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posted 10/9/2007 1:09:28 PM |
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tagged: life

As I see people who were friends start to take things to heart I begin to wonder..Were you really friends?? Or did you just maybe take what was said the wrong way?? Example WoW and I had words cause I took what he said literally. We figured it out in private mail. If I have a friend and you don't like him/her should you get mad at me?? I don't think so. But should I keep my friends to my chest and not tell you??? Just because one person dislikes another is no reason why we can't chose OUR friends. I try never to take sides, or stick my nose into other peoples business but I lost a friend who I got along with and I don't like that. Sure we will never meet, probably never talk on the phone but I enjoyed the blogs and mail we exchanged. I value all of my friends should I or you have to choose?? I don't think so. Does that mean If Ynot and I get into a disagreement I will lose friends or he will lose friends??? It shouldn't work that way. It don't in real life why should it here???? Damnet I hate it when I lose someone when I did nothing wrong.

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Oct 9 @ 1:14PM  
It's grade school mentality that causes things like that to happen. Considering this is an ADULT site... that's pretty sad.

I've been known to attack someone that attacks a friend.... but the attack was unprevoked... well... that's me. I stick up for my friends. It's not pack mentality, it's just how I am in life... real or online. If I get attacked as a result, that's on me, I'll deal with it, I won't ask my friends to attack them back.

Lots of folks need to just chill out and kick back and have some fun on here. It's an adult playground... *heads for the slides*


Oct 9 @ 1:17PM  
Thank you PK I also hope it does now scoot over I wanna play on the swings! HEY YNOT push me!!!

Oct 9 @ 1:27PM  
is the friend of my friend my friend and is the enemy of my friend the enemy?? tuff one...but i'll shove ya on da swing n ponder it.........

Oct 9 @ 1:28PM  
Y I said push me not shove me off!!

Oct 9 @ 1:36PM  
Y I said push me not shove me off!!

guess i just don't know my own strength no more

Oct 9 @ 1:39PM  
It is natural to want to defend a "friend"; the question is: What makes a person a true friend?

Oct 9 @ 1:55PM  
I've got a question...
If a friend of mine gets into a fight with another person. And I say Ok that person is no longer my friend because of the fight, that wasn't even my own.
Lets say the two people resolve their differences and go back to speaking to each other, it might not be the warm friendship they had in the past, it's now a luke warm friendship.. Do I go and start up a luke warm friendship with the person that I walked away from in the first place because of a fight that wasn't even my own?

What does that say about me, that I'm not mature enough to think for myself?
That my friends is so important to me that I must gorvern my life to their chioces?
What if the friend was wrong in their choice to get into a disagreement in the first place?

I think we need to be adults and make our own choices, not follow someones elses. no matter how good the friend is.

Oct 9 @ 3:46PM  

Good blog. No one friend or not should tell you who else you can be friends with.

Oct 9 @ 4:49PM  
Lisa great blog. This is questions we need to ask ourself. I have seen the same thing in real life. I have been guilty of this childish behaver. maybe adults are only big children. What people say about me is water off a ducks back but my friends I tend to protect. I have lost friends over this in the past. Maybe I should take this to heart and learn from the past here on AMD. A Kudo for the thought provoking blog.

Oct 9 @ 5:03PM  
I wouldn't want my friends taking sides, and I sure wouldn't like that to happen to me either.

Oct 9 @ 5:31PM  
That would be why, in the melting down of the last friendship I lost, I didn't want to let people know who it was. I am never gonna tell someone they can't be friends with someone just because I can't. If it helps any.. and I know it doesn't.. I'll miss him too. Just not goin back.

Oct 9 @ 6:37PM  
It should not make any difference at all, Lisa. We see that on the bigger stage of life also. Particularly when people break up or divorce. Often it is a matter of walking the tightrope of being friends to both while remaining neutral. These squabbles rumble through families where people do not speak for decades. It is sad, but we cannot control other people and their actions/feelings. Nothing worse than an emotional lose/lose scenario that radiates into the lives of a great many people.

Oct 9 @ 6:39PM  
I guess the people I lost were not my friends, thought they were once upon a time, but I was wrong. People do take sides, as I have learned. But I also learned that those that did weren't my friends to begin with, they were just part of the crowd. There are many people here on AMD and since then I have made plenty of new friends. I don't run with any crowd anymore and I seem to like it much better that way. I don't want to take sides and I haven't. I think Crissy is the only one I would do that for, but then I have known her for 8 years in REAL LIFE.

Oct 9 @ 6:59PM  
sneaks back in to give Lisa a green little man!!!

Oct 9 @ 7:13PM  
Good blog, and all comments were excellent as well! I dont take sides, unless it is my family! If I ever felt the need to "defend" a friend, it would be in the least confrontational way as possible. These things can be done gently as to not upset another, it is just the way people choose to word things, as everyone reads and interprets writing differently. Hope that made sense! Have a great night!

Oct 9 @ 7:41PM  
I'll be your friend Lisa.

What I like about you, and as far as I've seen;

You've never been judgemental
You've never been intolerant
You've never taken sides...even mine. I respect that
You haven't taken anything I've said out of context, and if something needed explaining, you'd ask and not assume.
You've been open minded
You've think for yourself...I really like that.

Will you be my friend?

Oct 9 @ 11:12PM  
I don't think I could of said it any better than Holly did. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. If I make a mistake I want a chance to make it right. But the only person I owe an apology or explanation is the person I hurt. When someone chooses to step into a situation that wasn't theirs to begin with nobody wins.

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