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BUSTER.......R.I.P. 1927-2007

posted 10/9/2007 8:20:58 PM |
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tagged: sarcasm, dumb ass

the author has no intention of offending transexuals, transgendered, cross dressers, or chicks with dicks, if you have sheep nearby, please cover their ears or have them leave the room

I am sure many AMD'ers have noticed the untimley demise of our favorite PEE PEE head A.K.A. Buster. But the story is long and sad. Buster was born a poor black child growin up in the slums of Douglas on the Isle of Man. He then rose to prominence gettin an erection with his tonka toys. He came here to AMD with bad grammar and no sense of humor, but the alcoholism and chronic masturbation soon took their toll on his eyesight. Then one day a lusty lass got his attention (for the sake of the story ....her name will be Lori). Now Lori was the hottest gal in all of Springfield, with her blue hat and fancy bling. One day Lori was attacked. aliens were trying to fuck her meatloaf, they came out of the sky and out of the trees, determined to molesticate her poor ol dinner. Lori let out a cry for help, Buster, even with his bad eyesight, had great hearing, so he sprung to her defense. He traveled as fast as he could to slay those pesky furry aliens. Before he could get there, Buster was involved in a 13 bumper car pile up at the coney island amusment park, and suffered a nasty head concussion. He was then medevaced by helicoptor to the nearest trauma center for cat scans, MRI's and prostate exams. Buster awoke from his coma to find his true love Lori by his side, he held her hand and looked lovingly into her eyes and whispered these words into her ear...."Could you get me the season 6 Sienfield box set" these words were his last breath and then he passed. His body will be transfered back to Isle of Man and the obituary will be published after the funeral. Needless to say, applications are being taken for a new PEE PEE head. So lets all pop the top on another ice cold keystone light in memory of Buster, cheers to Buster

Now back to our regularly schedule programming......

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Oct 9 @ 8:25PM  

Oct 9 @ 8:28PM  
How Original!!!

Oct 9 @ 8:35PM  
I nominate Mrknowuwell...for PeePee Head....

Now Mr, I have one question. It's said that 20% of americans can't find the United States on a world map.

Can your own words...describe why it is that Aliens like to fuck meatloaf?

Oct 9 @ 8:40PM  
its the onions......aliens luv the why is it 100% of americans cannot find isle of man on a state map of massachusetts

Oct 9 @ 8:43PM  

That's a good question. I suppose some might say that they were from the Isle of a metaphor of sorts. But ...what do I know?

Oct 9 @ 8:46PM  
Yep....that 3 hr tour could get ya stranded on the isle of man.....where is my little buddy when i need him

Oct 9 @ 8:49PM  
Geeeeze don't pass out the applications, just fill one out yourself, guarenteed you'll get the title, it sure fits you

Oct 9 @ 8:49PM  
I think MaryAnn is shaving his coconuts. And Ginger is looking for wood.

Oct 9 @ 8:53PM  
I was gunna nominate myself for PEE PEE head.....but i got busted in a airport bathroom by a undercover cop after i asked him to shave my coconuts

Oct 9 @ 8:53PM  
btw...that Buster was an old fuck. Ugly too....and smelled like castor oil...just sayin.

Oct 9 @ 8:58PM  
tonka toys will leave that scent on ya

Oct 9 @ 9:07PM  
I hear that Airport bathrooms are a good place to meet celebrities, politicians...and slugs.

Speaking of slugs...I heard that Buster had weekly prostate exams. Is that true?

Oct 9 @ 9:09PM  
is that what they do in those "glory holes"

Oct 9 @ 9:23PM  
"glory holes"

wasn't that the name of Paris Hilton's sex tape?

Oct 9 @ 9:25PM  
I think it was "GORY HOLES" her 1st scary flick.....but pretty close

Oct 9 @ 9:36PM  
Hey...I tried to leave you a Kudo...yanno, cuz this an incredibly well thought out blog n stuff. It says I don't have any left? I never used any.

Maybe that's because I'm a new's not like I had to come back here with this name cuz an old account was cancelled or anything....

How long til I can give Kudos? I'll have to bring it up with the reigning Kudo Whore. naaa...come to think of it, I don't like whores.

Oh, but then again, I'd be a goddam hypocrite wouldn't I? All these comments might lead some to believe that I was an attention whore...sorry, my bad.


Oct 9 @ 9:39PM  
I am jus the new PEE PEE head in training........I dont have any green slimy thingys

Oct 9 @ 9:48PM  
Pee Pee Head in training?

I'd be careful when "showering"

Oct 9 @ 9:48PM  
I laughed through this blog, and the comments made in it. Well done! Here's your first kudo on it.

Oct 9 @ 9:53PM  
alcoholism and chronic masturbation

umm, This statement is completely false, and I'm compelled to point out to you sir...that Buster...only drank on weekends.

Oct 9 @ 9:53PM  
mrkuw likes to have his head peed on

Oct 9 @ 9:59PM  

It's all good

*nudge nudge*

Oct 9 @ 10:13PM  
This is for Ynot

Oct 9 @ 10:15PM  
I want to clear up my comment on here. I didn't know Buster all that well. My comment was meant in no way a swipe at Buster. I thought the blog was pretty humorous with a lot of imagination written in it with the story telling, along with most of the comments, and for that I make no apologies for that!

Oct 9 @ 10:28PM  
*sneaks in and leaves a kudo before mrknow cries*

Oct 9 @ 10:47PM  
Tammy, if you're not too busy try to give Kim and I a call tonight concerning the proposed Halloween party.

Oct 9 @ 10:48PM  
I pray that in the heavens above Buster is looking down, reading our blogs with a tear in his eye.

Oct 9 @ 10:54PM  
I wouldn't say he's got a tear in his eye....more like a smirk on his face.


Oct 9 @ 10:56PM  
am I the only one who believes Broken Arrow is Buster??

Oct 9 @ 11:00PM  
Buster is dead, as you can clearly see.

The site killed him off...for some unknown reason.

Was it because he stirred things up?

I'll have to be careful not to follow in his footsteps.


Oct 9 @ 11:22PM  
The site killed him off...for some unknown reason.
Or, was it suicide? Well, it wasn't permanent......HE IS ALIVE! Born again as Brokenarrow.

Oct 9 @ 11:44PM  
Well Goddamn it all...

Buster got my sister pregnant .... and now isn't talking to her and my nephew to be born around October 31 is going to get a name like Fuckin tard because she is so pissed off at him....

And as if don't have enough problems with people wanting money from me... my sister says that I should pay support because Buster was my friend that fucked her up really good..

Buster broke my vacuum and took my favorite hair brush........

if you do see Buster.... tell him that he should start building an addition to his house because I'm sending Sister and MiniB to his place to live.

And since he enjoys seeing a small ass.... he can remember that when he is changing MiniB's diapers...

Oh yeah, I have lots of friends with shotguns.... the wedding is on Saturday...
see ya there...

Just think, Buster is going to be my brother-in-law....

Should I be scared?


Oct 10 @ 12:04AM  
oh yeah... it doesn't matter if Buster is dead... he's still gonna marry my least this way, she gets to inherit his vacuum collection, his house, truck and special video collection... ya know for when mini B's grows up...

And I want to see Buster's body... that man will do anything to get out of marrying my sister...

get his profile cancelled and die...

not good enough

Oct 10 @ 12:21AM  
the obituary will be published after the funeral

AFTER the funeral!!! That's a classic!

Oct 10 @ 12:24AM  

But if i had to make a guess someone was taking something that they shouldnt have.....................

But the story was just fucking.....................


Oct 10 @ 7:04AM  
Great eulogy! I love it!

Oct 10 @ 8:21AM  
I swear.. I just don't know how we will ever get along without ole Buster. I miss the old fart terribly.


Oct 10 @ 8:30AM  
This is as good an explanation as any I've seen yet...

Oct 10 @ 9:49AM  
Buster may be gone but so not forgotten. I nominate arrow dude for the new and improved pee pee head.

Oct 10 @ 10:29AM  
I wouldn't say he's got a tear in his eye....more like a smirk on his face

Yep I bet he do!!!

Oct 11 @ 10:00PM  

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BUSTER.......R.I.P. 1927-2007