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"I Could Care Less"

posted 10/5/2007 12:03:41 PM |
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This doesn't bother me at all (I'm not that least not when it come to something non-sexual), but I wanted to write about it, because it's amazing how many people misuse the phrase; "I could care less."

The expression is meant to imply; "it would be impossible for me to care less than I do, because I do not care at all."

If your using "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't less", then your using the wrong phrase.

Think about it, if you could care less, then you at least care some.

If your saying; "I could care less", then what your saying is that there are things that you care less about than the subject that your were using sarcasm to knock.

If you use "I couldn't care less", then what your saying there is nothing that you can care less about than the current subject, which is your goal in saying it.

Wait smartass...I know what your thinking:

"I couldn't care less about this blog!!!"

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Oct 5 @ 12:09PM  
I could care less.. but that would require actual effort on my part.

Oct 5 @ 12:11PM  
Oh, 'comon Nacho........ let me HEAR you.............


I couldn't care less

Oct 5 @ 12:16PM  
*sips coffee n just ponders what he may or may not care bout....then thinks....''i preffer ..what i do or don't GIVE A SHIT ABOUT.....'' n sips ...satisfied with the re wording and his own fucked up spelling (before some asshole points it out )

GOOD ONE!!! ty smurrel..i needed the laff.....a kudo 2 u

Oct 5 @ 12:17PM  
Thats like when people say in like flint, or can i ax you somfin!

Oct 5 @ 12:19PM  
As if I could give a shit..

Oct 5 @ 12:28PM  
There are times I care.............there are times I care less............there are times that i couldn't care less..................but most of time I just don't give a fuck!!

Oct 5 @ 2:03PM  
When time goes on,
as time always will,
and your daily life
seems all uphill.

When you wanna laugh
but can only cry.
When life spits directly
in your eye.

When you really feel
that you'd like to quit.
Don't run to me
I don't give a shit.

Oct 5 @ 2:06PM  
Is that similiar to I don't give a flying fuck??????

Oct 5 @ 3:54PM  
I disagree (respectfully).

"I couldn't care less" is a literal statement that contains no irony, unless one doesn't actually mean it, and hence it is less effective.

"I could care less," when delivered as if one couldn't care less, is a hugely ironic slap in the face. When it seems obvious from someone's demeanor that she couldn't care any less about a topic of interest to her, it's astounding to hear her state that she could care even less. I mean, if that's what she's like when she still has some caring left, what does she look like when it comes to things about which she cares absolutely zero? Unbelievable!

Just wanted to make my own contribution to the absurdity.

Oct 5 @ 3:58PM  
Just wanted to make my own contribution to the absurdity
And you do that, Lint, each time you post a comment..................

Oct 5 @ 4:13PM  
And you do that, Lint, each time you post a comment

That's by design. Otherwise, why go on living?

Oct 5 @ 4:51PM  
But I don't care at all!!

Oct 5 @ 4:56PM  
That's by design. Otherwise, why go on living?
Somehow, Lint, I already knew that about you.

Oct 5 @ 5:25PM  
Sort of off track here but it was brought to my mind while reading your blog...there are some phrases in common usage that I just don't get. Namely, "I love him/her to death." Do they mean that their love will kill that person? Or do they mean until death? And, if that is what is meant, why would you stop loving them just because they are mo longer walking this earth?

Oct 6 @ 2:00AM  
I usually say stuff like ..I don't care ..when I do ...weird eh?

Oct 6 @ 2:54PM  
You hit the nail with "I couldn't care less" ...but the phrase " I could care less" has an understood additive, which is "but, this isn't worth my time and effort to even consider adjusting my feelings"....just thought you might want to

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"I Could Care Less"