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Sex, Drugs, Rock-N-Roll, and Calling Your Partner the Wrong Name In Bed

posted 10/9/2007 6:41:37 PM |
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Ya know.... it used to be that life was always one big party. I would work, go out to the bar, fuck a little , toke on some Marlboro 100's or some good reefer, and get down and funky to some good music .... well it seems like life has changed a little.....

now I go to work, have a drink at home, have a brain tumor so I don't smoke nothing... (although there are plenty of days that I want to) , and getting down to funky music only happens in my car that hasn't got a damn cd player in it!

Now moving on to the next topic.... have you ever called your partner the wrong name in bed???

Well.... it seems that I used to do it often while I was in bed with my ex.... I never got his fucking name right! Maybe that is why I used to like him to fuck me doggy style ...... at least that way I could burry my face in the pillow, and it didn't matter what name I was screaming!

My current husband called me the name of his ex wife once, but we weren't fucking at the time.... nope, we were shopping for a bed!!! Let me just tell ya... he didn't get laid that night!!!

And once, I had never met an individual face to face, we had only talked about meeting and having hot sex.... and months later he wrote to me and told me that his girlfriend walked out on him the night before, because while she was riding him cowgirl style, he yelled out MY name!!!! Good for me!!! I would give my ownself a kudos for that one if I could!!!!

So... if you have ever had sex, have done drugs, have listened to rock n roll, or have called your partner the wrong name in bed, then Simon says to stand up now!!!

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Oct 9 @ 6:51PM  
I guess I should stand up now. Years ago when I was just through a divorce (it seems like a different life now.) I was having sex with someone and in the heat of the moment I called her by the name of my ex-wife . Well to say the least it was very awkward and we never had sex again. However years later I had sex with my ex-wife one night (15 yrs after our divorce) and I called her by my ex-girlfriends name So sometimes we never learn.

Oct 9 @ 6:58PM  
Now moving on to the next topic.... have you ever called your partner the wrong name in bed???

ONCE ............omfg

Oct 9 @ 7:13PM  
Never!!! I never made a practice of calling men their own names while in bed, it was always "Honey or Baby"

Oct 9 @ 7:17PM  
I have to agree with them a generic name and its all safe...hahaha

Oct 9 @ 7:35PM  
I've been called the wrong name in bed!
OMFG! It's was totally HEINOUS!

Oct 9 @ 7:53PM  
I've been on the recieving end of the wrong name..I laughed it off..Asked her why she said that. She said it was a mistake and for her it was a natural name to say. (they had been together for awhile). She was really upset but I just tried to reasure her that I didn't care. A name is a name and bottom line she was with me. Mistakes happen.

Oct 9 @ 8:02PM  
I call all my women bitch.

I blame it on all the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.


Oct 9 @ 8:07PM  

NEVER. First you have to know their name.

Oct 9 @ 8:38PM  
Okay, so I'm standing up..
You didn't say I had to admit to which ones I'm guilty of. lol All But calling him someone elses name. Never did that.
I was really pissed one time at my --then-- bf's ex wife and he grabbed me as I was headed out the door after her. I kept fighting to get loose from him and we ended up on the floor with him sitting on me holding me down. As I was yelling and hitting trying to get him off of me, he yelled "Damn it, _____, calm the f**k down". It was her name in that blank. Not mine.
Talk about bad timing.......

Oct 9 @ 8:44PM  
No I can't say that I have ever done that, of course I always call them honey or sweetie

Oct 9 @ 9:04PM  
Um yeah, I am standing up as well, and as for the main question, that one I will answer. Yes did call out the wrong name ONCE - since then, I basically pray when Im getting laid- Oh GOD!!!

Oct 9 @ 9:26PM  
I basically pray when Im getting laid- Oh GOD!
Absolutely nothing wrong with religious experiences every now and

A nutty friend and I were talking earlier about what a way to go. Yelling, "Oh God, Oh God!" Is that a sure way into heaven while you're at it? JK. lol

Oct 9 @ 9:46PM  
he yelled out MY name!!!!
I'll give ya a kudo for that. To funny

I never use names in bed till I am with someone for awhile and its a natural habit to use their name. Keeps me from having to explain alot of different names

Oct 9 @ 9:56PM  
Oh man, I was with my first love back in April of 1991 after years of thinking about her and carrying a torch for her since 1984. I was on top of her and Jennifer (my first love) had her nightie on and I called her Ann (my second love). Her eyes got really big and I tried to lie my way out of it by telling her I was in mid sentence and I was saying "and" because I wasn't finished talking. It passed and we continued on. I'm sure she knew I said Ann though. I'll never forget that night and still remember her face after all these years after that happened.

Oct 9 @ 10:55PM  
I basically pray when Im getting laid- Oh GOD!!!

For me it's "Oh my fucking God that feels good!!!!"

Never said the wrong name during sex, but have called ex''s the wrong name a time or too. Now that went over like a load of bricks!!!

Oct 10 @ 10:05AM  
I don't call out anyone's name in bed, so never happened, never will.

Reminds me of a scene from Bull Durham...... Susan Surandon is having sex with "Nuke" and she says....... "OH, CRASH" (Crash Davis.... if you don't know the movie) Well, Nuke gets mad at her so she says.......... Honey, would you rather I was having sex with HIM and calling your name, or having sex with YOU ???

Good point, I thought........

Oct 10 @ 10:18AM  
I have never called anyone by the wrong name in bed but in arguments i have called someone i was with by an ex's name..........and when that made him angry and he screamed you called me by his name.............I would tell him.........well what do you expect I can't keep all you assholes straight.......usually not a good way to end an argument.

My late husband however had 3 wives, (of course not at the same time) and their names all started with D, Delores, Donna and Dayna. When someone would say something to me about that, I would say he had monogrammed pillowcases and didnt want to give them did however, when he was pissed..........confuse him and he would start out with Delores, Donna, Dayna and I would say Well keep going you might get my name straight some time.

But its all good......................

Oct 10 @ 1:33PM  
I'm standing.

My #1 rule in having sex is never say their name...just call them BABE. Then you'll never get 'em mixed up.


Oct 10 @ 4:06PM  
Thanks to everybody for their comments!!

Oct 10 @ 10:21PM  
there are two that I dont think I ever knew their name to begin with.

Nov 18 @ 7:28PM  
my girlfriend once called me her x's name as she was giving me head. she laughed, when i told her to just shut up and keep sucking.....

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Sex, Drugs, Rock-N-Roll, and Calling Your Partner the Wrong Name In Bed