes, I hear that they're giving airtime to anything these days...............they both suck!!

Oct 11 @ 9:12AM  
who did what to who and made the news

Oct 11 @ 9:20AM  
With 24/7 so called new the grab onto any story. If not we would politics 24/7.

Oct 11 @ 9:39AM  
Famous people acting like little kids.

Oct 11 @ 10:32AM  
The story runs because they both have name recognition. AND..... because more and more the VIEWING public seems to have a taste for mindless drivel rather than real news. Evidence: Jerry Springer, soap operas, etc, etc.

You got sucked into Geraldo opening Capone's vault too!?!?!?
That was probably the last time I ever watched his show. Not that I ever watched it much to begin with.

Oct 11 @ 1:53PM  
The only time I watch the news, is when someone calls and says "hey did you see" then I turn it on ..... as far as foolishness making the main media channels well you know its a popularity thing.

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Just Absolutely Absurd!!!