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I miss his mind

posted 10/7/2007 1:16:47 PM |
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I used to speak to a fella on the phone, course he was married, but I liked it anyway, he is the smartest man, with the cutest accent, spent hours laughing, yea and other things, but the laughing and knowledge I miss the most, thinking his wife discovered his ITEMIZED phone bill , yall know thats not a good idea right? Anyway I just wanted to compliment yall fellas for your minds, for the most part I get alot of good conversations from AMD.....know that the ladies appreciate a brilliant mind.... good humor and especially the time you take to share it .

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Oct 7 @ 1:31PM  
You're just a Southern belle BITCH! Bet he doesn't miss you at all.

Oct 7 @ 1:35PM  
ok shes a nut ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and its MS Bitch to you

Oct 7 @ 1:36PM  
You're just a Southern belle BITCH! Bet he doesn't miss you at all.

And you, apparently need a good bitch slapping...

Oct 7 @ 1:38PM  
Sometimes good social intercourse can be better than sexual intercourse.
Did I really say that out loud, DOH!!
But all seriousness aside, the mind needs stimulation just as the body does. A good stimulating intelligent and humorous conversation can be just the thing you need to satiate you.
I'm sorry to hear that you lost your phone friend. I'm sure that you miss the mental stimulation that your conversations with him provided.
I'm sure that you'll find another friend to stimulate you mentally and spiritually. I hope that it's soon and is equal to or better than the one you lost. Good luck to you mags, you deserve it!

Oct 7 @ 1:42PM  
Dridge you are too kind......

Oct 7 @ 1:50PM  
little miss precious above just sent me the following email, for which she has been reported to the powers that be here for:

From: theCUNTRAG (hey, she named herself, not me)
To: PrincessKissy
Date: 10/07/2007 01:43 PM
Subject: got it wrong foul mouth

report spam
it's CUNT RAG to you! You are you poor Gerald....I can't wait til he gets you to England and has to listen to that vile mouth of yours yelling at your daugher! I hope someone reports you to Child Protective Services. Ya know....I HATE YOU! I hope yu get treated just like the cats you so deftly toss to the pound and ditch like wiping you fat ass!
My joy is in you will get yours one day! Maybe you'll be pregnant with the beloved Gerald's child....and it DIES!
Thomas and the pregnant kitty would be so happy.....

Oct 7 @ 1:50PM  
LINE UP THE SHEEP.......BAAAAAAAAAA! BAAAAAAAAAA! BAAAAAAAAA! and of course, the snake! this place is soooooooooo boring and the same every day! You're soooo predictable! Poor lil Mags....she's not as brain damaged as she want you to think. She needs the mental stimulation....yeah....that's it! that sounds good! If you can't get laid, wreck someone else's relationship! Yeah....that's it!

Oct 7 @ 1:56PM  
I believe you have just violoated the blog rules too, Crissy! You can't post private emails~~~you've been reported too! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! How scary!!!!! I might have to leave this lil community of sheep in wolves clothing!!!!! BIG LOSS!

Oct 7 @ 1:59PM  
I feel there is nothing wrong with having a friend male or female that is attached to chat with. Friendship it something we all need in life. A good friend is hard to find.

P.S. kinda sounds like someone on here is not very sure of themself given the comment.

Oct 7 @ 1:59PM  
Go for it. I suspect what you did (and just admitted to doing, though I never posted your name, so it DID remain private till you claimed it) is going to seem far more grevious to AMD Mods than what I did... have at it... you demented bitch

Oct 7 @ 2:02PM  
SCUSSSSSSSSSSSE ME YA DAMN NUT, I was complimenting men on their minds, how did you get lost ?

Oct 7 @ 2:15PM  
I might have to leave this lil community

Oct 7 @ 2:19PM  
I lost my mind years ago

Oct 7 @ 2:39PM  
Stuff like this just makes me not want to write to anyone here. The blogs are good really get to know who not to write to.

Oct 7 @ 3:12PM  
I am sooooooooo jealouse

Oct 7 @ 3:13PM  

I agree with "Dridge". The mind is just as important as the body.
And love and sex both need to be stimulating. It takes a good mind
to do that.

Good blog Maggie.

Oct 7 @ 3:16PM  
WOW talk about highjacking a blog in the w rong way!! dayum PK All this time I thought you were such a innocent I guess the scum bagget trollet is the evil one???

Sorry for the sarcasm looks like we've got a remake PK you are too good to even reply to ITS comments we'll let MOD take care of IT

Oct 7 @ 3:26PM  
Ummmm I would be Belle, and I see you're back in rare form redhotzz.

Oct 7 @ 3:36PM  
Maggie 99.9% of us agree with what you said. Don't let the one bad apple affect you. You are too nice to be attacked like this by a jealous person like this. Keep on keeping on sweetie and I hope you find another person to stimulate you mind.

Oct 7 @ 3:51PM  
There has definately been a lot of talk about not judging people and walking a mile in their shoes lately....sorry one person took it way out of line.

You are so right Maggie, I love a man who can really talk to me, about anything and everything. My mind is the first thing I want seduced!!

Oct 7 @ 4:47PM  

I know exactly what you mean.... hours of talking with a nice man...

sharing laughter is just wonderful ** sigh***

psssst I hope you blocked you know u..


Oct 7 @ 5:11PM can have my mind. I'll probably just lose it the way I lose everything else. Does that make me a loser? Don't answer that.


Oct 7 @ 5:28PM  
a meeting of the minds is probably one of the universe's greatest gifts to all of us.....great blog Maggie!

Oct 7 @ 7:29PM  
I was gonna say nothin and be above this shit.. but damnit Hotzzy... we missed your screaming face around here. Nice to see ya.. come back when you can't stay so long. BTW are you and Aunty El the same sociopath?

Oct 7 @ 8:03PM  
Savana(with the sticking"S, A, and V " keys) You seem to follow the preceipts to no extent at all.. Was it simply that you enjoyed the nouveau look that submitting " Buddhist/Toaoist" had when you filled the profile in? Wherever you are in your journey it is the opposite direction from the way or the path. Resistant like the old oak to the wind, you will shear off at your base and cease to exist. The small humble reeds and grasses bend with the winds, and when it passes, they return to their true forms, untouched. Be the stream- not the rocks... Savvy?
"Do not speak- unless it improves on silence. "- Buddha

Oct 7 @ 8:18PM  
That is what I miss most from my mom. The one person who knew exactly what I meant and the one person who I would completly trust in if she told me I was full of crap or right on point. Not to mention having inherited her thought pattern we could discuss things for hours without wasthing hours of talk because we knew what each other meant halfway through a sentence( she was a Philosophy major) We had cool talks. -She is bedridden now with no ability to do anything whatsoever(walk , eat, talketc) with Alzheimers at 62. I moved back east to help her and I think for some stupid reason I thought I would arrest the progression by helping her get through each day.{ Self delusion to escape the sadness}. So-Miss MaggieMae- I understand copletely missing someones mind. Give me a holler- I aint no rokit siantist but I is abul to be undertsanding of a few subjectimications that may come arise...
And don't give a second thought to your rude visitor. Her sadness, disappointment in life and dislike of herself are torment enough each night as she gets into bed and has to be alone with herself. Maybe even a little sympathy. I wouldn't want to be stuck with that torment. The hardest prison to escape from is the cell you build within your mind. just a thought. G'nite.

Oct 7 @ 9:19PM  
Yall know the funniest thing he and I shared was a news story about shark attacks, just after I had gotten ill with the onset of the strokes, I stumbled into the dr's office picked up a time magazine and discovered that folks had been viciously attacked, so I quickly called him and said OMG did you know ... he said whats the date on that magazine .... I was so ashamed, it was SEVERAL mths old ........ I laughed till I cried.....

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I miss his mind