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Immigration into My Country

posted 10/6/2007 9:18:51 AM |
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tagged: rant, question


I know that this blog is going to piss off a few individuals, and I know that I am going to get some nasty comments towards myself as person... I WILL post all comments. But here it goes....

Let me start by saying that I grew up in an all white, middle income community. I never saw any diversity at all until I went to college when I was 23. I was scared of peoples differences, but quickly made friends with people who were Black, Arab, Asian, and many other cultures........ and then September 11, 2001 came along..... and my tolerance for others went quickly out the window. (At the time I was living in NY).....since moving to Carlolina, I have had to learn to live in a different community, with different cultures.... one of those being Mexicans.....

and that is where this blog is leading to! Yesterday in school, I found out that I have illegal immigrants from Mexico right in my own classroom!!! I was outraged, I was shocked, I had so many questions.

There is one part of me that says "if they go through the right channels and get a visa etc., that there government will let them come to the US for certain reasons. So why not go through the correct channels to get here." This is the part of me that says.... "this is MY country, and it is MY country that the soldiers are dying for both past and present, and Get to fuck out now!"

Then there is this other part of me that says "Hope.... don't be stupid. They must want to come to the US because it is a better country than their own, and there is enough room, so let them stay". (Although this is a smaller portion of me than the one that says get out).

And lastly there is the "If they get taken out of their country, it is the children who will suffer the most..... so just shut up, and keep teaching and loving the child like you have been, and don't worry about the legality part of the situation".

I don't know.... I am torn....I know this is a touchy subject, but what do you all think??

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Oct 6 @ 9:29AM  
I don't think that it's my country at all. I'm a cog in the machine ambiguously donating to the cause. Those IRS fund raisers are a bitch though.

Oct 6 @ 9:29AM  
I to grew up in a white community but had what we called back in the day "boat people" Who knows if they where here legaly and I learned very quickly that there are people in our countries (I'm from Canada) that are not here legally and easily could have gone threw the channels to get there green cards and live here. However I met a girl that told me had her family not come to Canada (illegally) she may have been raped, beaten or worse.
We don't know why some people don't go threw the right channels but really... Who cares. I know the US has an issues with illegal immigrants but if you meet someone or know someone that is in your country illegaly..and they're a nice person then thank them for coming into your life no matter how they go there.

Thats just my opinion though

Oct 6 @ 9:43AM  
My main concern with illegals is that they will drag us down to their standard of living. Part of the reason their own countries are so bad off is unchecked population growth overtaxing resources, exceeding the carrying capacity of the land.

Yes it can happen here.

Oct 6 @ 10:15AM  
This country doesnt belong to us. It belongs to the rich tyrants who run it. They will do all they can to keep the lower class Americans suppressed and keep themselves rich and powerful.The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Dont mean to sound unpatriotic but just trying to keep it real folks!

Oct 6 @ 10:43AM  
Talk to people who waited in line.... got their green card.... studied to become a legalized citizen...... and they will tell you they feel insulted that others should be given a free pass because of sheer magnitude of numbers. Who am I to argue with that?

Am I saying round them up and ship them out? No.

FIRST...... close the borders so no more can stream in. The ones that are here should be given resident alien status...... pay taxes and support the system that they are living off of. IF they want citizenship, they should learn ENGLISH and study for it like other immigrants did.

's all I'm sayin........

Oct 6 @ 10:52AM  
I grew up in an AMERICAN town, I don't give a damn what my friends and nabors cultural heritage was, they were my nabor's. We were Americans the first day we set foot in school, and I'm damn sure American as I wright this now... Ill dye American too, defending my own front porch if I have to. Diversity never came up when I was a lad. When I grew up my AMERICAN heritage was a privilege ... an Honor, cherished and passed down from father to son stretching all the way back to Vally Forge and beyond even that ... and it came with ALL the responsibilities of Citizenship, (like paying tax's for one and helping your nabors in need). This unique gift of liberty and justice is not passed out like monopoly properties... it is hard won and paid for with an ocean of BLOOD. I don't resent immigration, I do resent people whom hold these privileges so casually.

Undocumented Workers ... crap!... the ARE criminals and on the lamb. They stole the privilege of citizenship the day they stepped across the border. without one iota of responsibility that goes with it. they continue to loot ... jobs, and don't give me that crap about "Jobs no one else wants"... I bussed tables when I was in H.S. It was how I EARNED money for school cloths and my first car, it was how I learned to be a responsible, functioning, TAX PAYING member of society. Now teens collect on street corners and exchange gun fire... with guns they prolly bough from there very same "Immigrants", They suppress wages by working for popcorn farts... thay forge SS Cards because it is now required to work, (geeee... I wonder why we did that ) and there by steel peoples identity. They use hospital ER's for routine medical services thay dont pay for ... stealing the same services you and I cant afford for our own children because the hospitals must inflate cost to cover these interlopers larceny or go out of business. They bring drugs and crime, (stop!, if that's not true then why are our jails full of these very same "Undocumented" and 60% are for drug convictions). And now... they demand citizenship ... simply because they have evaded the law for decades.

How many sons and daughters... brothers and fathers and grandfathers are dead defending this county to pass these liberties down to us? ... How many "Gold Star" mothers have cried them self to sleep every night for decades? Perhaps we can ask some of these folk that have already paid the price for the freedom we all now enjoy. Oh ... yea.. we cant, there DEAD.

The list goes on ... but in the end ... the 800lbs gorilla in the room is the simple fact ... that if these people would put one tenth of the effort into reforming there own countries as they do in trying stealing mine, they wouldn't need to be here in the first place.

All gave some... some gave all!


Master Gry

Oct 6 @ 10:56AM  
I believe this country belongs to the citizens. I have no problem with people from other countries coming here on a visitors visa, work visa, or becoming citizens. I don't think anyone has a right to enter illegally. This is our home and every one in welcome that comes through the door. No one is welcome that comes through the windows. Nuff Said.

HAve a great weekend.

Oct 6 @ 11:01AM  
The U.S.A. IS my country and people that slither into MY country illegally and have the inane audacity to demand "rights" in MY country, is ludicrous and totally pisses me off! I don't mind anyone, from any country, immigrating here, as long as it's done legally! Try that with some other country outside our friendly sphere of countries and see what happens!

And the politicians that turn a blind eye to people that have immigrated here illegally and/or are already here illegally, are doing so purely with selfish intent and IMO is criminal!! Stupid, pinhead politicians- every fucking one of them!!!

Sore spot with me! Does it show? Ok, I feel a mite better now!



Oct 6 @ 12:04PM  
Here are the ways I see things.

First I have no problem with such a great mix cultures in our country. I think that every group of people bring something new and exciting to our country. And while I say that I do and many people should open their arms to the differences in our society, their are many things that I dont like. These things are not directed at any group in particular.

1. Go through the process to become a citizen. Any person living in this country
who wasnt born here should become an American citizen.
2. Learn English. This is our country, we are doing you a curtesy by letting you
come love here. Return the curtesy and learn to speak English.
3. Pay taxes. If you are going to be part of our society and take advantage of
social programs when you need them, Please do your part to give a little back
to the system by working jobs that legally withhold taxes and actually hire legal
4. Accept our right to practice our religous holidays our way. There is no reason
to continually fight our schools, town, and communities because we choose to
celebrate Christmas following traditions that came to this country in the
beginning and have been passed down for over 200 years.

I dont think these things are too much to ask. And I think they would help build a better America.

Oct 6 @ 12:21PM  
If a loved one of yours was murdered or raped by one of these people and they later determined that this person had a criminal history in Mexico,then we can get a better understanding of why those borders need to be controlled better,To say nothing of potential terror attacks.There are good and bad people wherever you go,we have laws in place to try and keep them under wraps,if we cannot,these terrible things can result.

Oct 6 @ 12:39PM  
I don't believe anyone should be allowed to be here illegally. And I'm with you, hopon. I used to view myself as an open-minded, non-prejudicial person. However, 9-11 forever changed my view of Islamic peoples. I don't feel that any of them should be allowed to be here, period!
I don't have a problem with anyone else, as long as they go thru the proper channels. It's definitely a bad situation we have now.

Oct 6 @ 1:02PM  
Yanno, this is a pretty touchy subject for me....

I'm going through freaking HOOPS for the goverment so that I can get OUT of this country. Not because I don't love being an American, cuz I will always be one... but I'm going through all of the proper channels to get out of here legally, so that I can go to England and be with the man I love. So yeah... it pisses me RIGHT the fuck off that people can come to the US illegally when I have to do so much to get OUT of the country!

And that doesn't begin to cover the fact that we have Americans who are living below poverty level and are unable to get medical help because of all the illegals that are here sucking up the benefits that should by rights go to Americans FIRST!!

Oct 6 @ 1:14PM  
In the UK we have a very diverse culture of many nationalities. I get pissed off, not because we have so many different nationalities but by the fact that we HAVE to take in so many thousand immigrants every year thanks to a European parliament ruling and we already have over 60 million people living on a island that is approx 900 miles long and (at it's widest point) 500 miles wide!
Not only that but some of these minorities refuse to integrate into society and WE are being forced to accept THEIR culture when they get free housing and benefits which Crissy (who is coming over not only to be with me but to live here and wants to integrate into British society) will NOT receive for 3 years!
I ask you is this fair, the reason these European and Asian immigrants get free government aid is because the countries they live in were once part of the British empire. Well fuck history, if they can't contribute to society they don't deserve to live here!

Oct 6 @ 1:50PM  
Ummmm SPOT ON!

Oct 6 @ 1:53PM  
wow...there's so much to be said but I'm just going to say that, first, this is NOT your country, America is the best country ever STOLE by means of rape, torture and anahilation. Second, America is a young country (or Empire), with no culture of it's own, it's culture is bastardized from REAL cultures, just like Rome did back in the day. And third, america is fueled by greed and the reason people come to america is to take advantage of the whore that america is by following it's own M.O., take advantage of it all. I guess my advice to you is to start reading up about history of other countries and not believe the BS written in american history books; knowledge is a beautiful thing you just need to nurish it..specially if you're a teacher...

Oct 6 @ 3:26PM  
this is NOT your country
Real estate has been changing hands ever since the first person stayed overnight more than once in the same place. Sometimes by force, sometimes by purchase or trade. To say this is not her country... well, how many thousand years do you want to go back on any particular plot of land in the world?

This country belongs to anyone who is a current legal citizen of it. PERIOD. Many can claim ancestry..... but this is 2007. We live in the here and now.

Oct 6 @ 3:28PM  
Yeah, this is a touchy subject for a lot of people. As for me, I have no problems with races and different cultures. But what pisses me off is people who don't go through the right channels to make them legal here. I feel that anyone who is illeagal shouldn't be here, unless they are with a passport and just vacationing here.

Oct 6 @ 8:44PM  
first, this is NOT your country, America is the best country ever STOLE by means of rape, torture and anahilation.

My history books DID discuss manifest destiny, the cherokee trail of tears, and many of the atrocities that antedate modern America. You can make arguments about whom this land rightfully belongs to, but it won't get us anywhere. Our best bet is to make policies that make the most sense for this current incarnation of our country, while making honest acknowledgments about how we got here.

Second, America is a young country (or Empire), with no culture of it's own, it's culture is bastardized from REAL cultures, just like Rome did back in the day.

That's simply an untrue series of statements. Where do you think other "cultures" came from? The sky? Cultures are just ideas that evolve over time, and America certainly has a culture in its own right, just as there are countless subcultures here as well.

third, america is fueled by greed and the reason people come to america is to take advantage of the whore that america is by following it's own M.O., take advantage of it all

No. Its economy is driven by capitalism and competition. Greed is only one motivating factor in that kind of environment, but there are plenty of others. What about the American dream? What about making life better for one's progeny in ways that were only pipe dreams before? What about all the ways in which making money is harmonious with altruism? Just look at the philanthropy that exists within OUR country. I can't even begin to make a list, because it's so incomprehensibly long--the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, etc etc etc. It's extraordinary.

Nobody is arguing that America is perfect, or doesn't have major flaws and demons. But calling it a whore is... inappropriate.

Getting back to the OP: I think we would ideally have the mentality that our doors are open to all, but within reason. For instance, when it comes to healthcare, people who are invisible to our government are paradoxically better off at times than are citizens with actual insurance. I see examples of this all the time in the hospital. Obviously, that's not right and needs to be corrected. Having said that, it's very difficult in practice to turn away people who come from hellish places just looking to address basic needs.

Immigration is not a bad thing in itself. It does need to be regulated, though, and in the meantime, it doesn't help anybody's cause to cater to pointless stereotypes.

Oct 6 @ 9:58PM  
EXCELLENT points, lint...... great to have you back.

Oct 7 @ 8:38AM  
Thank you to everyone for posting! I appreciate the comments and the your time! all make very valid points. I am still just as torn as ever on what to do, but it is nice to know that I am not the only one that feels the way that I do!

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Immigration into My Country