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People never cease to amaze me!

posted 10/4/2007 12:36:27 AM |
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tagged: rant

It's late, and I was bored, so I decided to check my email one last time before curling up in my cozy bed and watching a good movie. Upon opening my inbox on Outlook Express, I spotted an email telling me that I had three new messages on AMD, one of which was a new photo comment. Since I was a wee bit curious about who posted the comment and what they had to say, I logged onto AMD to set my curiosity at ease. I clicked on the message from this particular user, and this is what I found:

is this pic from when u were skinny?

OK - far be it for me to read between the lines, but I can't help but to feel like I've just been called "fat" in a round about way. I never claimed to be a stick figure. In all honesty, I'm a woman with curves, and I'm damn proud of my curves (especially after giving birth to two beautiful children). Most people with a sense of decency would steer clear of such a question, particularly when the question is posted in public view. There are better ways to go about this sort of thing. Simply asking which picture is most recent, and then forming your own opinion would be a hell of a good start. If you feel the need to ask the question directly, then try sending a private message. Why on earth would anyone try to publicly humiliate someone based on their looks? In my opinion, a little tactfulness goes a long way. Plus, everyone's idea of "skinny" is different. It's all relative.

Your idea of fat just might be another man's "skinny"............

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Oct 4 @ 12:45AM  
You're sexy, but you know that.


Oct 4 @ 12:57AM  
It blows me away that people feel it necessary to make a negative comment. Even more so when they don't have a picture at all (of themselves). What idiots. If we find that someone doesn't fit our ideal of visual perfection shut up and move on. Idiots. Budda Don has it right.

Oct 4 @ 1:55AM  
Where is that Moron Let me at him baby! Mer I will make it alllllllllll better
Miss you Sexy Woman I like all your sexy curves BTW

Oct 4 @ 5:49AM  
Ok, I looked at all your photos, clearly the man is an idiot! You are a very beautiful young woman, block his sorry ass.

Oct 4 @ 7:04AM  
I learned a long time ago that there are people that just enjoy being assholes, and the internet is the perfect place for these people, because they can hide behind a computer, don't have to take repsonsibilty for their actions, and just get off on being mean.

Seriously...that's what it's all about.

They do it because they want to do it.

They get off on it like I used to get off to Kristy McNichol, when I was 13.

There are a couple of idiots on every website that are specifically there to try to get under people's skin.

I've gotten so much negative mail over the years, I've become immune to it, so I know it's easier said than done, but just ignore it.

If you give any kind of a reaction, but especially a negative one, your playing into that's person's hands.

Trust me, you can call the person every name in the book, but It would give them a chuckle.

Showing no reaction is much more damaging to them then coming back at them with profanities, or complaining about them. If you do that, they know they pressed your buttons, and that's what they're after.

On the bright side, and I hate to sound like Captain Kangaroo here, but the good people in the world far outweigh the bad.

For every murderer, rapist, child moloester, bank robber, spouse beater, kidnapper, or just ordinary, everyday, asshole, there are hundreds of others that wouldn't even dream about doing/saying the things that these people do/say.

That doesn't mean that you should have your head in the sand, as the world can be a cruel place, and one should be aware of that.

It's just to say that idiots are still in the minority...and that's something we should definitely be thankful for.

Now, your very attractive, so there's nothing wrong with your looks....but even if you were a cross between Rosie O'Donnell, Bea Arthur, and Janet Reno, that comment, and e-mail, would still be inappropriate.


Oct 4 @ 7:39AM  
He's a total FUCKTARD and not worth one more ounce of your precious time!

Oct 4 @ 8:01AM  
ah your really attractive and have a great smile....always gonna be people who have nothing better to do then infest the earth with there hate and unhappiness...............

Oct 4 @ 9:51AM  
I'm sorry to hear about that sweety I just checked out your pictures and I think your a cutie and I happen to love a girl with curves . Fuck that guy

Oct 4 @ 10:23AM  
Good retort: is your pic before or after you reached puberty?,I really couldn't tell.

Oct 4 @ 10:36AM  

Oct 4 @ 11:10AM  
Angel Baby, hes a fuckwit..............He has no taste. Your a gorgeous vibrant woman, and damned sexy to!! I hope you didn't even respond to him and let him think what he will, sometimes that hurts them worse than doing anything else!

Oct 4 @ 2:46PM  
OUCH! A lot of guys don't think before they speak (or in his case type).

Oct 4 @ 4:52PM  
Angel, you know my opinion of you and it reflects many others opinion of you also (and damn I still say you cant have lips that red just using lip balm - sometimes you have to just accept that there are some socially challenged nincompoops who really have no idea how to behave and you could almost (bot not quite) pity them!

I think every pic you have on here is beautiful!!! xx

Oct 5 @ 7:32AM  
I won't add anything that others have not already posted and that you don't already believe yourself. I merely wanted to add my .02...................You look marvelous. Always have. Always will.

Oct 5 @ 1:50PM  
Who wants someone that shallow, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and will accept you for who you are, block his sorry ass!

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People never cease to amaze me!