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GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!! many emails a week do you get?????

posted 10/5/2007 6:24:17 PM |
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I live in an area where there just are`nt many women on here but I`d say I now get about 10-15 a week.No kidding thats it.I don`t necessarily write a lot of women either because I`d like to meet a woman near me eventually.I have a few friends and they are all great.I guess I`m writing this because I was just on regular match doctor and some guy was saying he reached his 100 mail limit.I commented that he was lying on his blog. so go ahead,post the number and be honest,it`ll be interssting.

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GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!! many emails a week do you get?????
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Oct 5 @ 6:47PM  
reaching n passing 100 emails in a 24hr peroid here is pretty easy.....guess depends on how much you write?

*notice who your friends are that are gold members...its' probably's how i ended up gold... ..but then...well....ynont *

Oct 5 @ 6:54PM  
I live in an area where there just are`nt many women on here but I`d say I now get about 10-15 a week.No kidding thats it.
What do you [U]mean......... THAT'S IT?[/U] Hrumph!..... that's it! Heh!

Fuck... I'm happy to get that many emails every moon cycle or two!

Just for that- I'm going to quit aging, until you catch up with me and THEN we'll see how many you get!

BWAhahahahahahahahaha- Just kidding!

Just make sure you treat these fine ladies here, with respect! That's all I ask!

Pic coming folks!


Oct 5 @ 6:56PM  
It's possible that he wasn't lying. He probably was chatting with one or more people and they were sending one line messages. Personally I haven't ever reached the limit. I hardly ever send emails here now, I usually just get the "thank you for your comment" when I leave a comment on a blog. Sometimes there is a few emails afterwards.
I have do much better on another site....more local women, that's all. The number of emails isn't important, if it just email and no plan of meeting. I'm not looking for email pals.

Oct 5 @ 6:58PM  
Nobody asks me how many i get!!!!!!


Oct 5 @ 7:02PM  
Seee,Now I get it,I need to clear somethng up.I`m not counting comments and blog responces.I mean direct mails or responces from your mail.Ynot made a good point,sisnce I posted this theres been what...five or so responces.Im not counting those.Ok,start over!

Oct 5 @ 7:29PM  
Nobody asks me how many i get!!!!!!
Well DeDe, I don't have a clue how many emails you get but, with your fab. breasts- I'd be happy to post many sticky notes on them! [the yellow paper ones I mean!]

It's the hazelnut, it's the hazelnut- liquor!


Oct 5 @ 7:45PM  
25 and a date last week. That's excluding all blog responses, responses to those responses..., and e-mails from men. By the way, I know I'm not the most popular member here... it's all about quality, not quantity. I thank all of you sweet ladies again . However, I haven't received any e-mails today, and I feel so forsaken. I guess I should send some out... Thanks for posting the blog, Mr. onions2006.

Oct 5 @ 7:47PM  
yeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu betcha!

Oct 5 @ 7:48PM  
I know I am not a male *looks down and see's large bewbies that are real* I get about 10 e-mail's a day. On a good day. None close to me.


Oct 5 @ 8:25PM  
I used to get my fair share of emails everyday from various women. Since I'm well know on this site and involved with Kim I very rarely get any now. Recently I did get three from three different women that lived within a 50 miles radius from me. Of course I was upfront with them and told them that I was very taken.

Oct 5 @ 8:40PM  
I know I'm not a gentleman but......

When I had my thong picture as my main profile picture, I would get tons of "nice ass" emails...but since I took that down, I'm lucky if I get 3 emails a day now, and those are from guys I've been talkin to for a little while now.

Just goes to show that a picture paints a thousand words..or emails for that matter lmao

Kinda sad to think that a thong would generate that much attention, but they overlook the best quality a person could have, but won't take the chance to even find out.

Oct 5 @ 8:51PM  
When I had my thong picture as my main profile picture, I would get tons of "nice ass" emails
I don't knowwww, I think I'd look pretty ridicules in a thong butttt..... if it'll help get me more emails............................................... NOT! Guess I'll just have to settle for what I get!


Oct 5 @ 9:12PM  
Well, when I was on alot, I would get about 2 or 3 a week. Been off about a month now and had two waiting for me - about what i had expected though.

Oct 5 @ 10:05PM  
Ynot made a good point,sisnce I posted this theres been what...five or so responces.Im not counting those.Ok,start over!

ahhhh but the powers here that keep count...they don't start over cause your replying to a blog comment...still counts.....and if you engage in a conversation.....(someone said one liners.....those women who know me know i'm not much of a one liner guy) you can burn thru a 100 very very easy do 3 blogs n reply to them???? pft your done in short order........again all based on YOUR partisipation here............

Oct 5 @ 10:13PM  
I have reached the email limit a couple of times, but that's been a while back. I don't get very many emails anymore.

Oct 5 @ 11:02PM  
Well, since I'm an upgraded member, my email isn't limited. I'm not sure how many women are in this area, because I'm not really looking for them, but there are quite a few guys. Some days I get tons of emails and other days.. just one or two and even those could be those "wanna fucks" that everyone loves so much lol. I do talk to a whole lot of people.. some strictly seeking friendship and others.. well there is some real potential.

Maybe it's more about making yourself available and being open to meeting new people no matter where they are located. Incidentally, I've never heard from you... even on the other site and when I was actually working in Westerly. Just saying...


Oct 7 @ 6:48AM  
Its not how many emails you get that count..........its the QUALITY of the ones that you get that counts!

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GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!! many emails a week do you get?????